I walked into the drive inn and rummaged through my pocket to find my mobile. When my fingers reached the firm ends of my iPhone, I pulled it and held it out before my eyes. I placed my thumb for the finger print verification, and when the screen unlocked, I opened my f******k to look for the prey I was going to hunt.

I had a faint memory of meeting him once or twice in of the parties that I threw and he appeared to be quite familiar. Acquaintance or not, I was not going to spare anyone that messed with me.

I saw him in this location here and found him in this drive inn in the far end of the town, where most of the crimes happen. Not an issue for me, my crime's covered. I don't need one, but it's rather absurd to have a bruised up man walk over an old grandma and beg for help.

I clicked for his photo to get the image of his in my mind. I tossed the phone back into my pocket and began searching through the drive inn. The drive inn is pretty famous for its a bar. We haven't got
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