Chapter 10: Pay It Forward

Charlotte's heart galloped, hearing Liam's words. She turned to him with a bright expression and echoed, "You have made your decision?"

Liam straightened his face to the front. In his deep voice, he answered, "I have taken a considerable amount of time to think about what you have offered. Normally in business, one must learn to decide quickly, so I have been trained to make smart and fast decisions all my life. But with your request, I took as much time as I needed."

Charlotte, "..."

At the front seat, Chadwick coughed, catching Charlotte's attention. Chadwick had been coughing too often. The bodyguard was hinting about Liam's white lies. It had to be!

"Sorry, Miss Charlotte. I don't know what is it with me today," Chadwick said. "Please don't mind me."

When Charlotte peered back at Liam, she saw how he was squinting at Chadwick. He glanced at her and then returned his gaze to the front. He narrated, "Just two days ago, I closed an excellent deal at Alberto City. I bought a comme

June 10, 2023. Chapter 1-2. Liam's greatest insecurity will be revealed much later. No spoilers, ladies. Haha.

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Carmel Grooms
I am enjoying this book about Liam he is following after his dad, uncles and grandfather protecting the women they love
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Elisa Diy
liam insecurities is being adapted
goodnovel comment avatar
I’m loving that she can save her company, inheritance and her grandparents from Tim and Victoria from taking everything away from her family

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