9: The One Condition


"Just one grand romantic declaration, was that really too much to ask?" I groaned as I threw my body lazily on Hallee's bed.

"All I wanted was for Blake to turn the car around, get out, and declare his undying love for me. I would've taken him back in a heartbeat!"

"What a stinkin' bastard! I still can't believe he left you on the side of the road just like that," Hallee followed suit.

"Well, maybe it was my fault. I was the one who told him to go and I was being a real bitch too," I shrugged.

"Still, how could he do that to a girl? Maybe we should tell RJ about this, so he can have a little talk with Blake?"

"And bring about the second wave Coronavirus? I don't think so. Hals, you've promised you're not gonna tell anyone about this,"

"Ah, fine," she sighed in defeat.

After the fiasco tha

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