Breath in! Breath out! Breathe in! 

Those were the words that I kept saying as I splashed water on my face. After the thorough refreshingly moment, I looked at the mirror and started to undo my tie. A huge feeling of disappointment had settled on my brows and I hit my palm on my forehead severally. 

I straightened my clothes and reached for the door knob but the knob also moved at that same moment, it caused a frenzy of fear and I screamed. 

"Eniola, what are you doing in the men's toilet?" I said, putting my hands on my chest. 

"I was searching for you everywhere and I figured you might be right here," Eniola chipped in smiling. 

"Thanks for caring," I muttered in a sarcastic manner and fled through the doors. 

I removed the judge’s robe, placed it on my right hand and simultaneously walked down the hallway.  I failed to notice the quick steps of Eniola trailing down to me.

"Why didn't you give the verdict to that man?" Eniola whispered, moving close to me. 

"It was a gut feeling," I muttered unconsciously.

"Show off." Eniola hissed. 

I turned on my heels to face Eniola and I peered closer to her while she drew backward, aware of the human specie moving dangerously towards her.

"Let us be clear here Miss Eniola, I am your boss. so, let's be more professional and less sentimental. My decision was made based on my assumptions and it's definitely none of my business what you think. Do you understand?" 

Eniola nodded in approval. 

"So, what else do you want to tell me?" I said happily.

"The security guard found your car keys at the underground parking lot this morning and gave it to me coincidentally," Eniola said reaching for a set of keys in her suit pants. 

Dropping it on my outstretched hands. Eniola set to leave but I had something else in mind. 

"Miss Eniola, could you lead me to my office. I seem to have a very poor memory these days," I said smirking. 

Eniola pouted in an angry manner and said.

"Yes boss!" 

And soon enough, we were on the way to my supposed office. She opened the door smiling as a devil. That made me laugh lightheartedly, I settled in my cozy office and it wasn't so surprising that I was sharing it with Eniola. We were only a door apart, but the glass windows didn't stop me from knowing that I wasn't alone. 

The seat was comfortable and the table was jam-packed with loads of papers and textbooks, and everything spoke law. The only thing that felt less professional was a desktop computer sitting on the desk. I opened the drawers and found a heavy brown envelope. 

I dropped it on the brown shiny table and set to open the envelope full of wonders and behold it held treasures. I gasped. Why would James keep cash in his office? Didn't he doubt insecurity for once? At least I had money to spend now. I flopped back on the seats feeling relief to my bones. I hoped really for no disturbance to my soul as I closed my eyes inhaling the wisp and scent of silence. 

Ring! Ring! Ring!

And that was enough to take away my happy moment. I took the phone straight out of my pocket to give the intruder an everlasting rain of insults. Until, I saw the call log, I was as meek as a lamb. 


I bit my lips remembering the words I said, I stuffed in my emotions and received the call. 

"Hello mom, how are you? I am busy, bye!" 

And without waiting for her reply or an awkward conversation. I hung up only to find Eniola staring at me. I wriggled my eyebrows to ask her what's up.

"You don't like picking your mom's calls, Is there anything wrong James?" Eniola asked with concern written all over her face. 

I was completely taken aback by that statement but before I could speak. Eniola chipped in again. 

"There are no cases for you today, so if you want to go home or somewhere else, you can do that." 

And she left again, without waiting for my response. I rested my head on the hard table using my arms as pillows. I drifted off to sleep in an instant. 


I woke up to the loud tapping on the table ,I was completely drenched in sweat. I met Eniola's gaze and completely understood. A yawn formed from my mouth.

"What's the time?" I asked, rubbing my eyes with my hands. 

"Well it's 6:30pm." Eniola said, looking at her gold wristwatch. 

"Oh my God, I slept for so long, I should probably get going. Thank you for waking me up," I said standing up. 

But my eyes were still filled with sleep as I staggered. I remembered the cash in the drawer as I stuffed part of it that should be enough into my pockets. As I made to leave my office, Eniola showed up in my face again wearing a sad look. 

"James, could you take me home please?" Eniola said, showing a pair of puppy eyes. 

"I was sure you didn't wake me up for nothing," I muttered incoherently. 

The hallways were empty and dry. The only sounds I could hear was the clicking of Eniola’s heels and it was a perfect rhythm indeed. I had nothing to say to Eniola and she didn't want to provoke me either. Unknown to Eniola, even without me knowing where the underground parking lot was, she had taken me there. I simply walked slowly and she foolishly led me the whole way.

There was only one car in the parking lot and it was quite obvious that was supposed to be mine. It was a black Toyota Corolla. And that was my favorite kind of car. Guess James and I had something in common. I opened the car with the keys and entered. Eniola followed a few seconds later. She probably expected me to open the car door for her. I am not that kind of man at all.

The car was completely filled with silence as Eniola started to tap wordlessly into her phone. I wanted to talk, but I really just couldn't. Something grumbled. And it was my stomach that did the talking at last. 

"The nearest restaurant is just two streets away from here," Eniola said. 

"Why didn't you eat this morning?" She continued. 

"Guess, it skipped my mind," I said chuckling. 

The restaurant wasn't so hard to identify and I praised the heavens that it didn't look like an expensive one. I walked, hands in my pockets. It was a habit I picked anytime I felt nervous about something. I sat down and I hoped Eniola wasn't coming to my table. My prayers were unanswered as she flopped into a chair opposite mine and she smiled. The waiter came to take our orders.

"I would like a bottle of coke and two scotch eggs please," I said. 

"Why are you eating so light?" Eniola asked, putting her phone down on the table. 

"I am dieting," I lied through my teeth. 

"Well I would also like a glass of water," Eniola said, smiling sheepishly at the waiter. 

And the waiter bowed and took his leave. 

"And why aren't you eating?" I said, folding my arms. 

"Well, I am kind of dieting," Eniola said smiling. 

I understood the game she was playing. And it was already in her favor. 

"Touché," I said chuckling in laughter. 

Eniola looked behind me and I wondered why. She gestured at me with her eyes to look back. I looked back and saw a middle-aged woman and a young girl sitting and eating. I didn't understand why Eniola wanted me to look at that pointless view and I looked quizzically at Eniola.

"Isn't that Mrs. Olugoke? The wife to the accused in today's hearing and I am guessing that child is Mariam," Eniola whispered. 

"Oh yeah it is," I said, regaining my memory. 

"But why is Mariam sad? She's meant to be happy that her dad will soon be on his way to prison," Eniola continued, still whispering and I moved myself in the chair to catch her lips moving. 

"Not everyone is happy seeing their parents go to prison," I snapped. 

"Well the mother looks too happy and the child looks extremely the opposite," Eniola continued. 

The child stood up and made to go to the toilet. Eniola took her phone and made to stand up, shifting her chair backwards and adjusting the creases on her black dress. 

"And where the hell are you going?" I muttered. 

"I am going to talk to that girl" Eniola said, looking at the toilet. 

"Let me follow you," I said standing up also.

"Are you a female? No! So, on any condition, would you dare follow me to the toilet," Eniola said and she walked away. 


I entered the toilet cautiously and noticed the girl was inside the toilet, probably urinating.  I went to the wash sink and washed my face. I pretentiously adjusted my earrings and waited. The doors to one of the toilets and the girl came out and began to wash her hands.

"Mariam, right?" I asked. 

"Yes?" She said, wriggling her brows.

"Your father is on his way to jail and surprisingly you aren't happy, Why?" I asked, inwardly hoping she won't snob me. 

"And who are you to question me? I am just trying to help my mother," Mariam said, as glossy tears streamed just her face. 

"Helping your mother? What are you referring to?" I asked looking intently at her. 

I guessed she got the question and she turned off the tap she has endlessly opening while previously talking to me, she made to leave. 

"Hey, I don't know what you mean by that, but I think there's a story behind that statement ,and it would help you a lot if you could spill it out," I said advancing slowly toward her.

"I can't. It would destroy a lot of things," Mariam said wiping her tears with her hands. 

"You can't ruin a person's life to save another Mariam, it's not right," I said stooping on a knee to use my hands to clean the tears in her eyes that kept flowing. 

"I would tell you everything. Promise me nothing bad would happen to me please," Mariam said sniffing. 

"I promise," I said smiling. 

She drew her lips to my ears and whispered everything to me and it made my eyes pop in amazement. 


I honked for the fifth time. Where was that damn woman? She had been there for over 30 minutes doing what? I made an internal decision within myself to step into the female's toilet and drag her by her slim hands. As I reached to open the car. The devil or otherwise Eniola appeared. She entered the car a little too hurriedly and I was barely concerned. 

I started the car and she began to talk.

"Well there's bad news and good news on the girl," Eniola said frowning. 

"Let's start with the good news first", I said and the car roared to life. 

"Well she was sort of really emotional and we kind of talked quite well," Eniola said. 

"Could you skip to the bad news please," I said in complete irritation. 

"It's not her father that assaulted her. Its her mother!" 

And the car screeched to a dangerous halt. 

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