The next day will be Lira’s graduation. That’s why her parents, Lora and Deme, are also preparing.

“Hello Mom, how are you? Is there any news about Naneth? ”

“I don’t have any news about Naneth yet! I’m so worried that what might have happened to that girl a month has passed, but I still can’t see her. I’m nervous that something bad might have happened to her.” her mother said worriedly.

“Don’t worry too much mom, we will also see Naneth. When will you and dad come here for my graduation? You and dad should be here.” Said, Lira.

“Yes, dear, I will make a way to attend your graduation. Be careful there. We’ll see you next week. ”


After Lora and Lira could talk, Deme arrived very drunk.

“Lora… Lora ...” shouted his wife, Deme.

“Why are you shouting? Are you drunk again? ”

“What do you care if I’m drunk again? I don’t buy wine for your money.” Deme replied angrily.

“If you saved that money that you used to buy alcohol so that we can have a fare to Manila for our daughter’s graduation, we wouldn’t have a hard time finding the fare money,” Lora replied.

“I’ll take care of that, don’t bother with the fare. I’ll ask my friend so we can have the fare.” Deme replied, drunk.

“You always say that, but I will still look for it. I have been brought to you Deme, when will you change your life? I am so tired of you. ”

“You’re acting again. If you’re tired, get out of this house,” Deme replied.

“Why should I run away? For you to put your fixture here?” Lora answered boldly.

Lora was surprised when Deme’s powerful slap on her cheek touched her cheek.

“Shut up!”.. Deme slapped Lora hard.

“Ouch, huh! Lora cried at the excessive force of the slap on her. You are an animal Deme, every time you drink, you are an animal. ”

“What do you want for another reason? Just shut up there.” Deme left their house and went to their neighbor.

Lora is left crying. Deme always hurts her every time she drinks.


“How was your vacation abroad, Aurora?” the woman asked.

“It’s okay Natasha. Still dizzy. How is your family? ”

“According to my husband, he is busy with his business. My daughter will graduate from college now, so we are okay so far,” Natasha replied.

“Oh, we had a welcome party at home. You can bring your family. My guests are just a little party, so don’t be shy to go there.” Said Aurora.

“Oh really? When is that so I can tell Louie and Abigail they can get ready too? ”

“Next Saturday, my son will also come home from another country so they can meet your son.”

“Yeah, that’s better. See you on Saturday. Thank you for visiting me. ”

“What are you, nothing? Just say hello to your husband. I’m going home because I still have some way to go. ”

Aurora had already left. After Natasha’s friend turned around, she felt dizzy, so she called the nurse who was watching over her. He was rested first.


Roel sent staff to the place where Naneth had sent him to ask what had happened to the child because it had not been sold at his place for almost a month.

“Good day, do you know anyone Naneth by the name of the one who sells boiled chicken egg at night standing across the street?” The man asked.

“Ah! Naneth, oh brother, her auntie is also looking for her because the child has been missing for more than a month.” Their neighbor replied.

“Is that so! Where is her auntie’s house? ”

“You just go in there on the other side. Can I ask why are you looking for him? ”

“Nothing. Our boss just told me where Naneth was because she was buying a package for the child. She just wondered why she couldn’t see it anymore. Thank you very much for the information. Please let our boss know this news.” The man answered.

He left and never went to Naneth’s house. Lora was right to come out of the corner.

“Lora, a man is looking for your niece, Naneth. He said that his boss was Naneth’s buyer for the sale of the package.” Said the woman.

“Is that so! Did you ask his name? ”

“Oh! I lost my mind, Lora, but I told her to just go to your house. ”

“I haven’t met a man coming to our house.”

“Maybe he just didn’t go. That man was in a hurry. What happened to your face? Your husband hurt you? ”

“It’s gone, just don’t interfere. My husband and I are fighting,” Lora replied.

“Your hyper, Lora, I’m just asking. It’s okay to leave us so we can fight again.” The old woman next door had left.


Their boss, Naneth, was having dinner. While she was still busy cleaning their closet, she felt starving because she had not eaten yet. Her eyesight was dark, she suddenly fainted.

“Sister Maria! Their boss calls.

“Why sir Gilbert?” Mary replied.

“Where is your young maid? Why didn’t she fix the mess of the clothes I washed for her?” angrily said their boss, Gilbert.

“I’m sorry, sir. Maybe she just didn’t see the remaining dirt on the collar. Let me just tell her. Her name is Naneth, sir.” Mary’s defense.

“All right, scold Naneth because next time if she still doesn’t fix it she can taste me.”

“Yes sir, I’ll just look for her sir."

“Naneth... Naneth… where is that girl? Maria saw that the bathroom door was open when she looked at it. She saw Naneth lying on the floor, unconscious.

“Naneth… did you wake up? Naneth! She took Naneth to their room. Maria touched Naneth’s forehead and her forehead was boiling. She took a wet, clean cloth to put on Naneth’s forehead.

“Hey! What a pity for this child. She hasn’t eaten since this morning.” Which Maria whispered to herself.

She went to the kitchen; she cooked soup for Naneth to eat. Her boss saw her cooking soup.

“Maria, what are you doing? For whom is that soup?”

“For Naneth sir, the poor child has too high a fever to warm her stomach.” Remember Mrs. Maria’s answer.

“All right, when she’s okay, tell her to clean my son’s room because they’ll be with his mother on Sunday.”

“Yes sir, let me tell her.” Her boss has left. She told herself that her boss was very reckless, that Naneth had a very high fever and had to hire her again.


Lira and Robin are busy with the upcoming graduation. They met again at a pre-gathering for their graduation.

“Lira? Wow, let’s meet again here.” Smiling, Robin said.

“Robin! You, of course! Happy to see you again.” Lira replied.

“So, when are your parents going for your graduation?” Robin asked.

“Maybe the next day they will be here. When are you going to your parents? ”

“My mommy is already here, just dad the next day he will come here.”

“That’s good, our parents will meet.”

Lira said, smiling.

“Oh! I’m sorry if we can’t talk for a long time because I’m important. Nice to see you again, Lira. ”

Robin left for another appointment. Lira looked at him as Robin walked away. Lira has a strange feeling about Robin, but she just hides it.


“Boss, I have information about Naneth. They told their neighbors that the child had been missing for more than a month. It is said that there was a blotter in the barangay of her aunt, but until now they have not heard where the child is.” The man’s story.

“Is that so? What a pity for that child. All right, look for more information so we can find the child.” His boss replied.

“Okay boss Roel, I’ll follow.” His staff has left.

Roel looks up at the sky. He sees so many stars. That he imagined Naneth’s face in space. He thought, where is that girl. He also couldn’t understand why he was so relieved for the child.


Naneth could not work for a day because she had a fever. Maria enters their room. She heard Naneth say something.

“Don’t uncle… that’s right… huh! I feel sorry for you…! Huhu. ah!” Maria quickly tapped Naneth because she had a bad dream. Naneth woke up, tears dripping from her eyes. She hugged Maria and continued to cry. Maria wonders why she has such a dream.

“Naneth! Why are you begging and crying in your dream?” Mary asked in astonishment.

“Ah! That’s nothing, sister Maria. I’m sorry, sometimes I have nightmares, so what can I dream about?” Naneth’s defense.

“Is that so! You mentioned something like an uncle. Who is that? Is she the wife of what you say? Is your aunt who is already worried about you? Did he do something bad to you? ”

“Ah! There is nothing sister Maria, it is only natural in a dream that the names mentioned are different.” Naneth’s defense is all because she doesn’t want anyone to know what she went through.

“All right, rest again so that you have energy tomorrow so that our boss may order you to clean his son’s room for you.”

“All right, sister Maria. It turns out that our salary is also tomorrow. I will collect it so I can get out of here.” Said Naneth.

They both rested so they could gather strength for the work the next day.

Will Gilbert face Deme? Why does Naneth always have nightmares?

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