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A leisure run in the forests leads Caleb, Alpha of the Duncan pack, to an unexpected find. Faced with a mate he had longed assumed non-existent, Caleb not only has to teach her how to live with her wolf, he also has to find those who caused her harm. He'll need his pack, her family and self control, to get through the coming challenges. Attacked, turned, and far from home, Cassandra Patrice wakes up to a strange woman, a man she finds herself incredibly drawn to, and a voice in her head. Learning of the existence of wolves is one thing, but realizing she has also become one may be too much for her fragile mind to digest. Will this fate be more than Cassandra can handle? Or will her mate be just the right person to help her through it?

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49 chapters
      The silver wolf moved with great speed past the trees of the forest, its grey eyes settled on a destination that lay ahead. The aim was to be distracted enough to forget the happenings of the week, whether it was being achieved or not was yet to be determined.   It moved stealthily past errant branches and crushed twigs beneath its large paws as it searched for a place of peace- the meadows. There it was that the insanity of the world could be blocked and sane thoughts given freedom to roam. There it was that tranquility reigned, giving every creature of the earth that much sought after moment of peace and security. Where worries were forgotten and a certain sense of jo
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Chapter One
      Cassandra didn’t understand.   How did she get here? The last thing she remembered was…it was kind of blurry, but she knew something had happened to her- something really bad. She could remember walking down the street in her neighborhood, she wasn’t sure where she had been coming from, but funny enough she remembered the song she had been humming to- Bob Marley’s  ‘Everything’s gonna be alright’. She was just a few blocks away from her house when someone- or was it a something? She knew it had an odd form
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Chapter Two
Cassandra’s eyes grew wide as this god of a man bit her bottom lip and took a swipe at it. He repeated the action, and then crushed his lips against hers. She gave him access into her mouth without much coaxing, finding herself in heaven once his tongue slithered in. Her eyes went shut as she savored the taste of him- cinnamon, she found herself kissing him back, loving every delicate stroke of his tongue and trying to match it as her hand caught his strong arm, feeling his sinewy muscles beneath the fabric of his shirt.   Oh Luna! Caleb couldn’t believe he was sharing a kiss this intimate with his mate. Her lips were so soft, just like pillows, her taste reminding him of citrus. A whimper escaped her throat that got him instantly hard, and then he smelt it- the musky scent of his mate’s arousal. His wolf howled in victory as his investigative hand made a trip along her body; his hand brushed againt the swell of her chest, causing her body to tens
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Chapter Three
“Sit down Iggy.” Caleb spoke calmly.   The eighteen-year old eased himself into the chair opposite of Caleb with wary eyes. He rarely ever got a call from the Duncan pack which is something he couldn’t be more grateful for, the last time had been two years ago so he wondered why they’d need him again. Yes, they did keep in touch and he knew of a couple of their cubs who had attended his high school and still dropped by his house for friendly ‘visits’, but he didn’t think he would be walking into their compound this early. They were a friendly bunch and they paid good money for his services, but he still feared them especially since he had first seen Caleb morph into his wolf- he was terrified of them and would give anything to be off their land in record time.   “I’m sure you must be wondering why we contacted you.” Caleb began, he wanted to smile to at least minimize the nervousness oozi
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Chapter Four
Gayle paced back and forth the hallway of the large mansion, her thoughts in a jam. This couldn’t be happening to her, no, it couldn’t. She swore she was finally making headway with Caleb, she was so close to achieving her aim, he had begun to yield to her charms and just a week ago, she had been counting down the days to when she would finally be introduced to the pack as their Alpha-bitch, everything had been falling in place like she planned. Hell, she had already started to wield her power amongst the lower pack members and they were obeying her albeit begrudgingly, but she had been respected.   And then she came along.   The day it happened, she felt the change in the entire house, not just felt it, but the entire house had shown her she had no place after all. The woman had barely been in the house, hell, she was still unconscious when they started giving her attitude. Even the omegas wouldn’t listen to her now.&nbs
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Chapter Five
   Something was off about this place and Rinaldi didn’t like it. The moment they drove into this town, he had been very unsettled and the closer they got to their destination, the more his unease grew. He couldn’t remember a time he was this nervous, but for some reason, his wolf was in frenzy and giving him reason to worry. He had managed to keep his cool though, knowing he was amongst his subordinates and he need not disturb them with his issues. Nervousness wasn’t a trait a leader should have and these men didn’t need to see him all shaken up.   They got to the house without any incident, it was a quaint, little building situated in a quiet neighborhood. The buildings were sparse here, a reflection of its status as a small town. The house sat in the middle of an equally small, but well-proportioned land, surrounded by flowers and a small garden.   This was the address Caleb had given them, his mate’s cou
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Chapter Six
   Kennedy had to gulp to wet her parched throat before speaking, “Kennedy.” She said, as though she were in a trance.   He gave her a megawatt smile, exposing gleaming white teeth that she swore had to have been worked on; nobody had such perfectly white teeth without going through some form of procedure, “Pleasure to meet you Kennedy.”   The carnal undertones she registered in his voice when he said the word ‘pleasure’ caused Kennedy to clench her thighs involuntarily as she questioned the sense in inviting someone whose entire aura screamed danger in all the delicious ways at her senses. Yes, she hadn’t been in a relationship of any sorts in almost four years, but she wasn’t so desperate for male attention that she was nearly panting like a dog in heat at this man’s slight show of interest- if she could even call it that. Hell, she barely registered the fact that her sex life had b
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Chapter Seven
Something was wrong with her.   Cassandra couldn’t quite place a finger on it, but she could feel within her that here was something awfully wrong and it had nothing to do with the fact that her memory of the last six or so months apparently, was gone .   Of course, there was that incredibly obvious gash in a list of uncertainties she currently faced, but something else disturbed her. It was within her, in her head. She was starting to think it was also a part of her, because it not only controlled her thoughts, but to some extent, her actions as well.   She sighed as she ran her hand over her wet hair and stared into the mirror at her reflection, it was her facing herself in the mirror, but still it wasn’t her, she felt nothing like herself. She felt different, more alert, she looked different as well. Her muscles were more toned, her skin looked healthier, her eyes looked brighter.
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Chapter Eight
 Caleb studied the treaty Rinaldi had gotten from his trip to Queensland where the last meeting of the North American Alphas had taken place, he hadn’t been able to make it because of an emergency it was imperative he attend in Europe, but Rinaldi had been an able representative. The resolutions of the meeting had been sent to him via his beta, but he would have a chance to get in a few words at the next meeting.   He particularly liked that there were discussions towards Rinaldi getting back his lost pack, a few of them were reportedly still roaming the forests of Cuba, a small group had begun rebuilding, but a pack without an Alpha was as good as endangered. Rinaldi had told him many times that he could feel the loneliness of his people, but he had no say on returning. Protocols had to be observed before he could once again return to Cuba, besides, Alejandro Corona, the slimy dog who had brought an end to the Salvatore Pack was yet to be put down
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Chapter Nine
 Kennedy awoke to the sound of laughter. She stretched lazily on a very comfortable bed that felt nothing like the back-breaking spring bed she had the misfortune of sleeping on at home, all she felt beneath her was foam she seemed to sink inside.   She stopped mid-stretch as that thought brought her crashing down to reality. Where the hell was she? She sat up swiftly, the movement causing a sharp pain to shoot through her head, she grimaced, but was no less alert. Sharp eyes studied her surroundings, noting it looked like a compartment in a plane, albeit a very fancy one. She had never entered an airplane in her life, but she had seen enough ads on them to know what the interior of one ought to look like, and none of those adverts had a compartment this luxurious. The bed she had only just been enjoying wasn’t the only furniture in the room, there was a small chair across it attached
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