Alpha Of Aberdeen

Alpha Of Aberdeen

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Chloe was a human living in a werewolf world. Learning that her best friend Amelia was a wolf at a young age never fazed her, and she found comfort in knowing that there was more than human out there. Times had been hard for Chloe and her sister Marley since they lost their parents, but she found her place with Amelia and her family moving forward. Chloe was now a thriving college student on the verge of graduating, living on her own, and had no plans to bring herself into Amelia's world, knowing all too well that werewolves and humans didn't mix, but that all changed when Amelia invited her to the Aberdeen ball, the biggest party of the year for her best friends pack. How could she say no when Amelia gave her best pouty face and puppy dog eyes? Chloe agreed simply to help her friend feel at ease, but what she wasn't prepared for was meeting the Alpha. Copyright 2020

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Chloe and her sister, Marley lost her parents and had a difficult time in their childhood. Luckily, they met Amelia and her family. Since then, they have lived together like a family. Although Chloe knows that Amelia and her parents are werewolves, she isn't afraid but excited to know there are other creatures besides humans in the world. She knows the differences between humans and werewolves, therefore she never imagined that she would truly become one of the members of werewolves someday until she was invited by Amelia and joined the Aberdeen ball, where she encountered the Alpha who totally changed her world……Read novel Alpha Of Aberdeen for more plots.

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Chapter 1
A boring classroom is the last place I want to spend my time on a beautiful day, but unfortunately, here I am. The Professor is droning on about material to review for the upcoming final, but it’s hard to concentrate on my notes, with Maci looking back at me over her shoulder every few minutes. “What?” I ask in a harsh whisper. Maci is a close friend, but she was one for the drama and gossip. She lived for it. I’d rather keep to myself and couldn’t care less about other people’s problems. But by the smirk on her face, my instincts are spot on. Before I can avoid her eye contact, she speaks. “See that guy sitting at the desk in the back?” she asks, attempting to point inconspicuously. “He has the hots for you. The dude hasn’t stopped staring since you entered the class.” I instantly lose interest. “He can keep looking because I’m not interested,” I laugh, shaking my head. This Class needs to end. I focus back on my notes. A vibration shakes my desk, and I grab my phone before it tu
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Chapter 2
I got up pretty early and was in desperate need of coffee. I couldn't sleep a wink after receiving that strange text last night. I had some time to myself before Amelia came over later today to pick me up for the event. I was going to need all the downtime I could get before then. Over the steaming rim of my coffee cup, my gaze falls on my laptop sitting on the coffee table. My thoughts drift to my sister Marley and her family. I loved seeing my Nieces and Nephew, so I strolled over and opened it starting a video chat. It's hard to keep in touch because they live in New York, but they are the only family I had left since I lost my parents in a car accident when I was thirteen. It's been hard for me to deal with, but I got through it because of Amelia and her family. The ringtone catches my attention, and Marley answers with a smile after a few minutes. "Hey, Chloe," she says. I could tell by the background that she was in her kitchen, and from her distracted attention, I knew she must
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Chapter 3
All I could do was stare in disbelief at the person who entered the ladies’ room. I couldn’t help but feel confused by the man who stood only a few feet away in the doorway, staring at me for what felt like forever. I shook my head out of his trance and gathered myself. ''Can I help you?" I narrowed my eyes at him. "You do know this is the lady's room, right?'' I asked, watching his brows raise in amusement.“Yeah, I know,” he muttered, shrugging his shoulders.“So why are you here? What if someone was changing?” I asked, motioning to the empty room, but he simply laughed. “What is so funny?” I questioned, unable to hide the frustration in my tone.He ignored my question with a smirk while he eased his way toward me. “I saw you staring at me with hungry eyes. You can't look at me like that and walk away,” He said charmingly.My brows creased in frustration as I walked up to him, getting almost close enough to touch. “You seem very confused about how I was looking at you. Don't read too
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Chapter 4
I hurry back to where Amelia is still sitting at the table. “I have to go,” I whisper, then I grab my purse and take off toward the door. “Chloe? Wait,” Amelia yells, following me. I don’t stop and walk down the drive as fast as I can towards the street. I hear Amelia not far behind me and curse her werewolf speed. I try to walk more quickly, and I could try to run if it weren’t for these damn heels. I know Amelia is my best friend, but I need to get away. I feel so confused right now. I can’t stop wondering why I feel so drawn to this man. I don’t know him, but I feel this pull between us. Amelia grabs my arm and stops me in my tracks. “Chloe! Where are you going? What’s wrong?” she asks, worried and confused. “I need to leave,” I state, wanting to avoid the details. “Chloe, what happened? Did he hurt you?” she asks. “I will fight the Alpha if I have to,” she growls, pissed. “No, he didn’t hurt me,” I stare down at my shaky hands then back at Amelia. “I need to think, and I
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Chapter 5
Today is Wednesday, only two days until the final and the last day of this semester. It’s also a couple of months to Amelia’s wedding, and I’m trying to cram studying plus meetings with Amelia into my hectic schedule. Today she asked me to meet with her to look at gowns in her bridal magazines. “Hey, Chloe. Do you have an extra pen I could use?” Maci asks, pulling me out of my thoughts. “Sure,” I say, digging through my bag, pulling one out. “Here you go,” I smile, handing Maci the pen. “Good morning, class!” Mr. Davis says. “Let’s get into today’s topic, shall we,” He suggests and begins telling us what to expect on the final and how much this final will impact our overall grade. Maci turns to me with the excitement of gossip dancing in her eyes. “So, I saw that guy that was staring at you last week talking to you in the hall after class. What did he say?” she asks, nosey as ever. “He asked me to go to coffee with him as friends,” I state so she wouldn’t pry. “That’s cool,”
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Chapter 6
I scream and lose my balance and almost fall on my face, but strong arms grab my waist. They’ve easily caught me and placed me back on my feet. I look up to find Malachi’s sexy face looking at me. “Thank you!” I say gratefully while I find myself becoming lost in his eyes as if I’m in a trance. “I’ve got you. I’d never let you fall,” he said with a smile. “Why are you so sweet to me?” I ask, utterly confused as to why he’d go out of his way to show kindness to a mere human. “Because you are going to be my Luna,” He answered with a smirk. “Luna? What is that?” I question. “For having a best friend who is a wolf you really know nothing of our kind huh?” He asks and I shake my head in return. “You will find out soon enough,” He says, reaching down to rub his thumb along my lower lip. After a moment of simply staring at him, he brushes his hand softly against my face. “Why were you crying, Luna?” He questions with a look of concern. “It’s nothing,” I say as I look away in sham
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Chapter 7
I storm off to the kitchen so I can grab my things and leave. I already knew Amelia wasn't far behind me. "Chloe, stop! Where are you going? Don't leave, that guy is still out there. It's not safe," she says, trying to convince me to stay. "I'd instead take my chances with a crazy stalker guy than someone that thinks he owns me," I declare, grabbing my keys from the counter. "Please stay, I'll take you to your room. I'm sorry I asked you to do the dare. I knew what was going to happen," she admits shamefully. "How did you know he would do that?" I ask curiously and wait for her answer. "He’s an Alpha. It's in his blood. He won't let any man ever look at you in that way," she says, but it only confuses me more. "But why does he act like this with me?" I ask, finally manning up and demanding answers. “And why does he call me Luna? What does that even mean?" I ask, becoming frustrated. "Let's go to the room so we can talk, ok." She insists and by the look in her eyes I know she’s re
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Chapter 8
My cheeks blush as I watch Malachi pull himself to a sitting position, looking at me with worry. I can tell the surprise of it being my first time is getting to him, but I'm not sure why. Then he starts laughing. "Chloe, I'm just kidding. I knew from the beginning you were a virgin. You are very tight" He says, still laughing. I give him a look of annoyance. Then slap his shoulder. "jerk" I retort, looking at the ceiling when Malachi pulls me on top of him. My legs straddle him while I take the time to admire his features. He raises his hand to gently brush my hair out of my face. "You're so beautiful," He says, pulling me down to him to kiss his lip softly. He trails his hands down my arms, and my body heat soars. I also feel him getting hard again. Malachi switches our positions, so he is hovering above me, but not quite resting his full weight against me. Both of his arms support him on each side of me and I take this opportunity to drag my own down his shoulders to his elbow
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Chapter 9
I'm in shock and not sure what to say. My niece Kali just told me she is pregnant. I pull over, so I'm not distracted and crash. "Kali! How far along are you?" I ask. "You know you have to tell your mother," I state, not liking the idea of keeping such a big secret from Marley. "I'm three months, and I can't tell mom she is going to freak. What if she kicks me out? What would I do alone with a baby at 16?" She cries and my heart goes out to her, but I know my sister. "Even if she did kick you out, I wouldn’t let you have nowhere to go. Of course, your mom will be upset because you're so young, but she will come around. It's her grandchild," I assure Kali. "Oh, Aunt Chloe, I'm so scared when I told my boyfriend he told me to get rid of the baby, but I can't. What am I going to do? My life is over. I know I was stupid and should have used protection, but its already done, and I can't give up my baby," she cries, devastated. "Everything will be okay, Kali I'm here for you, and your mom
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Chapter 10
On our way to the club, Amelia picked up some of the other girls from her pack. Once we arrive at Club Sensations, we get out and walk to the entrance. I can already see there is a massive line around the block. "Oh, wow. Will we even be able to get in?" I ask, eyeing all the people waiting. "Hell yeah, we are. I know the bouncer," Amelia's friend says from behind me as we approach the door. The bouncerimmediately recognizes Amelia’s friend and lets us enter no questions asked. "Enjoy your night, ladies," the bouncer says with a wink. We walk into the club and it’s completely dark, except for the flashing strobe lights. I can see people dancing and grabbing drinks at the bar and across from where we stand is a cage with ladies dancing inside. "This is amazing!” I yell over the music. Amelia looks at me with a smile. "Let's get drinks, girls!" she announces, making her way to the bar. Her friend next to me yells, "woohoo," all hyped up and I can already tell this is going to be a
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