Chapter 9: A Sense of Mystery

"Have you ever wanted something so badly you are tempted to take it at the first available opportunity?" Liam asked Chadwick when the bodyguard caught up with him in the car.

For the last half an hour, while waiting for Chadwick to join him, Liam had been gawking at the street, wondering what to do. To marry her? That would be a dream come true, but to be with her because her husband betrayed her, he could not help but feel insecure. He certainly did not want to be a rebound guy!

He had been in love with Charlotte for as long as he could remember. The problem was, after Charlotte's father died, she left Braeton City without telling anyone where she was going. Back then, he was too young to have the resources to find her.

His parents initially did not support his request to find Charlotte. They thought he would get over his young love, but that never happened. He tried, but Charlotte was the only girl that filled his heart.

Liam was already in college, studying in London, when he

June 9, 2023. Chapter 3-3. The next update will be tomorrow midnight, June 10.

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Hahaha so fast
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I really love all your stories LiLhyz, Another great novel to read
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Desiree Fatima Santiago
I have read all your books even the story of alec(warewolf}although I am just starting to read this one,but I think she is different to all the female lead who are pure,innocent and no sex experience.still I will send a gem for you.Thanks author for the story...️...️...️

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