Chapter 3

Giselle's POV :

I knocked on the door to get my files. I heard a 'come in'. I entered the room. I stayed rooted on the spot for 5 seconds, uttered an apology and slammed the door shut.

Such a shameless guy! He had a girl on his lap, they were hugging eachother and they broke from their kiss when I went inside. Internal gag!

I was leaning against the door and catching my breath to get rid of the horrid memory. Suddenly, I could feel myself falling back. Someone opened the door! Great! Just as I thought I was about to fall and crash, I fell on something hard. My back was on someone!

That someone was holding my hips so I don't exert anymore weight. I turned around and of course, it was none other than Alvador who I fell on top of. 

I heard him say, "You can go now Sarah."

"Ugh! It's Sierra for the hundredth time!" She stomped her foot.

I was silently chuckling. 

"SHUT UP and GET OUT of my office NOW!" I heard her muttering something under her breath and stomped her way out of the office. I burst into a fit of laughter. Just then, I remembered I was on top of him. 

"Uh can you remove your giant hands?"

"Look, it's not like I want to hold you all day. I can hold many other women who are NOT you, got that?"

I got up and saluted him, "Yes boss! Now, can I get my files?"

He first propped himself on his elbows and slowly got up. I could see the slight twitch of pain in his face. I sighed.

"Take off your shirt sir."


"You're hurt, please take off your shirt, I'll be right back."

"Just tell me you want to me shirtless."

"Puh-lease! I've seen better." I saw his lips pressed into a thin line and walked out of the room. I went to the lounge room and took out and ice pack.

By the time I went back to his room, I saw him shirtless. He was slightly tanned with the perfect amount of muscles. He even had an six-pack! But, meh, who cares?

I walked up to him and told him to turn around.

"Why should I turn around? Do you want to snap pictures of me secretly?"

"Sir, recall my last sentence before I left the room."

He narrowed his eyes and said, "Prove it!"

I took out my phone and googled 'eight-packed guys'. I got the results and showed him the pictures.

He immediately replied, "These are fake."

I raised one of my eyebrows and placed my hand on my hips, "Oh really? What's the proof that yours are real?"

God! He's such a child! He immediately grabbed my hand and slowly ran it down his muscles. I blushed and tried to pull my hand away, but he didn't let me.

"Now tell me, are these fake?"

"Hmm.....I don't know. Can I have my hand back. I've felt better muscles."

"Oh really? Who is that?"

He asked through gritted teeth. Ugh! Can't he just ACCEPT the fact that he doesn't have the best muscles?

"My lovable boyfriend."

"Pfft! Who's that unlucky guy?"

"That 'lucky' guy is my Travis. Let me tell you, that he's one son of a gun!"

"Your Travis? Haha! He doesn't even live with you and you call him yours? You're being delusional."

"No, I'm not. I trust him. That's an advantage of long-distance relationships."

"I bet he couldn't tolerate you, so he found some other chick."

"I don't see how that's any of YOUR business. Why are you bad mouthing him? Are you jealous?"

"Who would be jealous of you? Don't kid with me. I can get millions of women with the snap of my fingers."

"Yeah, I know that very well." Implying the women who had left before.

"What's it to you? Jealous?"

I smirked and said, "Who would be jealous of you? Don't kid with me. can get those millions of women turn against you. Anyways, your father told me not to mix love life with work life, so you are also expected to do the same."

He came closer and bent to my face level, "It's MY office. I do WHAT I want, where I want, how I want and with whoever I want!"

UGH! I can't fight with this kid anymore. I put my hand on his shoulders and forced him to turn around. I put the ice pack on and I could feel the goose bumps. Ha! Serves him right! I wish I could freeze him, lock him away in a freezer and swallow the key.

After I was done, I told him to put his shirt back on. He didn't listen to me the first time, "Put your shirt back on...kid."

He turned around and held my arms with so much force, "I am NOT a kid. I'm a full grown MAN. I think you're forgetting who's the boss around here. I can fire you in a second AND make sure you don't get a job anywhere else. I'm NOT your friend or lover, I'm your boss! Just keep that in check."

Who even said that I thought that? But, I replied with, "Yes sir. I'm sorry."

He let go of my arms and handed me the files. "Now, bring these back to me in exactly 2 hours. Those are very important for the conference meeting today. You are expected to take notes efficiently, and DON'T flirt with anyone."

I said through gritted teeth, "Yes sir." 

I immediately went out of his room and went into mine. I worked on the file which went smoothly. He was right, I had no reason to be angry on him. He was stating facts except about the flirting part. I guess I acted out of line before, but I won't let that happen again. I finally finished the files and went to his room. He checked the files and we both headed to the conference room.

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