Chapter 4


It will all be okay…

The words echoed in my mind, but I wasn’t sure who spoke them. They calmed me though, making me feel at peace, but then another sensation spread through me. Warmth. It was an interesting kind, making my body burn almost, but not hurt. It was a pleasant warmth that spread through me, as I felt hands on my body. I smiled, hearing a dark voice in my ear.

“Missed me, my Queen?”

I chuckled happily, feeling the throbbing feeling between my legs, while a hand wandered lower, finding just the place where I needed it, touching me, making me burn even more.

“Ah… yes,” I whispered.

You know how much I need you every time we have been apart,” he whispered in my ear. “You always taste so sweet when you have been missing me.

Acan was never this vocal when we were intimate together. It was enjoyable, but then the hand kept teasing me, and I felt something explode inside of me as pure pleasure spread, and I gasped, clinging to the body on top of me, while lips kissed and adored my neck. It was incredible. I didn’t remember ever reacting this powerful, and then he slid inside of me, taking up so much space and making me gasp, as I felt the amazing feeling spread through me, and making me pant and let out small sounds. I grew louder the faster he moved, making me feel alive in a whole other way. I could hardly take it, and the faster he moved the more desperate I grew, until his hand moved between us again, and I completely came apart, screaming, and loving the amazing pleasure that moved through me, making me shake and call out for more. Acan seemed as wild as me, groaning and taking me harder, before he found his pleasure too, coming inside of me, before slumping down, and we both rested.

I woke up with a muscular arm around my waist, feeling very content. I had not felt so good before while also feeling quite used, almost. I smiled as I slowly came to, and the memories from last night spread through me, making me feel very warm and ready for more. What had gotten into me? I enjoyed our intimate moments, but I didn’t remember having such a hunger for Acan. It was like he knew though, as he stirred behind me, sighing and pulling me closer, making me feel how ready he was for more as well, and I gasped, feeling my cheeks heat.

“Goddess, I love waking up next to you,” he whispered in my ear.

I was more awake now though, and the voice had a deeper undertone than how Acan’s voice usually sounded. I felt very confused. Turning my head, I found a shocking sight behind me, as I looked right at Darius, who was smiling down at me, and looking at me with dark hunger in his eyes. I let out a surprised scream, and he drew back, a little surprised by my outburst.


“Yes?” he asked, confused. “Who else?”

“I… you…” I looked around, seeing I wasn’t in my usual bedroom, but how could that be? What had happened?

“Katherine?” he called out, placing a hand on my cheek. “What is going on? Are you all right?”

“I… but, you… we…”

“Did you have a bad dream?” he asked.

“A what?”

“It’s all right,” he whispered soothingly before I found his lips on mine, and for some reason I couldn’t help but respond, leaning into the kiss and moaning, loving the feeling of him against me. But how could that be? Never had I seen Darius as anything but a friend, and now I desired him. What had happened?

“I will make you feel better,” he promised me in a dark voice that sent pleasant shivers through me.

I gasped as he turned me to my back, then spread my legs wide. I couldn’t think. My body was in control, remembering how good he made me feel last night, and he sought inside me slowly, taking his time, and we both were panting like crazy, when he was all the way in, before he let out a deep groan that made me clench down on him, making me feel so full.

“Goddess!” I cried out, and he began to move. His lips continued to connect with mine, while he made me feel incredible. It had never been like this, and he began whispering sweet nothing about how beautiful I was in the morning, how good I made him feel, and how amazing I felt. He kept me warm both with his body and words, so how could I not come apart for him? “Darius!”

Did I just scream out my husband’s brother’s name? I couldn’t believe it, but I didn’t linger on the thought for long, because I was coming, and it felt so good. Darius moved faster, growing louder with me, and continuing to adore my lips with his before he found his climax too, coming inside me again, and then we both slumped down, our sweaty bodies all tangled together, and feeling very satisfied. I had my eyes closed, taking a moment to rest. How could it feel so good? This was wrong. I shouldn’t be in bed with Darius!

“Darius…” I called softly, the pleasure he had brought me almost making me feel boneless.

“Feeling better?” he whispered, leaning down to kiss my neck.

“This… This…”

“A perfect way to start our morning. I know how hungry my queen is,” he chuckled. “I have to make sure to always keep her satisfied, and there is nothing more beautiful than when she comes for her husband.”

“Husband?!” I exclaimed.

Darius lifted his head, looking at me, confused.


“What? When?” I asked, and he looked at me even more confused.

“What do you mean when? 3 years ago.”

“3?!” I yelled, but that couldn’t be. I married Acan ten years ago. He was my husband.

“Katherine, are you all right?” he asked.

“But this… I… we…”

Darius saw how lost I looked, and he was clearly desperate to make me feel better. He grabbed my hand and kissed it, making me focus on him again, but then as I looked at his lips grazing my fingers, making me feel very good, I noticed something. There was a ring. It was a smaller silver band than the golden I had worn with the red rubies. This one was silver with one black onyx stone. It was so beautiful. Nothing extravagant about it. It held elegance, and I stared at it, while Darius continued to run his lips over my hand, smiling a little when he saw how I observed the ring, and his lips.

“This is…”

“A symbol of our union,” he finished for me, when I took too long to answer.

It clearly was, but then why didn’t I think it was supposed to be on my finger? What the hell was going on? Suddenly I felt a sharp sting in the side of my head and I groaned a little, while memories came floating back. It was like pictures appeared one after one, a little blurry, but it showed me what I needed to know.


The man I loved… had killed me! I saw the surrounding fire, the smoke choking me. I was going to die before the fire even caught me, and then… there was someone. A hero. I had tears in my eyes as I focused on Darius again, who looked at me scared.

“Katherine,” he whispered, concerned, reaching out and placing his hand on my cheek. “You’re crying. Did I hurt you?”

Goddess, the way he asked that, like he couldn’t ever accept, he might bring me pain. I had never heard anyone speak to me like that. Or that was not true, now that I thought about it. Now that I saw the truth. Darius had always spoken to me like that. With so much genuine kindness in his voice and interest. Like every word that came out of my mouth was more important than anything. How had I never noticed? I saw the truth now, but it didn’t mean any of his made sense.

“Darius?” I called softly, and he nodded, still concerned about me.

“Do you love me?”

“What?” He drew back, shocked by my question.

“Do you love me?” I repeated.

“Katherine,” he said, a small smile spreading and then he kissed my hand again, holding up the ring. “Have I not proven it? Are we not married?”

“A marriage can be an arranged one.”

“Yes, I know our families decided it for us, but I told you the moment I saw you, I couldn’t get you out of my head. I knew there would only be you.”

“Only me…” I repeated.

“Yes, only you. Don’t you remember what I said in our vows? I shocked everyone as I went off the script.”


 I didn’t remember anything, because somehow this wasn’t my life, and yet it was. This was somehow me, but not me. I didn’t get it. He spoke as if he was talking about Acan’s and my story, but this time he was the one who married me.

“I promised to always protect you. Care for you, and that I would never be able to look at anyone else, because it was like the Goddess had sent you to me. You can touch me without feeling uncomfortable.”

“I can…” I whispered and ran my free hand down his shoulder, feeling his smooth skin and the tight muscles underneath. He groaned as if my simple touch brought him pleasure, and when we looked at each other, the energy was electrifying, but I still needed answers.

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