As I walked into the library, I was instantly greeted by the scent of old books. I took a deep breath and smiled at the essence. How much I missed this place. It is the perfect therapy and one of the most cheap therapies, to say the least.

As I walked, I stretched my cheeks to give a tight smile to my librarian, who, might I add, is not very fond of me. One reason is that, there's basically just me who visits this place. But in my defence, I don’t bother her at all. However, I might have strangely disturbed her privacy, so ever since then, I have tried to limit my visits since I couldn't handle her negative vibes.

Good for both of us.

As I walked to my reserved place, I propelled down on my chair.

I looked at the huge clock hung on the wall across from me and sighed. I have 30 minutes to go. And, that means, I can actually read a book.

Trying a little more to look on the positive side, I shuffle the contents in my bag and went for my book. I am re - reading the notebook now and I guess it'll keep me entertained.

There is this unexplainable beauty in Nicholas sparks' writing that everyone finds amazing. No matter how old the story is, you seem to dive into it. It's a complete bliss to just wander your eyes over those beautiful dialogues and expect nothing more than it.

I started reading and unconsciously started flipping pages as I read the story. I was completely into the book until-

"Yes- she's here. I found her." I frowned at the new voice in the library. The only people who visit this library are the librarian, who barely talks, and Mr. Mebbin, who just comes here to chill, and the cleaner. But, that voice belonged to none of the three so I stretched myself and looked over my shoulder to look at the grinning Bretton Parker.

What is Sean's best friend doing here?

His grin suppressed to a smirk as he spoke into his mobile "I'm not going to tell you where she is."

I frowned.

Well, is he talking about… me?

But wait, why will he talk about me? And who'd want to know about me?

"Try finding us. See you soon." with that said, Brett removed the mobile from his ear and grinned again, making his way to me.

"Long time, baby doll?"

I narrowed my eyes at his use of the nickname, to which he just shrugged and settled down beside me.

"What are you doing here? If you're here to support that stupid prank of your best friend-"

"Relax! Can't a guy like me just come to read a book or talk to his friend?" He spoke, innocently, as if he was hurt by what I just spoke.


I frowned and looked over my shoulder to check if anyone was there.

"Friend? As in, the librarian?"

Brett almost scowled, "Why would I need the grumpy, old librarian when I have a beautiful girl waiting for me?"

"Are you flirting with me?" I narrowed my eyes.

Brett widened his eyes and came closer to cup my cheek, "I'm sorry if I brought your hopes up, baby doll. I'm sorry but I didn't have those plans in my mind."

I scowled and pushed his hands away.

"If you want to go out with me, all you have to do is just ask." He smirked.

I rolled my eyes, "In your dreams."

"I dream about you everyday."

"You're cheesy."

"Why? You tasted me?"

"You're gross!"

"You're beautiful."

"You're annoying."

"Annoyingly sexy."

"Sexy, my ass!" I muttered.

"You've got a nice one though."

Before I could open my mouth or plant my palm on his cheek, I heard a third voice.

"Run if you want to save yours."

And then, silence enveloped.

To say I'm puzzled is an understatement.

In a quick motion, I could see a fist flying to Brett's Jaw and then he fell to the ground. I gasped in horror as the truth before me unfolded.

"What the fuck, Sean?!" Brett yelled putting his palm on his jaw.

"You deserved it, anyways." was Sean's short reply.

"Have you lost your mind? Do you realise he is your best friend?" I yelled at Sean in exasperation.

"Best friend, my ass." Sean cursed.

"You have got a bad one." Brett muttered.

If this wasn't any serious situation, I would've laughed my ass off but-

"That's it, I am going to fucking kick your ass-"

"What is going on?" Sean was abruptly cut off with a gruff voice.

I sighed and inwardly groaned when I recognised that old voice of the gruff woman. Scratch that. I mean, gruff voice of the old woman.

The librarian looked mad as she graced our faces with her signature glare. She is a peace-loving person, which is why she is allotted a space here. She's half of the reason why the readers of our school hate this utter silence.

I just gave her another reason to hate me. It's not like she was fond of me. She believed it was me that interrupts her privacy.

But, whining won't help me right now as I almost see smoke coming from her ears.

And without any second glance, we were pushed into the principal's office.


When I said trouble, I wasn't kidding, seriously.

There are a few places that I never liked. One such place was the Hospital. I think we're mostly going to need to visit it soon to fix Brett's jaw.

Two, police station. I hope I don't have to get into that creepy place ever.

Three, principal's office.


That's where we ended up.

If looks could kill, I'd be buried 6 feet down and my funeral would've have been limited to a minimum of 6 people including Brett and Sean.

The atmosphere is thick with tense and the glare that the three of us were receiving couldn't go unnoticed.

The woman with horn rimmed spectacles had been trying to narrow her already narrow eyes. She's sort of trying really hard to scare us but I somehow find this situation… humorous.

Brett who was standing to my left is matching the glare with our principal, Mrs. Summers. She would occasionally look at the me and Sean but Brett wouldn't take his eyes off her.

Sean, to my right is completely oblivious to what's happening. He's been checking his wrist watch and sighing occasionally and muttering something about how he's missing his soccer practice. He looks like he doesn't give a shit, his words not mine, about what's happening.

Mrs. Summers cleared her throat and pulled my attention.

"Who'd like to explain?"

We remained silent.

"Bretton Parker, what's wrong with your jaw?"

Brett took a brief glance at Sean and looked back at Mrs. Summers before continuing, "Sean punched me."

"Ms.Blue, is he stating the truth?" She asked me.

"Excuse me! I am saying-" Brett tried.

"Ms.Blue.” Mrs. Summers addresses me with her glare still fixed on Brett,  “Truth or not?"

"Um…" I looked at Sean, puzzled. He looked at me and cocked his eyebrow. I narrowed my eyes and said, "Yes."

"Sean Lanter, why did you do that?"

Sean rolled his eyes, "Mrs. Summers, this dick-"


Sean scoffed before continuing, "Brett here used unparliamentary language."

"But you did the same, few second ago!" Brett retorted.

"But I didn't talk about asses!"

"But you called me a dick!"

"Enough!" Mrs. Summers yelled. "Do you realise I'm standing here?"

"You're sitting…" Brett muttered.

Mrs.Summers' glare intensified. But she spoke nothing. And I have an odd feeling this is going to be bad. Real bad. Silence is the sign of the upcoming storm. And the only storm that I can possibly think of is-


"What?! No!"

"Oh, my God! Really?!"


Three of the replies came in unison. The first one was of course mine. Like, seriously? I am getting a detention on the first day of school? Not that detention is pleasing on other working days but... On the first day?

The second reply was Brett's. He sounded happy and I couldn’t possibly understand why. And for the third, it was from Sean. Yeah. Totally cool.

"Really? Cool, isn't it?" She asked, sarcasm dripping from her voice. "How cool would a detention for 1 week be?"

"That'll be really cool!" Brett said, with unmasked happiness.

"Hmm..." she began, thinking, "So, detention won't work for you. Will it?"

"It would totally do." Brett said.

"It might, to Ms. Blue, but the point here is.. It won't do anything to the both of you."

We spoke nothing.

"Mr.Lanter and Mr.Parker, although you are one of the most notorious students that we have, it oddly doesn't affect your grades. They are surprisingly high. So, detention here won't make much of a difference."

Now looking at Brett, she said,

"You have been accused of many crimes. Flattening tyres, putting gum on teachers’ chairs, renaming the chemicals in the lab..."

And now she turned to Sean.

"…and Mr.Lanter, punching people around doesn't give a reason to let you go, does it? And hacking the school's computer and changing the grade, definitely isn't something that pleases me. "

My eyes snapped to him. Sean hacked the school’s computer? To change grades? Why would he do that? It is hard for me to admit the fact that he has really good grades. Better than mine, if you ask. But, why would he need to change his grades. He definitely wouldn't need any amendments. Or did he do it for someone else?

Now, she looked at me. And I have a strong gut feeling that whatever is running in his mind, isn't going to be good for me.

"Ms. Blue, it surprises me that you have failed your chemistry last year."

"I was sick-"

"I didn't ask for excuses, Ms. Blue."

That shut me up. But, I indeed was really sick. Who would submit their assignment that required hundreds of pages of writing, and writing an exam like a healthy person would write, when they could barely open their eyes and had to stay in the hospital, sucking glucose for almost 2 weeks? Definitely not me.

"So, you boys here need someone who can control you."

Then, she turned to me.

"Whatever is the reason, the only thing we see is that you have failed to submit the assigned work and failed a test."

Now she roamed her eyes over all of us.

"So... This leaves me with only one option."

And that's what we are waiting for.

And what I heard next is something that I never thought I would.

"Your schedules are going to be changed and.."

I am waiting… spit it out.

"You three are going to be partners for the rest of the semester."

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