Chapter 3


The evening was magical, just like I had expected. Acan stood by my side, holding me close. We were both dressed in the dark red colors, representing his powers, with a drink in our hand, and conversing with other lords and ladies. But we invited even commoners. Everyone was there, and the garden and the lawn were filled with as many people as it could fit. It was so excited and I loved every moment of it. Planning and doing a well succeeded party always made me happy, and I could only believe this was a success.

Soon, though, I saw a couple coming down a little path and I let out a happy squeal before waving my hand in the air. They looked amazing, I noticed. Silver was dressed in a dark blue color, the dress flowing and fitting her perfectly, but she always looked her best, and her silver hair was blowing in the wind. She held Darius’s arm, and my eyes wandered down his body, seeing he had matched her tonight. They radiated power almost, and it surprised me I had never considered them a couple before. They would fit perfectly together, but why had no one else seen this, either? It was clear as they walked by people they stepped away, bowing their heads as if Darius and Silver were the king and queen. It was an interesting sight, and they looked magnificent together.

“You’re here!”

“Sorry, someone took a while to get dressed,” Darius apologized, but was glaring at Silver, who rolled her eyes, and then smiled at Acan and me.

“The party is wonderful, and so many have attended,” Silver said.

“All thanks to my wonderful queen,” Acan praised me and kissed the top of my head.

I chuckled happily, always enjoying his praise and leaning closer to him, feeling my heart filled with pure happiness. When I turned to Silver and Darius, I found a strange look in their eyes, and I couldn’t quite decipher them.

“You look amazing together,” I compliment, but the moment I said it, they glanced at each other, pulled away, and looked the other way.

I stared at it, shocked. I knew they didn’t like each other that much, but they seemed repulsed. I turned to look at Acan, who gave me an assuring smile, telling me without words it was just the way it was. But why? No one had ever given me a proper reason for their dislike towards each other.

“Your cup is empty,” Acan suddenly noticed, but I knew he was only trying to break the awkward tension that had spread between us.

“Well, I am thirsty too,” Silver said as Acan took my cup. “Shall we go get something to drink together for the rest?”

“Let’s,” Acan said, and I shook my head slight before turning to Darius, my hands on my hips as the other walked away.

“What?” he asked when he saw the look on my way.


“What about her?”

“Do you not see how perfect you are together?” I asked, and he recoiled, looking like I had told him to go kiss a frog.

“You must be teasing me, my Queen.”

“No, when I saw you together, all I could think was… wow!”

“Ew, you mean,” he corrected me.


“Ew, I want to throw up, must have been your thoughts,” he said, and I saw the teasing look in his eyes.

I moved closer, shoving him back a little, but he barely moved.

“Consider it!”

“We hate each other,” he reminded me.

“Hate is a strong word.”

“It fits when it comes to us.”

I shook my head, not agreeing one bit, but if I couldn’t change his mind, so be it. Acan and Silver came back shortly after anyway, and Acan handed me something to drink, kissing me before someone came to tell him it was time to light the torch. He kissed me once more, before he moved to the platform, making us all turn to look at him, and quiet down. He reached out, touching the pole and lighting the torch so easily. We were all in awe and clapped and whistled, before we quieted down and he began speaking the old speech that was always performed at the festival and how the fire represented the burning heart of our world. There was a reason why the fire element ruled us. We clapped again as the speech was done and people began to scatter. Acan had his eyes on me, and was coming towards me, when suddenly someone yelled out, and the pole of the big torch began creaking and breaking. We all watched in shock, since it had never happened before. Everything happened so fast, Acan jumped to the side, people hurrying out of the way, as the pole broke, and sent the burning flames towards us.


Darius grabbed my arm once more, and we hurried backwards. The end of the torch landed not far from us, and because it was magically fire it spread faster, catching onto the grass and the tents around. I slipped from Darius’s grip as the people surrounding us began to panic. We were a sizeable group trapped by the fire, none with water powers, but I could see others trying to get to us.

“Darius?” I yelled, but couldn’t find him in the crowd, who were all pushing and trying to get away from the fire that seemed determined to keep us enclosed. It was like it was hunting us.

“Katherine!” I heard Darius yell, but I couldn’t see him anywhere and the fire was creeping towards me.

I ran away, not sure what else to do, but wherever I went, it seemed to guide me away from the others, trapping me. I didn’t understand. Hadn’t Acan made this fire? What had happened to it after it hit the ground? I was forced into a tent that quickly lit on fire, and it blocked my only exit. I stopped by a table, pressing myself against it as I saw the flames high and rising around me, almost keeping me in a cage. What was happening?!

“Acan!” I yelled, the only person I could think of who might get me out of this, but why would he hear me? How could he? I had been pushed far away from the larger crowd, and he had been on the other side of the flames. “Acan!”

I tried in vain, and began coughing as smoke filled the tent, as the flames came closer, and I felt the icy fear and panic spread in me, but where could I go?



It couldn’t be… but then I saw someone emerging from the fires, completely untouched by it, and there he was! I smiled as I saw my husband appear before me. I didn’t think. I sprung forward, clinging to him, and noticed how warm his body was. He was always warmer, but he almost felt burning, and I stepped back, not able to hold on for long, but I felt so relieved. He would save me, I knew it, but when I looked up, I saw his eyes burning. His eyes only burned when he was using a significant amount of his powers. I didn’t get it.


He stepped closer to me, and I felt a strange energy surrounding him, making me take a step back.

“Acan? What are you doing? Let’s get out of here.”

“You aren’t going anywhere, Katherine.”

His voice… it was cold. I had never heard him speak like that.

“I don’t… understand. What is happening?”

“It seems fitting, doesn’t it? You had no powers. You have weakened me.”

“Weakened you?”

“Yes, you have weakened me. Who could ever support a queen without powers?”

I didn’t get anything. He had never had a problem with it before. Who was the man in front of me? It was like in a second he had transformed into an evil twin, who now came to… hurt me? I was not sure, but I didn’t like any of it and kept backing away until I was pressed against the table, but my husband came closer and closer.

“Acan… please…” I pleaded.

“I hated you from the moment I saw you,” he said. “But I didn’t have a choice. Neither of us did, but my father has been gone for a while. I rule now.”

“Then why wait?” I growled, feeling anger rise in me.

I was scared, angry, confused. I felt so many things, but I wanted answers.

“Timing,” he answered.


“Exactly. I couldn’t just end you at any party. It had to seem like an accident. Mistakes happen, you know,” he taunted me, and then I saw something completely different in front of my eyes.

“Mistakes…” I whispered.

“You always slipped your way out of them.”

“Earlier today…”

“Earlier today,” was all he confirmed, but I saw many mistakes appear in my head, being saved every time at the last moment. I swallowed hard.



“But… I… I love you,” I said with tears in my eyes. “I have only ever loved you and I have been a good queen.”

“You have been a weak queen!” he yelled. “A queen who has no powers and cannot even provide an heir. Tell me, Katherine, what the fuck are you good for?!”

“Acan… please…”

He had begun to burn all over, and I was sure he would strike me down where I stood, but then he calmed his flames, and smiled evilly.

“I don’t even have to do anything,” he said and looked around. “You’re already dead.”

“Acan? Acan!”

He began moving away, smiling and never turning his back to me. He disappeared, and I kept calling for him while the flames came closer and closer. The tears were streaming down my cheeks. The smoke filled my lungs, and I fell to my knees. I knew I was a goner. I wouldn’t make it, but then as my blurry vision focused on the entrance of the burning tent, I saw a figure, someone appearing out of the blue, like he had always done.


I fell to the ground, before I felt cool hands on me, turning me. I forced my eyes to stay open, finally able to focus. I was being suffocated, but I saw him. He shouldn’t be here! He would die too!

“Darius…” I whispered.

“It’s okay. I’m here.”

He was here… he had always been there, hadn’t he? In my last moments, I saw it. It was too late, but I saw it. Who had always saved me from those accidents? Who had always appeared when I needed him? But he couldn’t save me now. My eyes fell closed, and I felt nothing but peace.

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