Our Destined Love

Our Destined Love

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A girl jumped into the river, cursing her fate and God. She was sinking in water and a pair of huge arms saved her. Someone, who came to save her is her Saviour. He carries her in her arms and puts her in his car. He reached the hospital in a few minutes with the unconscious body of that girl. All the way, he was looking at her thinking about the girl. She became conscious after treatment of a few hours given by doctors. She asked first of all, as she woke up, "Who saved me?" A sound like a roar is colliding in her ears, "I saved you." "You...... What the hell ?" She yelled. "Don't shout Ms Aradhya Kashyap. Now I gave you a new life so you have to pay for this." Samarth said conditionally. "What should I pay? And why should I pay?" She asked back and added angrily, "Did I ask you to save me?" The disgust for this man was shown on her face. He was just giving a winning smirk to her. "You have to marry me." He bored her orbs sharply. "Marry you, my foot. I will choose to die... Go to hell, Mr Goenka." She replied with disgust in her tone. "Really" He saw her photos when he saved her, she was in torn clothes and it was visible that she was raped. She was startled. He is blackmailing her without hearing her. "If you will not marry me, I will publish it in the newspaper. The choice is yours." He smirked again. A tear spilt over her cheeks, she replied, "Yes, I will marry you. But...." "What but..??" "I'm only 17. How can you marry a minor girl?" "Let me remind you, Ms Aradhya Kashyap, you turned 18. Today is your birthday, 21st February."

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82 chapters
1 # Prologue
"You are a curse in our destiny. Why don't you kill yourself? It would have been better if we had died before seeing this day." Her mom yelled at her and cried. " We are Brahmin, and you are a huge stigma on us. Kill yourself or kill us. How will show our face to our relatives, this society? What was left of our honour in this society?" Her father cursed her and slapped her hard on her face.  The girl is crying badly in the corner of the small house. Her lips are swollen. The whole body is stamped with bites given by her rapist. Yes, she was raped. Her father again raised her hand to slap her but her brother holds his father's hand. "Papa, it was not her fault, if she is raped by someone, what is her fault? We should file the complaint in the police station." Her brother said. "Ohhh, great idea, but my honour on the fire, what will we get back? Only blames and cursed from the people. Her beauty is her crime. She is cursed. And the most am
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2 # Character sketch
Aradhya Kashyap : 18 Years old girl, gorgeous and cheerful girl. dimple on her cheeks makes her more beautiful. Talkative by nature. She is forced to marry Samarth Goenka.   Durgesh Kashyap and Saraswati Kashyap: 52 years old and 50 years old respectively. Aradhya and Shivam's parents. Durgesh Kashyap is a priest at the temple of the small village near the river Godavari.   Shivam Kashyap :  27 years old, Aradhya's Brother. Taking care of Aradhya and love her a lot. He always tries to save her from problems. He saved her when she was sinking in a river.     Samarth Goenka : 28 years old successful businessman. CEO of Goenka International. But Arrogant, short temper and speak less. He was not like that before but one incident changed his life and him.   Gayatri Goenka :  75 years old, Samarth's Dadima (Grandmother) Whom Samart
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3 # The wedding
Third Person POV    "Yes, you are right. I'm 18 now. But I don't have any documents to give you, for registration of marriage." Aradhya tries to avoid her wedding with him. "Ravi" A boy, 25 years old, entered the hospital room. He called someone, "Please come." Aradhya looks at the door, she is shocked, she exclaimed, "Uttara."  "Aari..... " Uttara rushed to her. She called her sometimes by nickname 'Aari'. "Are you okay? What happened to you?" She is worried about Aradhya. She hugged her bestie. Aradhya cried hard hugging her.  Samarth leaves them alone and goes outside with Ravi. "This man did something wrong to you," Uttara asked again. first time in her life, she tells lies to Uttara, "Nothing, Uttara, He saved me from the accident." Aradhya replied. "Why do you need all the important things from home? This Ravi asked me to bring your important things from your home. Why?"
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4 # A Nightmare and War
Samarth is working on his laptop, it's already late but he never skips his work. More than half of the day is wasted because of this wedding. So he is trying to complete his pending work. He is completely dedicated to his work and business. That's why he is called the King of entertainment.  He checks the time, It's 2.00 am. He takes a bottle of water, but it's empty. He takes the empty bottle and moves to the kitchen. When he is coming with another bottle, he just reaches his door and he hears a loud screaming voice, like... "No... Don't do this with me, please. Please let me go."  The sound is coming from his bedroom. He ran inside and what he found. Aradhya is crying badly and shouting, she has destroyed all the bedsheets, a heart made by petals everything is messed up. Her eyes are still closed and she is throwing her hands in the air and shouts, "Please.... let me go.. please, ..... No no...It's hurting. Plea.......se" Samarth i
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5 # Promise to herself
Anaya walks fast and decides to leave this house now. Samir stopped her. Samaira scrambled to her and hugged her. Samaira and Samir pulled back Anaya forcefully to her room.  Anaya is the daughter of Mamta and Ranvir Arora. They are close friends of Samarth's parents. They are out of the country for some reason So they left Anaya at Samarth's house. Both families are planning a marriage of Samarth and Anaya. They wished that both children would come close with each other.   "Anaya, listen... just calm down. Please... " Samaira tried to calm her down. She is Anaya, she can never tolerate anyone's presence in Samarth's Life. "How to calm..? You know that I love Samarth from childhood, but he never gives importance to me. Always... Arohi... Arohi... She died, but not left Samarth and that was not enough, now this bitch..." Anaya barked and cried hard. "If you will leave this house, how will you kick out this Aradhya?" Samir said with an
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6 # His Long Lost Love
Third Person's POV    Samarth was sitting in his chamber and drifted off in the past. Only one name was reverberating in his brain and that was Arohi... His childhood loves and he dedicated his entire life to her. He was able to know the past of his parents just because of Dadi, who's used to tell him about everything. He leaned back and rested his head, closing his eyes, a smile erupted on his face remembering the sweet love story of his parents and then his own. The story starts 32 years ago... Ranvir Arora and Rajvir Goenka, are two best friends. In simple language, 2 bodies with one soul. Ranvir's family is forcing him to marry a girl, They chose a girl for him, Anita. He was forcibly sent to Anita's house for a visit. Ranvir took the help of Rajvir and both decided to prank the girl, so the girl would break the marriage. They wanted to enjoy their bachelor life. They went to the girl's villa
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7 # Her Shadiest Memory
Aradhya was sitting on the cold floor pulling her legs to her chest. She drifted in the shadiest part of her life, just in two days her life has been revamped. Flashback... she was in her second year of college. She was excited about her upcoming birthday. She will complete 18 tomorrow and will enter in 19 years. Everyone would be excited and she was also super excited for that day. But her family was planning Shivam's wedding, they didn't have enough money, so they wished that Aradhya also get married on the same day. They didn't think longer than her marriage, they were thinking that marriage at eighteen is perfect for any girl. However, their education level is also low so none can expect any higher-level thoughts from them. She fought against it, she wanted to study further and also wanted to build up her career. But no one listens to her. They arranged her wedding with Satyam. She fought against this wedding but failed. On 20th Feb, the family feud started in the morning. She
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8 # Ravi's Interview
Aradhya placed the necklace in the cupboard and wiped her tears. She came out of the closet. She saw Samarth, he was working on his laptop. She exclaimed, " You left for the office, a few minutes ago then?" "So, can't I come back?" He yelled without looking at her. Aradhya just shook her head and murmured, "Can't ask anything to this Mr Jerk." "Get ready in two minutes, we are going to the temple with Di and Dadi." He ordered. She narrowed her eyes at him with anger. She again murmured, "Can't he say in a normal voice? None can love her and never can expect anything from this idiot, though this idiot saved me, I'm obliged to him." She got ready and stepped down to the living room.  Sakshi and Dadi were waiting for them. Samarth stepped behind her. Sakhi smiled at them. Ravi was also there, but his face became pale. He was called By Dadi and Sakshi. Samarth gave a death glare to him. Because Dadi wanted that Ravi must come with them as a d
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9 # Guests
    When they reached home, lunchtime has been over. They freshened up and sat at the dining table. Aradhya’s feet are hurting due to burning, it didn’t burn too much but her feet turned red due to the heat of the steps of the temple. After having lunch, she gulped her medicines and was laying on the bed. Her eyes gazed at Samarth, who came out of the closet after changing his clothes. He looked a glance at her and opened the drawer of the table placed beside the bedroom door. He brought the first aid box and threw it on the bed, which fell beside Aradhya. “Apply ointment.” He said orderly and moved out of the room. Aradhya irritated and mumbled, “I’m not saying anything, it doesn’t mean that he can behave like this, Can’t he give me this box politely? Ohhh god.. this jerk” She applied ointment to her feet, She was tired and also her body is too weak, so she
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10 # Caring for her
Samarth woke up all of a sudden and walked towards the bathroom. Suddenly, he recalled, she didn't have nightmares tonight, he doubted, he switched on the lights through his phone. He didn't find Aradhya on the bed. He frowned and worried about her. It's 3.10 am, He checked the time. He looked at the door, the door was closed from inside.  He slowly walks towards the bathroom. The door was opened. He looked inside, he saw Aradhya was laid on the floor, his torn T-shirt was between her legs, her cheeks showed that she cried. She had squeezed hard her stomach, she was crying and her hands were enclosing her belly. He found bloodstains on her clothes around her thighs. He understood what happened to her, he called to Sakshi. He really felt bad that unknowing everything, he can't help her. As Sakshi saw the name on her phone screen, She was surprised and received a call. She directly asked getting up from her sleep and sitting on the bed, "What happened Sam? It's to
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