5: The Teenage Dirtbag


Please, don’t tell me Judah saw Blake and me kissing behind the bleachers! Oh god, what if he tells other people? We live in a small town. Ryder’s gonna find out in no time and I’m gonna die!

"Hey, how long have you been here?" I said nervously.

"Long enough," he raised an eyebrow at me playfully.

Of course, he’s sneering.

Pretending to be unfazed, I strode over and took the seat next to him. He leaned back and threw his gaze up to the sky. He was huffing and puffing smoke like a freaking chimney.

"Those things will kill you, you know," I commented.

"We all die in the end,” he replied. “This is just helping to smooth out the process,"

I didn't expect that answer at all. What a crazy ass, depressing dude!


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Deanna Eugenio
woah can’t wait for the next chapters ...
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Angelica Monteon
Loving it so far…

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