She squealed like she just met Taylor Swift.


I whirled around at her sudden gesture and my leg made contact with the rock beside my foot and in a matter of seconds, I was on the ground.

Double shit!

"Hey," His silk voice filled my ears, as his hot breath fell on my neck, tickling it. Turning around, I met his grey eyes and his dark brown hair, masking his handsome face.

"Are you alright?" He asked, his eyes showing concern.

"I-I'm fine." I answered him.

He wrapped an arm around my shoulder and lifted me up while I was staring at him. My nose was immediately filled with his sexy cologne and I take my time to inhale his scent.

Triple shit!

"So.." he started, with husky voice, "I heard Tate got beaten last night, by, the obvious man in the world."

"Um… Yeah... Unfortunately, yes." I said, looking into his grey eyes. It was actually the first time ever that Sean was talking to me after two years of my time in this school. It was almost amusing that I had gone to my first ever party that he hosted and by then I didn't even know his name. I haven't even met him and I wondered if he ever knew I came.

"Unfortunate? You must be glad that someone's got your back." He said while throwing that charming grin.

Wait, what is he up to? Was he planning on any prank or even worst, planning on embarrassing me?

Suddenly, I felt my cheeks heat up with anger.

This seems like what happened last week. A guy from my school, a popular one, and I started making random conversations. I was in a puddle by then, since I slipped on the floor and he helped me out just like Sean. By the end of the day, he tricked me into believing him and bullied me.

"Listen Sean, I know you are a popular guy but that gives you no reason to mess with me. I know this is a prank-"

"Wait, what are you talking about?" His forehead formed a designed frown and he started his act.

"- I am used to people like you. Not everyday does a popular guy come to talk to me. See, I am helping you out... If he knows that you are messing with me, he will come after you. He won't leave you."

"Sapphire! What are you-" Nina glared while she spoke but I instantly cut her off.

"If you want me to help you in any assignment or something then I won't do it.."

"Sapphire, don't jump to conclusions. I haven't had any thought of that sort in my mind. I just wanted to try to talk to you."

"Why? Is it a dare?"

"Sapphire, try to have a positive perspective for once. I just wanted to-"

"I find it hard that you, of all people, want to talk to me."

"What's so surprising about it?" He asked, as he squared his arms and narrowed his eyes.

"Of course. Why would you want to meet me if you didn't want to play a prank?"

"There is always a greater possibility of a boy trying to be a friend than trying to play a prank."

"Nice try, but no... I-"

"Not an issue." He shrugged, never removing that scowl from his face, "I wanted to know if we can meet after school."

"You actually thought I'd do that? After everything I spoke, you think I will meet you there? And what next, you might even offer a ride-"

"I-I was thinking about offering a ride in the evening. But since you already mentioned-"



"I-" I was cut off when I heard the long school bell, signalling us to get our asses inside.

"Listen, I am not going to meet you. So please don't bother waiting."

If you're wondering about what happened to my best friend Nina, then no, she is not dead.

It might have taken a while for her to put things together and chase after me.

"Did you just lash out at him like that? You know that he is a dream of every girl! You-"

"I can't believe you are saying this. Can't you just see he is playing a prank? Just like that guy last week?"

"No, he was not. What if he was genuinely asking you to be your friend?"

"Sean is the guy who doesn't do friendship. And if it really wasn't a prank then we will know it by the end of the day. Don't worry. " I assured her as she just kept muttering about how I lost a golden opportunity of being friends with popular guys and all.

So, this pretty much sums me up. I don't need any popular friends and in the worst case, Sean Lanter.


It's my first day so I have to get my schedule. Check.

It's my first day so I have to socialise to make new friends. Check.

It's my first day so I have to make a good impression with my teachers. Check

It's my first day so I shouldn't grab a new spotlight. Cross!

I furiously stroke the last line of my check list for today until I almost tore the page. I dropped the pen on my table and rubbed my palms over my face in tiredness. I am just half way through the day and I'm already exhausted.

"Ms.Blue, I'd appreciate it if you go have your lunch." I heard my Calculus teacher, Mr.Mebbin say. I have been sitting here for the past ten minutes, excusing myself for some work that I had to do. Mr.Mebbin was getting impatient, since I heard his stomach growling almost thrice by now. But, looks like I have to leave since I don't have any work left and I cannot hide away from the gossip forever.

Forcing a smile, I grabbed my books and stuffed them inside my bag. I crumpled my Check list and threw it into a bin. The hallway was basically empty since most of them have already left to the cafeteria. Good, I don't have to worry about anyone.

I silently made my way to my locker. I didn't fasten because neither am I excited to have my lunch, nor am I starving. Well, I am hungry, but I can control it.

I opened my locker door and slid the books inside.

"If it wasn't Ms.My middle name is trouble." I could recognise that voice, anytime. It's not a tough task since I get to hear it everyday.

"If it wasn't Ms.My middle name is bitch." I smirked while I shut my locker door and swirled around to face the fuming bitch Cassandra. For the record, that's not what she's called at home. She was named just Cassandra.

I have a faint memory of mentioning about the bitch club in our school. It's quite simple really, like most of the cliche, there are three bitches. They do nothing that has to do with kindness and calmness. They need excitement and adventure.

They are the bullies of our school, and they are mean. By bullying, I don't mean just playing pranks, but I mean a lot more. It's bad, real bad.

But no, you don't have to worry about me. I might be one of their bullied but, good for me that I have a secret admirer who wouldn't let that happen, again. As much as I despise my admirer, I am happy that I am safe. At least, there's some assurance that I'm not bullied.

Not that it didn't happen. The bitch club basically bullied me once, and you know what happened.

"Just because we are not bullying you doesn't mean-" Abina, one of the minions of Cassandra spoke.

"Wait- what did I hear? I thought you were scared of-" I was abruptly cut off.

"We're not scared of anyone." Mitchella, another minion of Cassandra's spoke.

"Fine. Whatever helps you sleep at night." I smirked, before continuing.  "Without those spiteful letters, that is."

"Listen girl, just because we're not messing with you, doesn't imply that you can mess with us." Cassandra spoke.

"I didn't mess-"

"You did mess. And you messed with not just us but my passion. You messed with Sean." What? Sean's her passion? "You know I've been behind him for a long time and I am nowhere willing to give him up. And let me tell you I won't spare you. You know I've been in love with him."

I broke into a fit of laughter. "Love?"

She just glared. "Yes. And you better stay away from him."

"Hey, I know you're insecure with your supposed love interest but you don't have to worry. I am with you in the same boat, but, with a different direction. I, in no means, will pursue him as I have absolutely no interest in him."

"That's a relief but it'd be good if that goes on. And what happened today morning shouldn't be repeated."

"I had nothing to do with what happened today. But I can assure you, my response is going to be the same every time that happens."

"Good. That's all I wanted. Stay away from him."

I shrugged and nodded. She gave a curt nod before turning to her minions and leave.

I heaved a sigh of relief. I decided it would be better if I go to the library since I have lost my appetite. At least, I can grab my book that will help distract me from all the mess I had to deal with since morning.

But before I could proceed, I heard Cassandra call out for me, "See you around, sister."

Oh! Did I mention that Cassandra is my step sister?

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