The King’s Possession

The King’s Possession

By:  midika36  Completed
Language: English
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"Is it really so unbelievable that I would kiss you? That I want you?" he asks, the softness of his tone gliding its way across my skin. "Because I plan to do it over and over again." *** While working her job at an Inn, Akara is faced with a mysterious stranger, who blows in with the wind, followed by the terrible rumours that surrounds his name. A Hunter. A man who kills, and leaves no trace. Needing her invaluable knowledge, the Hunter kidnaps Akara, however, is intercepted on his journey, by an unstoppable force. A King. Instead of throwing Akara into a prison, the King makes a deal. She has freedom within his magnificent palace in return for her company. However, making a deal with a powerful man sinks her deep into his world, and the danger is possesses. And all the while, she must battle her feelings for the wrong man, and decide her fate.

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58 Chapters
~Akara She clasps my forearms, smiling at me through watery eyes. 

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Days passed by quickly working at the Inn. Read more
The time is now. I have a job to do, and then I'm done. Read more
My day off. I’ve been looking forward to this.  Read more
I feel foolish for telling him goodnight. Read more
I can't tell what hurts the most. My head, or my back. Read more
Managing to have found the smoothest slab of stone in the cave, I lay myself upon it. Read more
My hands are planted firmly on the wooden seat, dampness gathering upon my palms. Read more
A servant girl leads me to my room for the night. It's beautiful, even if it's small. The architecture of this manor is magnificent, and this room does not undermine that. It's been dressed and furnished with a mix of colours; navy blue and grey, which is unlikely to be the creative choice of the King himself. Other than a bed, a couple bedside tables, and an armoire, the room has little to it. This time last night, I was in a cave with Marek, wondering what my future would hold. Now I'm being invited to dinner with a King. But I'm not excited, as I kick off my shoes, digging my toes into
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Taius is at dinner when we walk in. Marek and I arrive at the same time. I feel foolish walking into this large dining hall, dressed in a tight fitting dress, that I tug at awkwardly. Mercilessly, Marek never made a comment on it, but as I walk toward where Taius sits, I notice his gaze sweep over me brazenly. The dining hall is decorated beautifully, a panoply of paintings strung across the wall which drip wealth I will never understand. Atop the long dining table, is a variety of food, which my stomach immediately reacts to. I don't know the last time I ate something.Read more Protection Status