Chapter 7


I watched as my wife—Goddess, I loved thinking about her as such—turned in front of the mirror, now dressed in a beautiful dark green dress that complimented her eyes, and her almost orange hair cascading down her back, making her look like something out of painting. The floor had been cleaned by some servants, and we were both now dressed, but my wife kept turning from side to side, trying to see any changes around her stomach, but as the memory we both saw appear in our head, she had only recently found out she was pregnant, and we had had a physician confirm it a few days ago. So there was nothing to see. But she kept doing it anyway, almost like she didn’t believe I had managed to get her pregnant. Wow… I had gotten her pregnant. We had been married for three years, but Acan had had her for ten, and he had not managed it even once. Katherine was actually pregnant this time, and I smiled as I stood from a distance watching, resting my shoulder against a stone pole, and jus
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