Chapter 5

"We're here neonata, fuck I'm so excited for you to meet my parents and sister, don't worry they are kind well except my father." Blaze insured making her more anxious about his father.

"Are you sure?" She asked shyly.

"Babygirl, if my dad doesn't like you, I won't leave you alone as I swore to myself." He said taking her both hands and rubbed them softly.

"Fine, let's go." She said and opened the door, she takes a look of the pack territory and felt like she didn't belong in here, this immense pack didn't even want her.

"Let's go." Her mate said taking her hand and walked with her to the pack house who is an old mansion, the Alpha was already surrounded by everyone, pups, unmated female.

"Alpha Blaze is here!" A guy cheered in the house, Mia closed her ears and let down her eyes on the ground, she felt sick because of her anxiety.

"Are you okay?!" Blaze yelled to her, Mia felt dizzy, her eyesight turned abnormal, she had a headache.

"Mia!" The last word she heard before passing out in front of the pack.

"Fuck!" He yelled and wrapped his arms around her fragile body before she can fall.

"Everyone, please make the alpha some space!" The beta commanded making everyone formed into a line.

Blaze smiled to his pack members and walked to the pack hospital for his mate, this is the strongest pack and we can't let anyone be weak mostly the Luna.

A luna is supposed to be strong and confident, she should be able to take care of her pack beside her mate, Mia didn't have those competencies except her protectiveness with the person she loved. Blaze will discuss with her and train her to be the perfect Luna, he had two choices whether to reject her or to train her, he would never reject her since she was the only soulmate and with his mate beside him, he can be stronger than before.

He brings his mate to an empty room, the pack doctor of the alpha family comes in and checked the luna, Blaze almost growled at him for touching his mate but kept his anger down and focused on his mate.

"Report!" Blaze ordered and the pack doctor, Garret nodded it.

"Yes alpha, she fainted because of her anxiety, I will give her some medicine for her anxiety and you need to train her how to control her attacks." Garret said professionally, Blaze understood his words, his mate has anxiety and he felt like he has so much work.

He groaned and closed his eyes, Garret leaves the room, smart man who didn't want to anger him anymore.

Blaze sat down on a stool beside his mate, he holds her cold hand and put it in between his warm, soft lips.

"Babygirl, I'm going to make you the perfect luna that everyone will be astonished." He said and kept his promise.

Mia woke up with a bad headache, Blaze lifts his head up with concern.

"Are you okay?" He asked talking some aspirin and a glass of water, he lifts up some and opens her mouth.

"No, I hate swallowing pills." She croaked shaking her head.

"Fine then let me do it." He said and she gets confused, he put the pills in his mouth and leaned in her mouth.

"What a-are you doing?" She stuttered and he smirked, he put his mouth on her and kissed it softly, she gasped and with his tongue, he throws the pills in her mouth with his tongue making her swallow the pill. She choked and he gets off, tapping her back.

Once she gets her respiration better, she glared at him.

"I said I hate swallowing." She scowled.

"Well I had to, I need my mate to be healthy." He replied and bring the glass of water between her lips, she takes a sip of the water.

She sighed and grinned, the door opened and Blaze scowled.

"Mia!" Lydia yelled and ran to her, hugging her tight.

"Lydia, I missed you." Mia said patting her head, Blaze rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

"Can you get off of my mate?" He growled and Lydia complied.

"Yes, alpha Blaze." She smiles nervously and Zach comes in to hug behind her.

"How are you Lydia?" Mia asked when Blaze moved her to his lap.

"I'm alright but what about you? I hear you fainted, twice." Lydia giggled making Mia blushed.

"Alpha Blaze, you should take care of Mia, she can be clumsy and jealous anytime." Lydia told you, Blaze who is serious, she scratched her neck when she didn't her answer, Blaze was busy gazing at his beauty mate.

"Blaze, she was telling you something." Mia whispered softly so that they don't hear her except Blaze.

Blaze looked up from his mate and nodded what she said, he didn't hear her and doesn't care what she said.

"Alright, we are going to go." Zach said putting his hands on Lydia's shoulders.

Blaze smiled mentally, he wanted some time alone with Mia, Lydia wanted to stay with her but she changed her mind by Blaze who is glaring at her.

"We should go, get some rest bestie." She sighed and leave the room with displeasure, Zach followed her and closed the door tightly.

"What did you do to her?" Mia asked him, she was sad that her best friend leave the room, as usual, they would always stay together and talked for hours, but now since Mia found her mate, she has been distant.

"Nothing." He said innocently with a smile.

"Ok." She said unsure but shrug it off, she trusts her mate.

"I want to eat some pizza." She heard her stomach grumbling making her blushed in embarrassment since her mate heard it too.

He chuckled, "I can make one."

"Let's just have a pizza in a restaurant." She said standing up.

"No, you're not stable."

"It's okay, I only fainted and I'm not hurt." She brushed her clothes and her hair with her fingers.

"Okay, let's take a shower." He said taking her hand and leave the pack hospital.

"Are we going to take a shower together?" She asked, she didn't want to take a shower with him, she didn't have the nicest body, she had big thighs and a little bit of fat on her tummy. She was always insecure about her body.

"No, but if you want to, I don't mind showering together, besides it's bad to waste water." He smirked and she shook her head.

"Please no, I'm not ready." She hides her arms around her stomach, feeling insecure right now.

"Okay mate, well then take a shower first in the guest room." He said showing another building.

"This where the strong ranked wolfs stay in this house." He explained and she gasped.

"That's not a house but a mansion." Fiona said.

"Absolutely right!" Mia replied to her, shocked.

They entered the mansion and was welcomed with maids around them, Blaze ignored them and Mia bowed back at them.

They get upstairs and Blaze opened his room, who has the size of a normal apartment, there is a kitchen and two bathrooms.

"This room was designed for me and my future mate, we need privacy from all those wolfs." Blaze said and sat on the expensive black couch.

Mia didn't know what to do other than looking around the room, Blaze noticed and smiled at her innocence.

"Well then take a shower."

"Oh yes I will, do you know when my things are going to come." She asked.

"Tomorrow at the moment you can borrow my clothes to wear." He said and she nodded.

"He must be rich, we were born from a different world, different surroundings and different people."

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Annierl Cooper
Seriously! They missed each other (do they sleep 2gether)? It‚Äôs been one night while one was unconscious from drinking and the other was asleep...hahahaūüėāūüėāūüėā
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Annierl Cooper
Oh by the way they have meds for anxiety
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Annierl Cooper
WTF! She’s studying medicine and the beta’s daughter yet her anxiety is so bad that she faints at a thought....oh please

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