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Chapter Thirty One
Despite Stanley's assurance that there was no need for Lauren to feel guilty about the way she told him of peanut's existence, Lauren sort of felt the need to make it up to him. This was Stanley's first time in experiencing fatherhood and she wanted to make each and every moment special. Stanley walked out of the bathroom in his usual nighttime attire. (his sweat pants and no shirt on)He smiled when he saw Wrenny standing in front of her dressing table. Though she was deep in thought, she had a proud smile on her face and was caressing her three months old bump. Something she had grown so fond of lately. Stan bridged the gap between himself and the love of his life, he circled his arms around her waist and kissed her right shoulder, bringing her out of her thoughts. "What are you thinking about my love?" He whispered. Lauren turned around to face him. She wrapped her arms ar
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Chapter Thirty Two
A few weeks later. Sixteen weeks Pregnant! Stanley and Lauren could not contain their excitement. In a few minutes, they will be finding out their baby's gender. The duo had talked about and predicted the gender. It turned out they were fine with peanut being a boy or a girl. A healthy baby is all that matters and what they pray for. "Your palms are sweaty, " Lauren said to Stanley. They were both seated on one of the double couches in the reception and they had their hands intertwined. Stan chuckled, "I can't help it.""It's fine if you don't want us to know the gender today. We can wait until the baby is born." Lauren proposed. Stanley gave Lauren's hand a light squeeze. "There's no need for that. I want to find out peanut's gender as much as you want to.""I promise you I'm really excited. I guess I'm just a little overwhelmed becaus
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Chapter Thirty Three
Lauren was in her office going over some documents for Stanley when she heard a knock on her door. Before she could give the person permission to come in, the individual peeked a head through the door. "Will mama bear be chanced to see me or should I come back later because she's busy doing something for papa bear?"Lauren blushed. "Don't be silly Katherine. You know you're always welcome to my office."Kate smiled and made her way in. Though they work in the same office building, they've not seen each other today and it was way past afternoon. Lauren stood up behind her desk to embrace her friend in a hug. Katherine returned the hug, careful not to hurt peanut in the process. "Hi, my love" She caressed Wrenny's bump to greet peanut. "I hope he's not being naughty?" Kate asked. 
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Chapter Thirty Four
23 weeks pregnant! Instead of falling asleep, Lauren found herself tossing and switching positions on the bed. She would have slept like a baby if Stanley was beside her. He would have cradled her possessively yet carefully as if she was his most precious item. To top it all, Peanut wasn't having it this night. He seemed to have noticed his Mom and Dad were having a small fight so he kept moving and kicking every few minutes, making it hard for Lauren to fall asleep. She placed her left hand on her belly, exactly where peanut's kicks were coming from. "Sweetheart, Mommy has to sleep. Can you please be nice? I already feel guilty about what I did and the last thing I need is for you to keep kicking me, making me feel even more guilty." Lauren said as another set of fresh tears rolled down her cheeks. She had no doubt peanut sensed the atmosphere be
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Chapter Thirty Five
After what seemed like forever that she had been crying, Lauren's phone rang. She thought of ignoring it but she changed her mind when she saw the caller ID. With shaky hands, she picked up her phone and swiped to answer. "Sorry I missed your call Wrenny, I was far away from my phone." Katherine apologized. "It's okay." She replied with a voice that made Kate realize she was crying. "What is it, Lauren? Are you okay? Is peanut okay? What about Stanley? Please talk to me." Kate said, already at alert. Hearing the concern in her friend's voice, fresh tears rolled down Wrenny's cheeks. "You're scaring me, Lauren. Do you need me to come over?" Katerine asked, not caring that where she was was almost a forty minutes drive to Lauren's place. "There's no need for you to come over. I got into an argument with Stanley and it ended pr
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Chapter Thirty Six
Lauren heaved a huge sigh as soon as she approached the guest room that Stanley was. She knew he was there because that particular guest room was his next favourite room in his house after the master bedroom and peanut's room. It was as if Stanley had foreseen that there would be times he and Lauren would have a disagreement that would prompt them to stay in separate rooms so Stan made Lauren design that particular bedroom to his taste. Wrenny softly connected her fist against the door and knocked three times. She waited for a reply but heard nothing. Fresh tears welled up in her eyes again. In reality, she had started to have a headache because of how much she had cried but that was nothing compared to the pain she was feeling in her heart. (Stanley was angry with her and it was all her fault)She knocked again. "Stanley, Please open up.""I'm sorry for ever
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Chapter Thirty Seven
On weekdays, Lauren usually wakes up before Stanley. She would have read her Bible and prayed, picked out Stanley's outfit, reached out to the chef on what she and Stan wanted for breakfast, before waking Stanley up at 6 by showering kisses all over his face. But that was not the case this morning as Lauren was a bit under the weather. Around 2 am in the morning, Stanley noticed Lauren was shivering while cuddling against him. The air conditioner was at a normal temperature and they were both properly covered with a duvet. He panicked and felt her temperature with the back of his palm, he noticed her body was warm which was sort of a relief but he was still worried because she was shivering. "Wrenny, my love." He shook her lightly. "Babe?!" He called, before placing a kiss on the crown of her head. She tiredly opened her eyes. 
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Chapter Thirty Eight
"Babe, I think you should give buying me jewellery a pause. I have so many of them which makes it difficult for me to pick which one to wear whenever we have events to attend." Wrenny said to Stanley as he put her hair aside to hook her necklace for her. Stanley chuckled. "Wait till you see what I got you. I mean as your wedding gift. "Stanley!" Lauren groaned. He hooked her drop chain and gently twirled her around. Then he wrapped his arms around her waist. "I can promise not to buy wristwatches again for myself but I can't promise that I'll pause or stop buying anything for you.""Any time you get confused about which one to wear on any outfit, just call me and I'll do the picking."Lauren heaved a sigh. "Stan, You know I appreciate everything you surprise me with or buy for me."Stanley replied with a positive nod. "
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Chapter Thirty Nine
Continuation.... Stanley leaned closer to Lauren. "I want to introduce you to someone.""Okay?!" Wrenny answered, unsure. "I never told you about him because he's a jerk, " Stanley said sincerely. "And you still want to introduce me to him?" She asked. Stanley scratched the back of his neck. "Well, Despite the fact that he's a jerk, I'll say he's like the closest friend I have next to you, Anita and probably my parents.""He was my roomie in college and he runs his company in New York that's why we hardly see but we keep in touch. We have long calls or facetime whenever we are both free.""Jake is one hell of a womanizer. He would have found a way to steal you from me had I told him about you from the beginning."Lauren smiled, "I think that's impossible, he stays in New York."Stanley chuckled. "You really d
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Chapter Forty
Lauren felt someone shower kisses all over her face and her lips slowly curved into a proud smile, knowing who it was. But still, she didn't open her eyes. In as much as she was tired and wouldn't want anyone to disturb her sleep, She was enjoying Stan's kisses. Suddenly, Wrenny did not feel the kisses on her face anymore. She felt a slight movement by her side and soon enough she felt a warm kiss on her baby bump. "Morning Champ!" She heard her soon to be husband say excitedly to their little miracle. Lauren's heart was filled with so much pride when she felt peanut kick against his father's hand. She heard Stanley chuckle. "Someone is super happy today.""Morning my love. I hope you slept well?" He said to peanut as he caressed her belly. Their little miracle responded with a soft kick. Even though Wrenny's eyes were closed, she could tell Stanley was
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