Found By The Lycan King

Found By The Lycan King

By:  WriterA  Completed
Language: English
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#BOOK2 OUT NOW!! Check ‘LOST QUEEN’ Adriana, the alpha’s illegitimate daughter was hated and bullied by everyone for her birth and not having a wolf. On the night of her eighteenth birthday, she overheard her father talking to her brothers about giving her up to the Lycan king, in order to form a peace treaty. Xander is nothing like she expected, but one thing is certain, everything thing she has heard about him being ruthless is true. When the secret her father has vowed to take to his grave is now out in the open, Adriana realizes not having a wolf is the least of her problems. Will Xander stand for all his mate is made of when he finds out the truth about her, or will he discard her and treat her like every other woman he has been with? NOTE: This book is a Duet and the part two will be released in September. It is highly recommended that you read this first.

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"Found By The Lycan King" is a Werewolf novel written by WriterA in which we're given a closer look at Adriana as she copes with bullying and abuse from family and pack members on account of her not having a wolf. Nevertheless, her predicament comes to a halt once Xander (The Lycan King) enters the scene and learns the truth about her.


This addicting romance tale is split into 166 chapters and has garnered 206.5k views, with a more-than-deserved 9/10 rating.


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user avatar
Salina Harvey
started reading 2 weeks ago, now can't put down, almost on book 2.
2024-02-17 22:00:06
user avatar
Great story looking forward to Book 2. ♡♡
2023-12-30 09:24:32
user avatar
Heather Kight
Great story just needs proofread.
2023-12-08 07:46:16
user avatar
amazing story......
2023-12-08 03:07:14
user avatar
Jamie Griffin
Loved this story. I'm now waiting on book 2 to update!
2023-09-24 22:50:46
user avatar
Austria Hernandez
when is the 2ndbook going to be released?
2023-08-23 04:07:04
default avatar
Kirsten Lopez
When does book 2 comes out
2023-07-13 18:04:50
user avatar
Karyna Graham
the beginning is hard to get through, but WELL worth it. The main character's change is a little unclear as to why it happened, but a PHENOMENAL book, Could NOT put it down!
2023-07-10 16:00:44
user avatar
Karyna Graham
where are chapters 101-165?
2023-07-08 13:41:01
user avatar
Cyndi Raymer
Excellent book, good writer, and a very hard Cliffhanger to swallow. This book is one that I had a really hard time putting down and walking away. it's been a really long time since I've read a book this good. Excellent read
2023-07-05 12:24:29
user avatar
Jordan Braaksma
Awesome book so far
2023-07-04 04:22:40
user avatar
Hi loves. Thank you for reading my book. This is for the new readers, some of the chapters are being edited (from 17-34) currently. You’ll meet a lot of errors and I apologize greatly for that. There is an author’s note explaining at the end of chapter 14. Please exercise patience as you go ahead.Xo
2023-07-02 13:23:20
user avatar
Tbh, I hate the fact that this book has to come to an end. I love it, Zander and Adriana made me fall in love with the book over and over again. Will we be getting a book two?
2023-05-03 18:16:24
default avatar
Great book, highly recommend
2023-05-03 15:15:41
user avatar
Steph Stewart
really have enjoyed this book, keen to know if there's more
2023-04-28 22:55:06
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166 Chapters
1: A Gift
ADRIANA “Happy birthday,” I whisper to myself as the clock ticks midnight. I am eighteen! I waited for the excitement to settle in, a new feeling of joy or anything. Nothing came, I felt the same way I did, slightly worse from when my brother, Damien kicked me in the ribs earlier, but the same nevertheless. I sighed heavily, not that I expected anything different. No candles or surprise parties for me finally turning eighteen. The age every she-wolf looked forward too. Not that the whole pack sees me as one, I don’t blame them since it’s not like I have a wolf. My not having a wolf isn’t the only reason they hate me, being the bastard child of the alpha definitely didn’t make you likable. I was looked at as a disease in the pack, and I wished it was the type that made them avoid me. They like to torture me instead. “Adriana, where the fuck are you?” my half-brother and also the future alpha bellows from the stairs. Ignoring the pain in my upper half, I force myself up and as fa
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2: The Harem
ALPHA XANDER'S POV “Yeah, don’t stop.” I growled, my body tensing in a puddle of intense pleasure. I looked down, admiring the way the two women sucked my cock and balls. I reached down for one of them and grabbed her jet-black hair before thrusting into her warm mouth, faster, going deeper every time I pushed into her warm mouth. Her name was Sarah or Sandra, I can’t remember but she is cute. The other is a petite blonde, I didn't know her name either but she knew how to love a dick. The room was filled with lust-filled moans and sighs of many women, some pleasuring themselves in every way possible while the rest waited for their turn to have a taste of my cock. She continued to let me stretch deeper until I could feel the walls of her neck. There was nothing more pleasurable than this, and the drool that was dribbling from the corner of her lips. My orgasm was on the way but I was planning on finishing deep inside her tight little ass as a reward before fucking her pussy. “Am I
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3: Escape Plan
ADRIANA’S POV I stand at the edge of the grand ballroom, my eyes scanning the crowd of lycans and werewolves milling about. I had always been uncomfortable at these kinds of parties, especially ones thrown by my father, but tonight was different. I knew that the main event was not the celebration of my upcoming marriage, but rather the presentation of myself to the Lycan King as his bride. It was usually a thing of joy for the alpha’s daughter to be given away, no less to a renowned king. I was nothing like those smiley brides. Dread pooled in the pit of my stomach at the prospect of being given away to the lycan king. They called it a wedding but I knew better than. My father gave me away like property, to a terrible man no less. I wasn't about to get married to an amazing man. I have heard rumors about the king's appetite for women, about the harem of concubines he kept in his palace. Happiness was nowhere in sight for me, and I made the decision to run away as soon as the opportu
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4: Aiden
ADRIANA’S POV A small sound escaped from my lips, and I blinked a few times, trying to wake myself up. I felt sore everywhere, my feet were burning, my thighs were on fire too. What happened? I got up with a start, my heart beating wildly in my chest. I looked around, trying to make sense of where I was. I couldn't remember coming here. My memories slowly started coming back as I looked around the unfamiliar place. It was a room, small from the looks of it, there were strange decorations on the wall, and it had a musty smell. Like it wasnt frequented. My head hurts as multiple thoughts come to me, all at once. Ball, my father, dark aura and a large man with a black stare…The lycan king! I’d been running and I remember falling. What the hell happened? How did I end up here? Could it be that my father or alpha Xander found me? Please let it be a no. I think I would take anyone but them right now. I was terrified, wondering if Alpha Xander's guards had caught me and brought me to
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5: Find Her By All Means
ALPHA XANDER’S POV I left the banquet hall, the noise and laughter fading behind me as I stepped out into the cool night air. The few pack members suggested we go back after the meeting with Alpha Jameson, I regretted it instantly. I exhaled a breath of relief as I escaped the crowded room, the constant chatter and fawning of the other wolves grating on my nerves. As I walked down the path, my thoughts turned to Adriana. I had to admit, I was taken aback by her beauty. I've heard of it but I never thought it was that accurate. People tend to overhype things, there was nothing overhyped about her. Her long golden hair that reached her waist, and crystal blue eyes captivated me from the moment I laid eyes on her. My body reacted in a way it has never done to another woman, and I’ve seen a lot of them. She was my fated, I knew from the moment but I brushed it off. It wouldn't be wise to let anyone know just yet. That would just put a target on her back and that would be stressful for m
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6: Open Up
ADRIANA’S POVI jerked up, feeling someone's presence near me, my heart raced in my chest and I backed away instinctively until I hit the headboard. I didn't even care to let my eyes focus enough to see who was with me, I just felt a presence and immediately my body reacted the best way it knew how. The last time someone entered my room when I was sleeping, they tried to force themselves on me."Don't be afraid, princess," a soft voice whispered, like if he spoke any louder I would sprint. I might. "It’s me, Aiden. I was just checking on you to make sure you were okay." my eyes snapped up and sure enough, the large man was hunched over the bed, looking down at me with worried eyes.I still moved back a little, searching my brain for the memories that seemed vague.I studied him for a moment, trying to steady my breathing as my memories slowly pieced themselves. The party, the lycan king, me running away and feeling dizzy, falling and everything going black, the warrior that gave me fo
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7: Angry Lycan King
ADRIANA’S POV I strain my ears to hear their conversation but I can’t make out what they are saying but they were still talking, they look a bit more aggressive now. I curse and start pacing around the room. Even though I wanted to blame him for everything that was happening, this wouldn’t have happened if he’d just let me go when I told him, before they got here. I knew this would happen. He just didn’t understand, or he didn't want to. I was surprised he still wanted to fight for me instead of turning me in, I was just trouble for him. Their voices get louder, I get up and walk toward them again. It seemed like the guards were trying to search the house. Aiden didn't agree to it and they immediately reach the conclusion that he is indeed hiding something, they try to push over him and he resists. One of them tries to hit him and that causes a fight to break out. I watch in horror as Aiden fights the men, my heart racing as I realize that I am in even more danger now. My feet drag
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8: You Touched What Was Mine
ADRIANA’S POV My horror at watching the inevitable death of the man who saved me gets distracted by the full moon rising high in the sky. Coming out and shining even more, I didn't know if it was me or that was actually happening but it stood intimidating in the night sky. Like it was reminding us of its presence, as if to say this is being witnessed. I felt a sense of ease, feeling as though the moon had spoken. Telling me I wasn't alone in this. Alpha Xander’s wolf stops for a moment, almost like he was frozen. It only lasts a few seconds before a heart stopping growl ripples from his throat as his body visibly shakes. Xander falls to his knees, the earth around him shaking from the weight of his wolf, he writhes in obvious agony as his bones begin to snap and reshape again. I watch, my eyes wide with horror as a bone protrudes in his back and a guttural sound leaves his mouth, echoing in the night. His body contorts and twists in ways that have something clenching in my lower s
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9: My Graveyard
ADRIANA’S POV “He is not my lover. Aiden is just a... a helper!” I say, in a final pathetic attempt to save Aiden’s life. “Please let him go!” I whisper, my voice almost breaking. Alpha Xander says nothing but I notice him grow stiffer, he stares down at Aiden whose feet are off the ground, it wouldn't take much to end him. “Get her, we can’t stay here for too long. It will be dawn soon.” He says to one of the men, inclining his head toward me. The smaller wolf bows then he runs off only to come back a few seconds later in his human form, dressed in low jeans only. He is holding onto another pair of jeans which he drops at the front of the black wolf. He shifts right there, not caring that he is naked and pulls the pants up. He approached me, his eyes trained on my body with his lips turned down in an angry frown. My heart beats frantically in my chest with every step that he takes. Something about him screams danger and instinctively I step back, trying to get as far away from hi
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10: Choose
ALPHA XANDER'S POV "Adriana, you will come with me right now. You are not going to stay with Alpha xander until you have been lawfully wedded as is customary." The unmistakable voice filled with frustration echoed through the forest. Alpha Jameson howls, stepping back when a growl begins to sound in my chest. I nearly killed someone some minutes ago. I won't hesitate to switch who the victim is. "I'm not going anywhere with you, Father. I'm staying with Alpha Xander and I trust him to protect me." She lied, which is what piques my interest to listen to their dialogue. "You trust him?" He asked, glancing at me for a second. "Look where that trust will get you. I don't care about what you think, Adriana. You will come with me and that is final." “Yes,” she replies. Her voice doesn't hold much confidence like it first did. I’m surprised he doesnt catch up on that. "You will do as I say, young lady. I am still your father and I know what's best for you." He bellowed, looking seconds
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