Chapter 8


It felt strange not being shot daggers at as I ventured through the castle. It was only nobles who did it to me in my former life, but they barely even looked at me and Darius. We were like air to them now, but maybe that was because he was still the Dark Prince, the one everyone avoided, and I was no longer queen… meaning no pressure! I couldn’t believe how refreshing it felt, even though I had to die to experience the freedom of it. Darius seemed very content as well. I understood, of course, he liked this world. He enjoyed the past… future… the life he had created for us, but I couldn’t forget. It lingered in my mind… I died. I was killed. I was still young… Darius thought it was best to let it go, but I wasn’t sure if I could.

I didn’t speak of it though, as he led us to the dining hall. We were the only ones there, sitting down and grabbing something to eat. Darius seemed happy to serve me the food almost, bringing lots to my plate, pouring me some fresh water, able
Anne T. Thyssen

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goodnovel comment avatar
Lol… so many questions indeed. It seems that Acan and Silver plotted together in making it impossible for Katherine to ever get pregnant. I just don’t get it, why marry her if you didn’t want to? He may be a weak King if his spirit and will are that weak

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