All Chapters of Virtuous Love : Chapter 21 - Chapter 30
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Chapter Twenty One
Stanley walked in with a tray of breakfast as soon as Lauren ended the call with her mom. He walked towards where she was seated on the bed and placed the tray on the nightstand. "Good morning." She smiled at him. "Good morning my love, " Stan responded. He kissed Lauren on her forehead, gave her a kiss on her lips and then sat opposite her. "Apart from the fact that you looked peaceful when you were asleep, you also looked tired so I allowed you to sleep more.""Feeling better?" he asked concerned. She intertwined her hand with his. "I'm fine Stan. Just a little sore but it's nothing to worry about."He smiled sadly. "Sorry, I should have been more gentle."Lauren blushed, "Don't be silly. I was the one who couldn't stop asking for more.""Thanks for giving me a memorable night."
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Chapter Twenty Two
Days Later. Just like how it has always been, Stanley and Lauren's love grew stronger day by day. Lauren has not moved in with Stanley yet because they are still in search of their dream home. Stan decided he wanted a fresh start with the love of his life and that included buying a new house as memories of Rita and her infidelity was clouded in every corner of his present mansion. Stan had discussed it with Wrenny and they had both gone to see an estate agent, giving him their preference as to the type of house they want. Till the estate agent finds their perfect home, the two lovebirds share their night in either Lauren's place or Stanley's place. But mostly in Lauren's apartment. Lauren has not given Stanley a reply about what they discussed (She pursuing her artistic career) and neither has Stan pressured her for any reply. But wrenny has been doing a lot of thinking
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Chapter Twenty Three
"You seem pretty excited, " Stanley said to Lauren as he helped her down from the car. She affirmed with a nod. "Amongst all the pictures the agent sent us. I love this house the most and I'm excited to see the inside for myself."Stanley and Lauren spent their afternoon checking out houses that suit their preferences. Gareth, the estate agent sent them pictures of four houses two days ago and Lauren already had a favourite which they decided to save its tour for the last. They've checked out three houses already and this is the fourth one. (Lauren's favourite). She was hoping she would be impressed with how the inside looks and if not, they will go for the second house. "I like it so far, " Stanley confessed as he admired the front view of the medium size mansion. Gareth ushered Stan and Lauren in and began to show them everywhere. It was a two-storey mansion. 
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Chapter Twenty Four
As far as Stanley has unintentionally heard, there's no true relationship that doesn't have its own challenges. What matters is how the partners choose to deal with such challenge(s). This was the first time Stanley has ever been in a genuine relationship and that being said, handling challenges may be quite new to him. The last thing he ever wants to do is to fuck things up or do something that will make him lose Lauren. He really hoped that won't be the case with Lauren because he couldn't imagine spending the rest of his life without her by his side. But still, Stanley was not understanding what was going on between himself and Lauren lately. As far as he remembered, he never did anything to hurt her feelings in any way and that kept him wondering what went wrong. Stanley couldn't even concentrate on work. For the past twenty minutes, he has been trying to make sense of the first sentence
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Chapter Twenty Five
Stanley was tempted to call or text Lauren before he fell asleep yesterday but he decided not to. He wanted her to have the whole of yesterday to herself and then decided he was going to go over to her apartment today. Stan got up at his usual time and got ready for work. He skipped breakfast and made his way to the car where Isaac, his driver was waiting for him. Stan did not see the need for Isaac to drive him today since he would only be spending a half-day at the office after which he will go over to Laurens' so he gave Isaac a day off to go spend time with his wife and newborn. As soon as Stanley settled down in his office, he began to do some paperwork until it was 10:30 am when he had his first and only meeting for the day with some new investors. Kathrine, Lauren's friend, filled up for Lauren and took notes. The meeting lasted for about 45 minutes. After the in
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Chapter Twenty Six
Daniel and I used to be lovers. We dated for a reasonable time which made us think we were truly meant for each other. Almost everyone in his family knew me and same as mine. He was kind of like the son my mom never had and the brother Abby never had. "The day I found out I was pregnant with Daniel's child was one of the best days of Daniel's life and my life too and the day I had a miscarriage was the worst day of my life.""A few weeks before I found out I was pregnant with Dan's child, things were not very rosy between us. He was being so distant and hardly hard time for me. But things went back to normal and became even better when I told him that I was expecting his child.""He loved me more, he became more possessive of me and to some extent, he became clingy just to make sure myself and the baby were alright. He hardly let me raise a finger even though I was just three weeks far.""But everything came c
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Chapter Twenty Seven
As soon as Stanley shut the bathroom door behind him, Lauren began to undress. When she was in nothing but her panties, she turned to the mirror and took a glance at her body. The glance turned into a few minutes admiration of herself. Her face was puffy and a bit red which was expected because of all the tears she shed. She noticed she had lost a little bit of weight and lastly she caressed her still flat belly. She couldn't believe a little human was growing in her. Not just any little human but the one which is a product of She and Stanley's love; The man she loves more than anything in the world. "Hi, peanut." She looked down at her belly with so much adoration in her eyes. Happy tears welled up in her eyes too. This was the first time she had the nerve to talk to her precious miracle since she discovered that she could be 99% pregnant. "Forgive Mommy for being sceptical about you. Please
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Chapter Twenty Eight
Stanley was able to get in touch with his doctor who recommended an ob-gyn, Charlotte Nice. He made an appointment on behalf of Lauren which was at 10 am tomorrow. Stan wanted Lauren to take the day off work because he felt that she needed more rest but it ended up not happening. Wrenny assured him she was fine and fit to go on with her every day's activities. He agreed on the account that he was going to bring her home if she gets slightly tired. Stan's eyes never left Laurens' throughout work. They both had breakfast before they left her apartment this morning and he made sure she had a healthy snack for brunch and a proper meal for lunch. After Lauren's confession yesterday, Stanley was determined to always make her happy and feel worthy of herself. (with or without a baby). All Dan said to her was bullshit and nobody deserves to be humiliated like that, most especially Lauren who was the most caring and selfles
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Chapter Twenty Nine
A few days later. "Remember I warned you before you put me in charge of this huge project. It may not be as brilliant as you want or predict it would be but I promise you that I did my best to make this place as beautiful and homey as possible.""I'm also excited for you to see what myself and the team have done. So papa bear, I hope you enjoy this tour that I'm about to give you." Lauren completed. Stan smiled, "I can't wait to see how you've transformed our new home. "Okay then, let me show you around, MI Amor." Wrenny connected her hand with Stan's own and ushered him to the entrance of their medium size mansion. He needed no introduction on the renovations done to the front yard of the house because he has seen them a couple of times and had commended Lauren on the work done. Lately, Lauren has been spending her daytime between working for Stanley a
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Chapter Thirty
"You excited?" Stan asked as he took his eyes off the road for a second to take a glance at Lauren who was seated beside him, on the front passenger's seat. "I don't know, Should I be?" She said shyly as she toyed with her fingers. "There's nothing to be worried about babe. I'm sure this evening will be one of the best moments of my parents' life.""You're carrying their grandchild which is one of the best surprises you can ever give them. Just be prepared because they are going to be all over you, fussing about peanut."Lauren smiled and lovingly caressed her belly with her right hand. Everyone who knew Lauren knew she had a perfectly flat stomach but she started noticing a bulge two days after her first Doctor's appointment. She was beyond excited and had called Stanley to come see it. The duo were happy, knowing their baby was healthy and growing well.&nbs
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