Young Alpha's First Mating

Young Alpha's First Mating

By:  Sylvia Mota  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alpha's first mating. As tradition demands in the Grey-Halfmoon Pack located on the west side of the paramount island hidden from curious human eyes. The next Alpha to rule the pack had rules to follow before being crowned the Alpha of the pack. Young Aiden was no different. Like his father before him Aiden had to attend the alpha's training that took almost six and half years to complete, and he hadn't seen the pack and his parent for over six years now but now that he was back, and ready to serve his pack and take over from his father, the second tradition that was performed every twenty one years had to commence. It is a tradition where five she-wolves from the pack, aged from eighteen to twenty were chosen by the highly respected Seer, which the pack has trusted for over seventy years to help guard the island and foresee the future. She was the closest thing to talking to the goddess herself. And not once in seventy years was the woman wrong, and this year she had planned to the same thing she did for the previous alpha, and find Aiden the woman who will compliment him and help rule the pack beside him not forgetting that the woman would prove to be fertile and able to give the pack their next Alpha to rule after Aiden. This year was not different, tradition would be followed, and the pack house was getting ready to welcome the five chosen, and let the Alpha's first mating resume.

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67 Chapters
Emerald green.
Today was the day I had dreaded since it was announced two weeks ago by the alpha of the land, Alpha Jameson Kingsley. The ruler of our island, and the most feared.I had heard rumors that his son and only heir had come back from the mainland after going for training since we were in middle school. He was two classes above me, and I can't say I knew the guy. So, I didn't understand the excitement.I had seen him once or twice from afar, even though I am sure I couldn't even point him out of the crowd now after so many years. I guess wolves were just excited to have a new alpha, which for me is another thing I didn't care about. You could say I didn't care about much, which would be true since I didn't, but I had my reasons.Having a new alpha didn't affect me very much, since I wasn't on top of the food chain nor at the bottom, which included Omega's. I was what you could call a nobody, the unseen of the pack.The Omega's liked to bitch about being at the bottom of the food chain, and
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Walk like a Luna.
It was late in the afternoon, almost evening you may say. The sun was ready to set, giving way to the moon and the stars. Cars were piling up behind us, and many more in front of us as the she-wolves inside the cars gave their breathtaking appearance. It took about two minutes for each guest to get out of the car and walk down the white carpet, symbolizing purity. It led them toward the main gate of the pack hall. Parents didn't waste time taking pictures with big smiles on their faces. Each and everyone thought their child was going to be chosen tonight, but I knew better. I was not stupid enough to harbor such hope. There were fifty girls here looking for the opportunity to open their legs to the young alpha, but only five would have the opportunity. I wasn't thrilled to be here, but I was happy to see my mother so excited, so I kept my opinion to myself, and just enjoyed the sight of her genuinely smiling again.She was narrating everything, telling me what was happening in front
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Trust the process
All you could hear was chatter in this ballroom. Everyone was mingling including my mama, but all I wanted was the ground to open up and swallow me whole. We had already had dinner and heard the welcoming speech from the beautiful Luna that looked nothing like her age. The woman still looked young like she was still in her twenties even though she was two years older than my mother. They actually attended the choosing together and was her classmate, two chairs behind her in biology.My mama had an impeccable memory, the story never changed even after so many years. She talked about it like it happened yesterday. "Do you have any sons, because I have two beautiful daughters, Evelina here, and Amelia who is twenty and still not mated. She is beautiful, and caring and let's not forget tall. She is going to make beautiful babies." My mother rumbled on trying to sell us off to the higher-ups, lucky for me the woman didn't mind."Really? I have a son who is twenty two and still not mated.
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I hate that name.
Roseline kept her distance as we were driven to the house, where we were going to stay for the next seven days. I was still confused about being chosen, and the seer's did nothing to ease my unrest. The five of us were sitting in the limousine, Theresa and Jasmine were both sitting closer together whispering to each other, so I assumed they knew each other, and from the looks they were giving us, I knew this was going to be the longest seven days of my life. The Smith girl, which I should remember her name since I heard it just barely an hour ago, but it's still eluding me, was seated quietly at the corner looking at the pack trees as the limo moved slowly past them. Even though Roseline was keeping her distance, she didn't sit far from me. She didn't say a word although she kept throwing worried glances at me. I know everyone heard what I said to the Seer, they probably had questions I wouldn't care to answer but I can still see them in their eyes. Roseline opened her mouth then
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What did you do to me?
Brunette long hair that reached just under his sharp jaw, was the first thing that caught my attention. I didn't think I would ever find a man with long hair so fucken attractive in this lifetime, but damn it, this Aiden guy really pulled it off. He was clean shaven, his lips, I don't know if they were that plump or just swollen from his previous encounter with the blonde that seemed irritated by the fact that we disturbed them. But damn what I wouldn't give to bite them, that thought alone got me blushing like a girly girl I didn't know I was, but that was not what caught my attention, it was his eyes. He had big blue eyes that seemed to gaze into my soul. I was lost in them, and for some reason just looking into his gaze made me feel warm, and safe. The only feeling I got around my family, the only feeling I got when my father was still alive. That thought alone brought back feelings I was trying so hard to hide. "Whoa!" Lily whispered to herself. "Did anyone else's ovaries exp
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Call me Aiden.
As per habit, I was awake by 5am in the morning. It was a habit I, and my father had. He always said that it was a good thing to get fresh air and fresh perspective early in the morning. And I have been doing it everyday, even after his early departure.The silence and fresh air gave way, so our minds can work, and get a clear perception and goddess knew I absolutely needed that after last night. Although I slept like a baby my mind's still focused on Aiden, how just by looking at him, I felt attached, safe. It was wrong of me, I knew that but I couldn't stop myself. It felt like it was beyond my control, and everything in me was pulling me towards him. I didn't have anything to change into, so I wore the silky nightdress, and slippers hoping no one would be awake in the house. I knew the nightdress would easily leave my body when I shifted behind the trees nearby the mansion. All the girls had a late night, and many people woke up by 8am anyway, so I knew they would all be sleeping
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"Don't lie to me, I saw him enter your room last night. I came to ask you if you had underwear in your room since they didn't provide me with one, but I saw the Alpha entering your room." Shantel the gossip whispered as we descended the stairs going to the kitchen. All of us were still wearing the silky nightdress that came in five different colours. Black for me, blue for Jasmine, red for Rebecca, silver for Lily and baby blue, almost silverish for Shantel, but no underwear. If I bend really well you could see my vagina. "Yes, he came to my room, but it was nothing special okay? Now stop blubbering about it or the devil will get jealous and make my life a living hell" I tried to end the conversation on that note, pointing to Rebecca and her minion. "This is not over, not by a long shot." She whispered as we entered the kitchen, and was welcomed by the smell of breakfast and Maggie cooking on the stove. She was frying steak, and eggs on the other pan."Good morning" I greeted ever
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Don't ever touch me again
Five beautifully tailored evening gowns, five lingerie, and five heels that fit all of us perfectly but still no underwear. The guest we were expecting was the designer from the mainland but still so famous here in the island. He was a flamboyant wolf that moved to the mainland years ago, but born and raised here in the paramount island. My mother would be green in envy if she found out I even touched not only one of his expensive dresses but five with shoes and lingerie included.Lydia pushed my side and gave me a pleading look, and I knew what she wanted me to ask. We only had been here for a day but my friendship with the girls bloomed so much. It felt like we knew each other for years, but with just one look, I knew what they wanted to tell me. Lydia was shy, and I knew even if she had a question she wouldn't be able to ask it herself, Shantel on the other hand was a blubber mouth, and will complain for the entire pack to get her way. She was full of mischief but still kind and
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You're late!
5am couldn't come fast enough. I don't know what I was waiting for, since Aiden had told me the previous day that he starts his patrols by 4am, but my body wouldn't let me go anytime less than the required time. If I was too early, I felt like it would read desperate and I was not desperate. I just wanted to see him, and tease him about his girly screams last night, that's not desperate right? Craving to see him with every fibre of my being is not desperate right?It didn't help that the mating season would start tonight either. Maybe that's why I was on edge. This was going to be the first time watching Aiden get intimate with someone. I knew I wouldn't like it, and the fact that it would be Rebecca who is going to taste him first inked me even more. Last night we got a list of who will go first in his suite, and as always the rich blonde won. It was not a competition, since we will all get a turn and get to spend a night with him, but knowing I would be the last of the girls suck
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So, it's true?
It was about half past six when I got back to the mansion. 39 minutes earlier than I did yesterday. I went straight to the tree where I left my nightdress but it was nowhere to be found. I looked around but I didn't see it. The scent of the dress still lingered on the soil where I left it, which means that I was in the right place. I sniffed the air again, and I knew it was gone, and who took it. I shifted back to human form, and walked my bare ass to the house, with a neck full of hickies, bite marks, and a handprint on my ass. I know the marks should have been long gone but shifting delayed the healing process, especially when I shifted just minutes after it happened. Shifting was an extreme process, and it left the skin pink and raw, but now that I shifted back to my human form, the marks were more prominent on my body. They looked like they were made seconds ago even though it had already passed the thirty minute mark. The moment I opened the door, I could hear the chatter in t
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