The Rebellious Alpha

The Rebellious Alpha

By:  Ladipo Michael  Completed
Language: English
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Alpha Kevin's life became officially haunted the moment his most cherished being fell to the blades of the Lycan. Darkness became his best friend and he thirsted for revenge like his soul depended on it. He swore to punish the Lycan, Alpha of Alphas at all cost. But that course changed when he met his mate. The light to his darkness until he finds out, his deeply loved mate is the daughter of the Lycan. Will Alpha Kevin forget his long birthed vengeance or will he Rebel against Love?

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37 chapters
His Exile
20 YEARS AGOFar in the west, deep in the forests, amongst the beautiful Green valley lies the one and only Greenville Pack. A place I used to deem worthy of love, a place that used to come with so much happy memories but this day was different."Alpha Mason!" I quivered in horror as I watched behind my mother, a 6'2 perfectly built man bark at my father. But he wasn't just any man. He was the Lycan King. Alpha of Alphas. Lycan Issac Perkins.His blue irises were sharp, ferocious and overly threatening as he huffed to my Father who courteously remained in his stance. His messy dark hair danced to the waves of air, his breaths escaped brisk and short."All evidence points to you!" He growled as he sauntered away from my father, touring amidst Pack Members that encircled about us. His legendary silver sword fixated by his hip side, swallowed by it's black metallic sheath."And for the
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Chapter 02
  "Okay, that will be all for today!" I announced authoritatively to the girls of Moonville Pack. My Father's Pack. I could hear their sighs of relief as they wobbled on their feet. Some of them resting by the tree side and others scurrying to their changing rooms. But my eyes particularly fell on a young girl. Her hair were long and straight, donning a stunning shade of black just like mine.  "Rose!" I called. "Yes commander." She chirped as she approached me courteously.  Her anxiety and quivery status evidently displaying. So instead of being the overly stern trainer of the girls of Moonville Pack, I beamed a tiny smile at her. "You seem to be bad at wielding the Knife." I uttered calmly while he
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Chapter 03
"This is the best place I could find at the moment. Though it's small but I hope it's manageable." Uncle Walker announced as we stepped into the wooden house. And just like he'd proclaimed. The apartment was small, one my Father and Uncle Walker had built during their time.    I slowly toured about the parlour. Dimly lit with the potent smell of dusts. I heaved an inaudible sigh as I reviewed the furniture. This house was definitely going to need some serious cleaning.  "Thank you so much, Walker." My mother softly uttered with a tiny smile. But I could clearly see her sadness. One I had induced. My fingers inadvertently clutched onto the reins of my brown bag, feeling another pang of guilt surge. "You don't need to thank me, Serene. This is the least I can do but I promise to find a better pla
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Chapter 04
  "Miss Claire," My Chauffeur softly called. "We've arrived Greenville Pack House."  I heaved an inaudible sigh hearing those words while I alighted from my vehicle, only to be greeted by the warm air blowing across my hair and a gigantic building mirroring it's shadow in my eyes. It was donned in green, surrounded by a small garden of various assortments of flowers. This was the beloved Greenville Pack house.  "Ah Miss Claire Perkins!" A man in his mid fifties chirped in front of the building. My focus shifted to him and his associates standing side by side with bright smiles imprinted on their faces.   No one needed to tell me that this short brown haired looking man with Hazel coloured irises and perfectly styled beards was
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Chapter 05
  "Seriously?" I muttered in disbelief as I eyed a score of Rogue werewolves glaring at me.   "You guys are going to attack me, a fellow rogue." I growled as I shifted my focus to Rose. On a normal circumstance, I could take down ten of them. But this time was different, I was outnumbered and the only way to escape this shit hole was to use Rose as an hostage.  I'm sure they wouldn't want to see one of their own being threatened. I was still reveling in my sinister plans when I heard a voice chorus metres away.  "Hold your horses guys, I asked you all to welcome him not scare him." The overly familiar voice chuckled. His dark hair were styled in a neat low cut fashion. His ebony skin shone
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Chapter 06
**********"Kevin, Kevin! Keeevin."  My Father called as he roamed about the Pack house garden. I giggled sheepishly before walking behind his towering figure in the stealthiest manner possible.  "Kevin you can come out now!" He chuckled.  "Gotcha!" I jumped at his leg while he laughed. "I win again!"  "I knew you were behind my back." He laughed as he lifted me from his legs. Holding me in his arm as he teased my nose playfully.  "No you didn't!" I whined.  "Yeah I didn't." We both laughed this time.  "Boys, get inside now before breakfast turns cold!" My mother's pitch could be heard from our
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Chapter 07
  And after a joyous inauguration ceremony, so many drinks and cigarettes, listening to sad stories of my Pack members I barely knew. I finally get to return home.   The entrance door creaked open even though I tried to enter in the quietest mannerism possible. But then I froze, seeing my mother in front of me. Frowning with her arms crossed. "Where were you all day?" She pitched worriedly. I rolled my eyes whilst a sigh followed suit as I locked the door behind me. "Went out." I replied as I wobbled towards the kitchen. "This is past eleven!" My mother raised her voice. Turning me to face her concerned countenance.  "Mom, I'm n
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Chapter 08
"We haven't found Kevin yet, Alpha Jason." I heard Beta Chris mumble as I strode down the stairs. "Although we've hunted most of his Rogues down." My palms curled as I furiously eyed my Father and Beta Chris sitting on opposite couches. They barely even noticed me, engulfed in their conversation.   I wished my Father had sent me along the other warriors so I could end that bastard once and for all. There was some connection between Kevin and Claire.    The first time she had visited his raggedly home, I thought it was nothing. But then it became consistent and just yesterday, she tried to convince my Father from killing him. Ever since, she had been in so much unrest. As if Kevin was the only thing boggling her mind. Someone she hasn't even met!   There was only one logical explanation, Kevin is the Lycan's daughter mate. My teeth gnashed against each other at that t
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Chapter 09
"Kevin this is suicide."   "You're not helping Gabriel."  "Oh so you expect me to encourage you towards death?" Gabriel retorted sarcastically. Although my gaze was purely fixated at the trees of Greenville that danced afar off under this starry njght, I knew my friend's face wouldn't be welcoming.  "We've gone over this already, this is the fastest and best way." I chattered as we walked closer to the edge of the cliff. My ears entertaining the movement of river against rocks. "Remind me again, what are you gonna do when you find the Alpha?" "Challenge him of course." I remarked nonchalantly as my eyes darted to the river below us. One, I could tell it was deep. Two, I kne
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Chapter 10
CLAIREHere I was, seated by my desk. Under the dim lights, in my room. Staring at my laptop which displayed a blank page. I don't even know why I was here when I was supposed to be celebrating with the others outside. Rather than brood in my bedroom.  Realization soon struck me that I was worried. Worried about my probability mate. A Rogue.   With all certainty, I knew I wasn't going to like him but Aubrey longed for him. Disturbing me with her sad emotions. In life, everything happens for a reason. But this time, I couldn't help but question the moon goddess. Why would she bestow this kind of fate?    I'm the Lycan's daughter, from a respectable family yet mated to a Rogue. A stain to my family's prestige. I wondered how my Father was going to react upon this news. I feared what would happen to me if we met. That perhaps due to the mate bond, I might grow those sparky feelings for him. One I dread to
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