By the end of the day, I prayed to God to not let me into any more trouble. I have had enough dose for today when multiple things ended up happening with me.

When I returned back to where my friends were waiting, I left Sean back hanging with a smirk still persistent on his face. After I spoke to Nina, it was established that she was going to drop me home.

The first thing that went abnormal was that we had another passenger with us.

And that was Brett.

Brett liked the idea of carpool and tried it with Sean this morning. Poor guy, if only he knew he could trust the world but not Sean.

"He left me." He said in disbelief, with a dramatic gasp escaping his lips. "He left me alone."

I could just do so much as roll my eyes at him and throw him a glance of disapproval. That, wasn't the complete reason why he's travelling with us. When he said he had no one to ask for a ride, Nina immediately offered that she could drive him home.

"I'm getting not one, but two girls to ride back home
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