Mate to the Dragon Prince

Mate to the Dragon Prince

By:  Shalini Zhara  Ongoing
Language: English
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(18+) CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT “A HUMAN. . .” he mused, scanning every feature of my face, carving them into his memory. "Jisoo." He breathed my name, making me resist the urge to shiver. I raised my eyebrows at the undeniably handsome man in front of me and crossed my arms, then shook my head, "I was supposed to make 10 million today!" I whined at the loss of my company. "Humans and their greed!" He grunted, walking away. JISOO KWON, a strong and independent twenty-seven-year-old woman, who was the CEO and founder of her company, lived her life confidently as she expanded her company; her empire. Little did she know her life would take an unexpected turn, forcing her to run away from home; from the company she built with her every breath, only to run into a creature, one that was believed to be a myth at that. While she always fancied dragons, treasuring them as her favorite mythology creature, she never imagined actually meeting one, let alone being one’s mate. But there’s no way that's possible, right? However, she's proved wrong, by her mate nonetheless. TRISTEN SLADE is a determined, yet surprisingly kind dragon prince-- but only to his kind. He was always harsh towards humans, it was their very existence that forced dragons to run and hide within the shadows and caves, the once powerful and majestic creatures, now long forgotten. His only mission was to find the Heart of Magic, a gem that would return his kind to their original glory, but when a certain little human practically runs into his arms, scared, terrified and lost, he's brought into something anew...and beautiful. Will this forbidden toxic love save both kinds? Or will it destroy them both? After all, it was one impossible love.. Cover by @.SeashelI on quotev.

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    37 chapters
    Mate to the Dragon Prince + Trigger Warnings + A/N
                                      Water so deep, how do we breathe?                                              How do we climb?                                          So we stay in this mess                                         This beautiful mess tonight                             ╔═════════ • ≻ ♜ ≺ • ═════════╗  &n
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    One year. It has been one year since my new life started. A new life being reborn, but I wasn't being reborn, I was simply discovering the truth, and combining it with my destiny. The one year I spent with him, the one year I discovered who I really was, brought more chaos and torment than in my entire life, but most importantly it brought danger. He led a dangerous life and my destiny was to be alongside him, as he continued to save his people... his kind.Through the twenty-seven years of my life and becoming the founder and CEO of my company, I never once thought I would be pulled away from it. But I was, and a part of me welcomed the adventure he gave me, I gave myself, after all being born and raised in my father's family wasn't always pleasing or a pleasant experience for me. The woman who raised me wasn't my mother, but she was, she raised me, cared for me and worried for me, when my birth-mother didn't. My father made his mistake and I was the one who pai
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    Chapter One
    Dear Guests and Employs,As the proud CEO and founder of Sooyaa's Desires...I sighed, tapping away the keys on my laptop, an invitation to my shareholders, business partners and employees. The celebration of my newest expansion to Sooyaa's Desires will be held within a few days. However, the constant pressure and stress that weighed down on my shoulders, prevented me from looking forward to the occasion.One side, I had the constant begging of my father to join my company with my brother's to prevent him from going bankrupt. He had millions stolen from a business partner, Antonio Venturi. On the other side, I had the nagging of reporters trying to spy on my life, wanting to get me into another "dating scandal" the madness people brought to my life!The mounting pain in my head made me close my eyes and groan, one after another, problems rose, killing my insides, and creating that sickening pain at t
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    Chapter Two
    I sat there slowly playing with my food; rolling the small piece of chicken with my fork and sighed under the penetrating glare of Jackson. I shook my head and took a small sip from my glass of water.The eerily silence had me begging for some kind of distraction or perhaps this dinner to end unexpectedly. Usually, your head would spin or have a sickening headache from alarming sounds or noises above many decibels, but here it was different, the mere sounds of cutlery gently clanking against the plates and soft chewing was all there to be heard, and it was aching my head.The wait was the worst part; knowing it was going to happen, but when?Audrey was simply eating her food; enjoying every bit of it. And it was surprising; usually, she too would join in with her husband and glare at me like someone who was standing in their way to success and glory.Mother sat on one end of the table facing my father; she hadn’t looked up from her food. I guess she
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    Chapter Three
    Mature themes coming up later on this chapter.***I hit against the steering wheel with a frustrated growl as I let a few tears caress my cheeks, I had vowed to myself never to cry after my childhood! Not for anyone! Not for my father! Not for mother! Not for Jackson! And certainly not for my birth-mother! Throwing off the seat-belt, I grabbed my phone and slammed the car door shut. My bracelet, however, caught against it, allowing the tiny tear-shaped diamonds stones to break away from the band, landing around my feet. The soft sounds of the diamonds tumbling against the rough grounds made me scream in frustration and kick the car’s wheel.Stupid car!Tears of anger and frustration fell from my eyes. The dinner had brought nothing but chaos for me; my mind was haywire, one thought after another, word after word, and I tried to dodge them like a bullet.If that’
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    Chapter Four
    C/r acci/ent (a, d) trigger warning!***My mind raced back and forth; from work to the dream. Those seafoam eyes flashed before my eyes whenever I blinked, creating a rush of emotions that electrified my nerves enough to have that slickness between my legs. The pressure intensified as I remembered the feel of his hands; a touch so real, and yet, it wasn’t. The dream felt real because of the strength of light his eyes gave, their intensity and the silky feel of his skin against mine.My heart only thumped faster as I remembered it, almost sending me off the edge again at its mere memory.“Tristan…” I don’t know how many times I mumbled that name today, but still nothing came to mind. The man in my dreams didn’t exist in the real world.I sighed, running a hand through my hair and tried to focus on the papers in front of me. The words on the page danced, causing the sudd
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    Chapter Five
    Ho/pi/al (s,t) - trigger warning.***“Something isn’t right here!”“It looks thoroughly planned! Someone planned to kill Jisoo!”“We don’t know that! We can’t jump into conclusions, mother!”“The evidence is there, Jackson!”Voices drifted around, distorted, I couldn’t make out the words or who they belonged to. I felt a cool hand caressing my cheek and slowly the voices started becoming at least familiar to me. But my eyes kept shut, they wouldn’t open to my command, a heaviness floated on them.A soft sob came from the side, perhaps from one that was caressing my cheek, “Will she be alright?” Hearing mother’s voice, relief flooded through me and for a few seconds I forgot the words she had said to me.I heard someone shifting their feet; walkin
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    Chapter Six
    Mature themes coming up later on this chapter and b/ring (u).***A deep tired sigh left my lips as I walked back and forth in the hospital room. The doctor had advised me to take some exercise. My legs needed it, especially if I wanted to be there for my company’s expansion gala. I could not miss the most important event of my company.Information had already leaked out. Newspapers and magazines has already gotten their hands on what had happened. Yet another thing this to search, who had leaked all this information to the media?!I guess some people were just as desperate to get me into another scandal or make the headlines, as they were to have me killed.I groaned, leaning against my bed. With the four days that had passed, I had come to believe that this was indeed planned; someone had planned to end my very life. There was no denying it, especially when
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    Chapter Seven
    Covering the small bandage on the side of my head, I slipped on my sparkling Jimmy Choos heels. I sighed, grabbing my clutch.This was it!My most important event of the year. And I simply must not let a single thing get out of place, no matter how much those flames distracted me. It had to be a dream.. a nightmare. It must have been. Many times I argued with myself whether or not I should call her. I was worried, scared, for the life of the woman that indeed raised me. Every moment felt so real... physical, the fire, the heat, the roaring flames and... her screams.I could still hear her screams in the back of my mind, faded, making me lose balance; making my legs lose the strength to hold my body. I steadied myself by grabbing onto the table beside me. I sighed. shaking my head, before standing straight again, but it only got worse.. my heart started racing as the screams that was once faded, grew louder and louder in
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    Chapter Eight
    He chuckled, smirking with an over-confidence that made me want to punch his stupid face, “Kwon Jisoo,” He raised his champagne glass, “Don’t you look ravishing.” His eyes travelled the length of my body, boldly.“Get your disgusting ass out of my gala!” I hissed. I tried to keep my voice down, not wanting to draw attention to this Venturi.“Why, is that way to treat your guests?” He raised an eyebrow.“Last time I checked the list, your name wasn’t on it!” I snapped.“Nope, but I have my ways.” He winked, bringing the glass to his lip and taking a sip of his drink.“What do you mean, Venturi?!”“He’s my plus one.” The soft voice of a female spoke, before she came into sights, wrapping her arms around Antonio.“Delancey Williams..” I spoke her name, keeping my voice monotone. She was her father&rs
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