Mr. CEO, I Came Back To Love You
Mr. CEO, I Came Back To Love You
Author: LiLhyz

Chapter 1: The Truth

“Let us welcome our new CEO, Timothy Cash!” 

The grand ballroom of Diamond Hotel Plus was filled with employees, executives, and investors. They all cheered for the future, with Timothy as their new leader. 

At the front table, Charlotte mused, ‘This is it, Love. The moment we have been waiting for.’ 

That day was her husband’s official appointment as the CEO of Strauss Asset Investments, a mutual fund company founded by Charlotte’s grandfather. Only the heavens knew how hard they worked together for her husband to get the CEO position. Finally, it was here. Charlotte could not be more proud. 

Timothy was Charlotte’s husband of five years. They met in college and dated for two years before making it official. She cherished Timothy for accepting her imperfections, including the fact that she was infertile and had gained weight over the years.

Not only that, Timothy was a capable man who came from a reputable family. The Cash family had run the political dynasty in Swaxon City over the years. With his blond hair, heart-shaped face, and gorgeous blue eyes, Timothy was undoubtedly one of the most handsome men in Swaxon City. 

“Oh, Grandpa Pete. See what Tim had become. You would have seen him for his worth,” she reflected, recalling how her grandfather wanted her to be the CEO and not Timothy. Sadly, her grandfather could no longer witness her husband’s achievements, for he died a year ago.

“I’m happy for you and Tim, Charlotte. Timothy deserves this promotion, and with you by his side, nothing can go wrong,” Charlotte’s best friend, Victoria, remarked. 

Charlotte hugged Victoria, saying, “Thank you, Victoria. I’m so glad you are here.”

“Always,” Victoria promised. 

When Timothy returned to their table, he immediately kissed Charlotte. She blushed at his actions. Timothy was always affectionate towards her, even in the public eye. 

‘So what?’ She thought. They were married. 

Everything was going great when suddenly, the double doors to the grand ballroom swung open. A prominent businessman stepped in, making everyone’s jaw drop to the floor. 

“Isn’t that the CEO of the Diamond Hotels?”

“Mister Liam Wright?”

Charlotte was stunned. She locked eyes with the famous hotel CEO, but he quickly averted her gaze and walked back out with his bodyguard. 

“What was that all about?” Timothy wondered.

“I think they just entered the wrong ballroom,” Charlotte suggested. She did not bother telling her husband how she had known Liam Wright since childhood. 

Shortly after settling down, Charlotte excused herself to the ladies’ room, only to find a long line of women waiting outside. 

Charlotte decided it was an emergency. She went to the male’s restroom instead. She used the nearest cubicle and let it out. Just then, she heard the door open, and two men exchanged words. 

“Mister Wright, Do we keep seeking her, hoping Miss Charlotte gets a divorce? Clearly, she is happily married. She is Misses Cash -”

“Enough! Get the plane ready.” 

“Maybe it’s time to let go of this… childhood crush. She doesn’t even know about -”

“Keep your opinions to yourself if you don’t want to get fired.”

Charlotte’s eyes widened. It was Liam Wright! She held her breath, realizing that Liam had come to see her again. 

‘Did he still like me all this time?’ Her heart ached for him. But what can she do? She was already married. 

‘Should I talk to him? No, don’t lead him on, Charlotte,’ she told herself. Her eyes were cast down as she silently thought, ‘Liam, I hope you find a woman who will love you. You deserve that. I Love Timothy. Forget me.’

She waited there until the two men finally left. Only then did she return to the gathering.

Minutes turned to hours, and eventually, the event ended. The couple went home, and Victoria tagged along. Charlotte and Victoria continued with their girl talk on the patio of their home, like sisters who hadn’t seen each other for years.

Before eleven in the evening, the two ladies concluded their chat. Victoria said, pushing a glass of wine to Charlotte, “Here, you finish this up. I’m gonna take a leak.”

As Victoria rushed to the common restroom, Charlotte drank the wine but choked halfway down and spilled the rest of her drink. “Shit.”

After cleaning up, she realized she was already feeling dizzy. She merely went to see her husband and instructed him to get Victoria an Uber, and the rest was a blur to her. 


In the wee hours, Charlotte groaned, feeling like her body weighed a ton. She turned to Timothy’s side of the bed, and seeing no one, Charlotte forced herself awake.

“Tim?” She faintly called. 

Charlotte looked around and went downstairs to the living room. Just then, she heard a familiar voice moaning Timothy’s name. It startled Charlotte initially, but soon enough, more moans followed, and seemingly, the sound of slapping flesh.

She gasped. Of course, she was akin to those sensual moans. She was a married woman, after all. Her heart raced as she went to the source of the lustful moans coming from her husband’s study. Whoever was inside didn’t bother to close the door completely. 

She did not want to acknowledge it. ‘No. Not Tim. Not my husband.’

Her heart sank, seeing the truth before her eyes. Inside the room, her husband was completely naked, having sex with her best friend. Victoria was lying on the table, spreading her legs for Timothy!

“Faster, babe. I missed you inside me,” Victoria said. “Don’t worry. Charlotte always sleeps like a horse after an extra sleeping pill dose. You can go wild with me.”

“I love you, Victoria. I’m going to take you until dawn,” Timothy claimed. “Tell me that you are mine!”

“I’m yours,” Victoria seductively replied. “I’m all yours. I love you, Tim.”

Charlotte felt like her whole world crumbled, seeing their bare bodies tangled. Her mind returned to the drink Victoria had offered her last night, and she wondered how long they had been deceiving her - drugging her too!

Anger rose inside her, and she forcedly pushed the door open!

Timothy and Victoria scrambled off each other as Charlotte screamed, “How dare you? How could you do this to me?! Why?”

“How could you seduce my husband, Victoria! I loved you like a sister!” She focused her anger on her so-called best friend. 

Victoria was completely unburdened. As she covered herself with Timothy’s shirt, she answered, “Sorry, Charlotte, but Tim and I fell in love. We have been in a relationship for more than three years.”

“Three? No! That can’t be!” Charlotte turned to Timothy and asked, “Is this true? You - you cheated on me that long? I thought you loved me?”

Timothy was already in his trousers. Instead of apologizing, he replied, “You weren’t supposed to find out this way.”

“What?” Charlotte was mortified, hearing her husband’s indirect admittance. She asked, “Why? Why didn’t you divorce me, then? Why did you have to deceive me all these years!”

Charlotte noticed his hands formed into fists, and then she realized the reason why. She asked, “Was it all because of the prenuptial agreement?!”

“Divorcing you meant losing my chances of becoming the CEO of Strauss Asset Investments,” he admitted. “And your grandfather always stood in the way!”

 “That’s why… we took care of poor Grandpa Pete,” Victoria added, smirking.

“Grandpa?” Charlotte paled. She took several steps back, asking, “What did you do to Grandpa? Tell me!”

A sinister laugh escaped Victoria’s lips, whereas Timothy replied, “I did what I had to do to become the CEO.”

“Oh, my god!” Charlotte felt sick to her stomach. Her grandfather had protected her by insisting on the prenuptial agreement. Unfortunately, she gave it all away to her husband. 

After her grandfather died in a car crash, Charlotte transferred all her shares to Timothy, so he would gain the upper hand and become the company’s CEO.  

“How could you?” She snapped at Timothy, asking, “Why Tim? I loved you!”

“Oh, come on, Charlotte. Did you really expect him to love you after you got fat!” Victoria ridiculed. She laughed and asked, “I mean, come on. How was your sex life after you turned seventy kilos?”

“And you know what else is funny? You even signed a transfer of assets to Timothy without checking the documents! Haha!” Victoria revealed. 

“No! I didn’t,” Charlotte shot back.

“You did,” Timothy said. “All the assets you inherited from your grandfather are in my name now. You signed it together with the transfer of the shares.”

“Haha!” Another malicious laugh escaped Victoria’s lips. She said, “Then, Tim and I will get married, and we can enjoy the wealth of the Strauss family together. Don’t blame him entirely, though. He did it all for me.”

It could not be helped, Charlotte’s anger had reached its limit, and she screamed, “You! “

She was about to attack Victoria when she felt something hard hit the back of her head!

Charlotte fell on the floor, unable to move. As she was losing her awareness, her husband leaned down and whispered, “I’m sorry, Charlotte, but I fell in love with Victoria, and I will do anything for her. She wanted the company and your wealth, so I did everything possible to give it to her.”

“If only you had given me a child, things would have been different,” Timothy added. “If only you did not turn into a pig, I would not have been tempted to find another woman.”

Next, Victoria also kneeled beside her. She pressed her lips in Charlotte’s ear and divulged, “I hate you and your grandfather. I hate your father the most! Sorry that you had to pay the price. I did grow a little fond of you. Because of that, we won’t kill you just yet. We have bigger plans for you. You will die… slowly while suffering in shame! Haha!”

Charlotte could not grasp the animosity in Victoria’s voice. Her head was full of questions. ‘Why did it seem like Victoria’s hate was rooted deeply? What did my father do to her? Why involve my grandparents? Die slowly? What exactly were they planning for me?’

Sadly, her questions remained unanswered. Charlotte’s eyes fluttered, trying to stay awake, but she lost consciousness due to the trauma to her head. 

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Jacqueline Donor
i add this into my library shelf without reading because of the author and just this first chapter you prove me right. Thank you keep writing!
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Explosive intro! My favorite author is back..
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not a bad one . awesome write-ups

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