Chapter 9


“You’re pregnant. Like you were a few days ago,” the physician said after holding my hand.

He knew just from touching me. His healing powers were incredible. They originally came from earth powers, but they didn’t come out in the sense of talking to animals and such. Even though our powers were given by the elements, they could be expressed in many ways. Just because you had water powers, didn’t mean you could freeze things.

“You’re sure?”

He chuckled a little, because it was the third time asking him. But after a ten-year marriage with no kids, I was still finding it hard to believe. I mean, three years Darius and I had been together in this life, and he had managed to get me pregnant. Was there something wrong with Acan? Or did he just not want to get me pregnant?

“Look here,” he said.

He had drawn a little blood, putting it in a small glass vial, and I watched as he held it up, using his powers to make me see something the eye couldn’t see. Soon my blood glistened almos
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