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Allisya Mireya Samudra, liked Luis Edduardo Duttlof, the CEO who is 10 years older than her since their first meeting when they were 8 years old. However, according to Luis, Reya's feelings were only for a moment, because the child was still a teenager who was trying to find his identity. Every day, Reya always gets rejection from Luis, but all these rejections make her even more excited and make Luis sick of seeing her. Until finally, Luis realized the changes that were happening to Reya, and he was very sorry after knowing about Reya's real life. A woman who lives a life full of pretense, and also a woman whose life is like the Calendula flower, the flower he gives when that woman asks for it. A flower that turns out to save a lot of destruction and sadness to survive without anyone wanting it in this world. When Luis tries to make things right, things are no longer the same. And he can no longer apologize to the woman he always hurts directly every day.

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202 chapters
The girl who is 17 years old today, will celebrate her graduation from school. After his name was called out, she ran towards a man who until now had never seen his existence in a different sense. With a bitter smile, she looked at the man's face. As if the man had to be forced to come on the day of his school graduation."The event is over, isn't it? Then, I have to go now," he said flatly. Even, the man doesn't give congratulations.She was just silent, staring at the face of the man in front of her with a full request to remain here a little longer with her."Are you busy?" she asked fearfully.The man nodded his head. "Luis, please stay here with me! I envy all of them that their parents always accompany, while me?" she smiled bitterly as he said it, trying to hold back his tears so as not to look weak."I don't fucking care, Lisya! It's none of my business," he said sharply.Not paying attention to the man's sharp gaze, he immediately h
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Part One - The Childhood Section
The very adorable little girl walked towards her neighbor's house who had just moved beside her house. She walked with a happy gaze while carrying a lunch that had been prepared by a middle-aged woman in her house. "Morning Aunty!" she said with a smile on the face of the woman who was now standing in front of him. Meanwhile, the woman stretched out her hand to give the supplies she was carrying. "This is for aunty. Sorry if the food is not as good as a five-star restaurant, but I guarantee it will be addicting!" she told the woman. "You shouldn't bother," she replied uncomfortably. "Have you had breakfast?" she asked curiously, seen from the look in the eyes of a little child who seemed to be hiding something. 
Part Two - Trying To Get Closer
As usual, Reya wakes up every morning to help a woman who works in her house cook. Yes... the woman is named Aza, a middle-aged woman who has worked at her home since Reya was 1 month old, until now. And Reya is also reluctant to call her aunt because for her she is already like her own biological parents, so she calls with a mother. Although at first, Dayu felt bad at Reya's insistence, she finally agreed to the call. The little child walks with her face still dull, because when she wakes up she hasn't washed her face. She approached Dayu, who is now cooking his breakfast. "Mum'... Reya wants to help!" When the dishes are finished one by one, he places the food on the table. Not forgetting Reya helped tidy the table. "Mum, I want to bring Luis breakfast," she tells Dayu, who immediately nods. Shortly afterward, Dayu gives the lunchbox to Reya who is now smiling herself. And it surprised Dayu to see
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Part Three - The Approach That's Already On The Plan
Luis who was preparing to go to work, was confronted by a woman who had just woken up, with a crumpled face and a shirt so shabby she confronted her brother on the doorstep of the man's room. Although he still struggles to see, at least he shouldn't let his brother go to work today. As he had planned with his parents without the man's knowledge. "What's going on? Come on! I have to go to work now," she tells her sister who is still trying to open her eyes. "No!" insisted Raina full of rejection. "Daddy has contacted your secretary in the office to clear the schedule for today, so you don't have to go to work today," she explained candidly. Luis who heard it was not surprised because she was accustomed to this kind of incident, especially knowing all this must have been Al-Barra's work. He could not be angry, let alone emotions, however, they had a blood relationship with him, which without them he would never have been a
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Part Four - 8 Years Later
8 Years Later...Allisya Mireya Samudra, who is usually called Reya, is now 16 years old. She is living his days as a student at a Senior High School at a well-known private school, a school that has smart students in every academic field and subject. One of them is Reya, the girl always managed to win first place in modeling competitions. She looks like a grown woman if she is stylish and walks the catwalk, but without everyone knowing that is not a desire in her heart. She did all of that because of a man she still loves unluckily.During that time she always insisted on becoming a mature woman like the type of woman Luis liked, even though that man never forced her to be someone else. But Reya is still living it, to hell with Luis who sometimes protests against his sometimes revealing manner of dress. "Reya, tomorrow you will participate in the inter-school modeling competition. And your partner tomorrow is Eric." the female teacher told her students who were still silent thinking
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Part Five - Get Out Of Comfort Zone
"Wounds have no sound because tears fall without speaking."*** On a morning like this, Luis is already in front of Reya's house to take him to school. However, Reya not also came downstairs to meet him. It had been almost half an hour that he had been waiting for the girl, but somehow he felt something strange. To take Reya to school, she is even willing to rearrange his work schedule at the office. To hell with his Daddy who gets angry, that will be his business later.Most importantly now, he wanted to take Reya to school as a form of apology. Feeling guilty for not responding to statements about the woman's feelings. And then, Looking at the clock on his cellphone screen, Luis grumbled in annoyance. Why can't that girl appreciate his efforts Supposedly, Reya is grateful that someone cares for him. With a fl
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Part Six - Going Together Because of Coercion
In the end, Luis took Reya to his private apartment. After arriving, he immediately opened the door in a hurry because the girl's situation was already in chaos. Almost lost his sanity, and maybe after Reya realized he would interrogate that girl. Without feeling, Luis threw Reya's body like a doll onto the bed which immediately made the woman feel afraid to see that man like this. Creepy, his face did have a flat expression but his eyes looked like they were ready to kill someone. Luis is on top of Reya's body who is still trying to come to his senses, he smiles sideways while caressing the face of the woman under him who is trying to hold back his nerves. "You want to be a slut, Lisya?" he growled sharply, not forgetting his hand began to move down towards his thigh. For God's sake, Reya felt goosebumps now. According to him, their scene now was truly terrifying, especially when Luis's hands couldn't stay still. "Please!" Reya groaned in f
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Part Seven - A Painful Reality
"I'm not sorry, what I regret is... Why did I fall for someone who has no heart?"*** Reya smiled as he returned the handshake. "Allisya Mireya Samudera!" the answer tells. "How if I call you, babe?" she teased bravely, Dean who heard it was silent.Dalva who did not like Reya's words, immediately let go of the two people's handshakes. "Cringe!" his sneer glared at Reya.Reya glanced at Dalva briefly, then looked back at Dean's face who still had a flat expression. "Babe? Interesting," he replied with a sly smile.Luis who saw it only had a flat face. If the girl thinks she will resent the conversation, she is wrong. He was very happy. At least after Reya dating Dean, maybe, she will be able to introduce her lover to everyone. Especially for Reya, his little sister

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Part Eight - Accidental Meeting
Today, Reya will carry out his usual activities. After two days of skipping school, she finally returned to set foot in the school environment. After getting ready, she went downstairs to immediately go to school. Arriving at school, she walked towards his class keep acting as usual. Feeling happy every day, and she's used to playing like that. For him, all of that was daily food, no matter if the longer she was going to be more and more destroyed.  "Hey!" shouted Eric greeting Reya who had just set foot in class. Reya glanced flatly at his friend. "Are you sick?" Eric touched his friend's forehead with a strange feeling because girl like Reya are not used to being silent. "I'm fine, don't worry!" Reya smiled as he shook his head slowly. Then Eric sat next to Reya, he knew that his friend was not okay now. This can be seen from the way the woman spoke, slowly and her sad eyes. Slowly, Eric grabb
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Part Nine - Reya And Nicole
"She doesn't love you, and indeed it is a reality."                                       *** After school, Reya went straight to Luis's apartment. She felt homesick for the man, even though Luis had managed to hurt her with bad words. According to him, maybe when she said all this Luis was sick or carried away with emotion, so she didn't care about those words. Arriving in front of the luxury apartment area, she got off Eric's motorbike, a kind classmate who was kind enough to take her to the apartment of the boy she loved. "Thanks, Ric!" said Reya. Eric nodded. "Take care," he replied, then immediately left the area. With his happy feelings, Reya began to walk towards the apartment and when she was
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