Author: Greyandwhite09


"Make sure that there aren't any rogues lurking around my territory, understand?!" The alpha of the Blood Stone packs ordered to his beta.

"Yes, Alpha." The beta went out of the room leaving the alpha alone in his office.

He sighed and took out a cigarette to calm his anger down, as he inhaled the nicotine and take the smoke in his lungs, he smirked and stepped his cigarette tightly on the ground.

His father taught him to be strong without love but at the same time he was also thankful that he could be a powerful alpha, his mother the retired luna was on the other side the kindest woman, she loves her kids and her mate, she would do anything for them. The luna was hesitant about his son being the alpha, she knew that her mate was going to teach him with the painful way but also felt proud that he became the strongest alpha in America even though he's 20.

Blaze phone rings from his pocket, he picked it up and answered it.

"Blaze when will you come home?" The sweet voice said through his phone.

"Later, mother." Blaze said in his gruff and deep voice, his allure makes the girls fall in love with him with one glance of his deep piercing green eyes, he inherited from his mother while he got his father cold, demanding features.

"Honey you have to come home, you know." She said insisting that her son should come home, she's been worried that her son wasn't feeling well but her mate insured her that he's just dealing with rogues problems.

"Fine, I will come as soon as I'm finished, I promise mom." Blaze said and smiled thanks to his mother, his mother and his sister are the only women's who hold a piece of his heart.

"Thank you, honey, come home quickly." She said hanging up the phone, Blaze let his phone on the table and watched his pack warriors training from afar in his office, he felt pride for his pack.

His old ancestors made this pack and passed down for generations, and now it was time for Blaze to handle it. He did make a reputation for his pack which was: 'if you fuck with one of my pack members then you fuck with the whole pack.'

At such a young age, he managed to get a lot of respect from alphas in America every time he went one of the alphas meetings, his demanding aura overflows through the alphas packs. When he wants something he gets it with hard work, not like those snobby rich people, his family is also rich but he hates bragging about his richness, so he decided to keep this secret apart his family, beta, third in command, delta, gamma and also his future mate which he didn't find her.

He wanted his mate right now in his arms. At the age of 4, his mother explained to him and his sibling what was the reason of having a mate and why should we keep them, hearing the story of the MoonGoddess made him hope that he will find his mate earlier than his friends.

At the age of 18, you could find your mate and smell them directly that's why they create gatherings just to find our soulmates but alphas can detect their mates at the age of 15 due to their special abilities. But unfortunately for Blaze, he did not find his mate, but he's willing to hope a little longer. He didn't choose the luna of the pack because he wanted his true mate to be his luna. To protect the pack as a mother figure and someone who will stay beside her alpha mate.

He's hoping that he will find his mate and once he found his mate he swore to himself he will never let her go or give her up to another man because he is a jealous and selfish man.

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