Bake my love

Bake my love

By:  Agni Aastha  Completed
Language: English
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Shanaya Weasley, a young pattisier chef, aspiring to bring her cafe to the next level. Due to some circumstances she loses her cafe and meanwhile is welcomed in Azeil Blackiston's restaurant, owner of country's biggest restaurant chains.. What will happen when she will collide with Emir Blackiston( Azeil's brother and country's best sous chef). Will the trio be able to solve their love triangle? let's discover together. Follow me on Instagram as agni_aastha

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66 Chapters
Shanaya:Life is like a crumble cake. He he you must be wondering why am I describing my life as crumble cake . Well I am pattisier an
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A new recipe to arrive
"one caramel pudding plz"another order is there, so soon. Nowadays there are lot more customers and visitors in my cafe. 
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Their first encounter
shanaya:It's been a week since I launched the new recipe over the cafe and guess what they had been appreciating it well. "hey Shan?? " and there she best friend Amara... Well we had been best friends, I don't remember since when... she has a bubbly nature which makes everyone love her... She had been my backbone when mom passed away.. at that time i was shattered, I never even imagined in my dreams I'll be able to move on so easily without her. it's not that i hadn't been in remorse but Amara's motivation always kept me up to make experimentation with my dishes.. Well initially, I was not a fan of experimenting in food.. I liked it in conventional style.. but she only asked me to do so when I talked to her about my bizarre ideas, she encouraged me that I wasn't manipulating a dish rather I was making it better.. and my confidence was boosted to another level my my customers too liked it as I served them.. M
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Those beautiful orbs
Shanaya:."you can't yell over someone, besides I already mentioned the dish is still on preparation!! " I said to that man.. he was clinging a mask over his face.. looks like he is some goon or something.. I rolled my eyes.. Well I believe we should equally respect the CEO as janitor.. but whoever this man is he surely doesn't know how to put his ego beside.. I was roaming my eyes to the customers as whole of the eyes we're concentrated over us as if some circus was going on in here.. I sighed a bit and then looked at this person, people surely don't know how to be respectful towards others. As I was busy ruffling my eyes over my surrounding, he removed his mask.. and I would be lying if I say I didn't like his looks.. Damn.. he is.. breathtaking substantial I must say.. he looks familiar, have I seen him on TV, no way Shan.. you are being a paranoid.. how come a celebrity visit a small cafe of yours?? i brushed off
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He is handsome
Shanaya:" pass me the bowl of brown sugar" I Asked Manushi smiling towards her.. Well she does alot of work here.. she was actually facing financial problems when she entered her college , so I asked her to work in my a part-time job... I know I'm not able to make huge profit , but still I feel relaxed when I help someone.. She was long lost thinking deep so I smacked her head lightly.. " why are you lost madam" I asked rolling my eyes and went to knead the cookie dough. She too followed me and excitedly chirping at the counter, she says. " Shan don't you think?? that Emir Blackiston is so hot?? " she said looking at the ceiling.. ahh looks like someone is dreaming so hard.. "don't you think you are too lost in someone's dream" I said playfully rolling my eyes and continuing kneading the cookie dough.. " His jawline is perfect is so perfect.. and oo damn his smirk looks so alluring.. "
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My cookie girl
Emir:She looked like an angel.. when I first saw her.. Since granny already showed me the way to apologize her, so I am gonna do it.. I'll visit that cafe tomorrow itself and ask her out.. yeah perfect. I was planning itself when I heard my brother's voice. " bro are you smiling??? " Zack asked widening his eyes wide as if smiling is something banned for me. That's when I realized I was really smiling like a fool. To be honest, I don't really smile frequently, I don't know what got into me but I was smiling since morning. " why ,is smiling banned ?? " I asked him.. he chuckled. " no, but that's a matter of surprise.. no shock that, Emir Blackiston is smiling " he emphasized on the surname. " then get ready to be shocked forever!! " my words made him jumped in shock.. " one second??? are you in love??? " he said wiggling his eyebrows.. kids these days. he isn't a kid, he is 24 but s
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Azeil's acquaintance with Shanaya
Shanaya:I slept that night in spite of knowing that my cafe is sealed, I don't have a job or a penny to meet both ends.. and still I don't know how to manage the expenses of orphan children... the anxiety arose in me was eating me from inside, especially when I know I'm helpless. Next day I again headed with a light of hope that, may be today can I get a decent job, but to my bad luck no job was available or may be I could say due to my spoiled reputation they didn't want to hire me.. Suddenly I get a call from my best friend, Amara.. god  why haven't I thought about her.. she is a great motivator. "hey Am what's up?? "." I'm okay but.. what about you, where are you and what about the cafe!!! " I felt the shrieking yelling sound from the other side of phone,that I have to literally close my ear. .. ok fine she is freaking out right now.. She is my best friend in fact. " ok ok I was about to tell you!!! "
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What is she doing to me
Emir: I was actually shocked cuz Azeil didn't show any concern even for a female colleague once, I remember she was about to fall, then he instructed one of our employees to take her to hospital, but he didn't himself bother much. When we reached home , Zack was asleep but granny was up, as she looked to the girl figure in Azeil's arms, she was confused but didn't say anything.. Azeil layed her in the guest room, where her constant blabbering could be heard.. why is he so concerned about her. "bro, finally can you tell me about her?? " I said scratching back of my neck. " she is my childhood friend, remember when dad sent you to the hostel, and I insisted to remain here, that's because I liked her... I mean she was my crush back then!!! " One second.. did I hear it clearly.. my brother.. Azeil Blackiston had a crush on someone.. God played the same trick again.. why does to lay
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Baking carrot cake for grandma
Shanaya:I woke up with a severe headache, I can't even recall yesterday's incident, I just remember, that couple weaving random conclusion about me and then I took a tequila shot... wait.. I drank alcohol... seriously Shan, you know your alcohol tolerance, still.. I sat up crossing my legs, when I found I wasn't in some familiar place, wait... where am I??? I am freaking.. it's more likely a hotel.. I immediately looked towards my clothes and found that those were still intact.. and then fidgeted the quilt and found that there wasn't any blood.. I laid a sigh of relief , having been confirmed that my virginity is still intact. But now the question arises, where am I??. I looked towards my phone placed on the nightstand and found approximately hundreds of missed calls from Amara and Jones. Hell. I'm doomed, first of all I don't know where am I right now?? secondly these three people are gonna ki
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Blackistons complimenting her
Azeil:As I entered the home, I heard some hustle from inside, did some guest arrive, may be some friends of grandma, I was about to pass through the Hall, when I saw Shanaya, wearing that chef's hat and apron and serving cake to all. When our gazes met, she felt uncomfortable, I bet and started looking to the other directions. I was nervous and thats when grandma said. " ohh, Azeil come, look the perfect pattisier chef  has prepared some dessert from her own hands, come taste it, it tastes like heaven" . and then she moaned tasting the bite of it, as if it's the last palate of food. I gave her a tight lipped smile, not to show any emotions and went to my room to change. 'she has grown into a beautiful mature lady' my brain complimented thinking about her. ' yeah I know' I said to my brain. 'have you tasted that white chocolate dipped carrot cake out there, it was looking delic
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