The Alpha's First Mate

The Alpha's First Mate

By:  A.K.Knight  Completed
Language: English
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Before his Luna Talia, there was a first. A dark secret his father kept from him for years. What will Alpha Anton Bates do when he discovers the secret his father has been concealing from him and that his first mate is not dead. Will he reject his Luna and chase after his first mate or pretend as if she never exist?

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68 Chapters
Chapter 1: Some where deep within the forest
Ever since I have known myself, I have always been here somewhere deep within the forest just me and my mamma. I have never met anyone other than her nor have I ever exited the forest. At the age of 16, I have always been curious as to why we never leave the forest and so one day I asked my mamma."It's safer here," she would always say, not giving me any valid reason as to why; until my interest in asking her again eventually fades away."Nala," I heard my mamma called me softly from outside."I'm coming ma...," I answered as I exit the small house, we had called our home for years.The house we lived in was made from pieces of board and the roof was made from rusty old zinc that would sometimes leak whenever it rains. Our home only consists of one room and a large straw bed my mother and I shared."Please pick two large leaves from the Catalpa tree and carry it to me so I can start sharing supper," My mamma instructed me as she turned the roast f
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Chapter 2: The horrifying news
Throughout my years being here with my mamma, I have never heard her spoke about an alpha. The only wolf she has ever spoken about was my father and that was that I had his curly hair."Who is the evil alpha and why does he want to kill me?" I asked her terrified.My mom dragged herself to the edge of our straw bed with her back turned. I watched her, waiting impatiently for her to tell me who the alpha was and why he wanted me dead."Nala," she called my name softly. "I knew one day I had to tell you this, but it is not going to be easy to," my mamma said with a crack within her voice."The alpha who wants to kill you his name is Alpha Eric," she said."Why?" I inquired her scared.My mamma wiped away her tears and again started to tell me; not wanting to look me in the eye."He doesn't want you to be his son's Luna, she said. When alpha Eric's first child was born, he prayed to the moon goddess in blessing his only son with great po
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Chapter 3: A terrible birthday
A bright light peeked through a tiny hole of our home; telling us it was morning. I felt my mom gently removed herself from the bed and sat up. I did the same."Good morning mamma," I greeted her sadly.She turned to look at me, within her eyes I could see she did not sleep the entire night as well."Happy birthday Nala," she greeted me with sadness within her voice.I nodded; knowing today was not going to be the day I wanted it to be, filled with the excitement of finally turning 18."Don't worry I won't let anything happens to you," my mom assured me.In her eyes, I could see sadness and doubt as to if she knew not how to save me.I continued to sit on the bed not wanting to go outside and watch my mamma as she opened the door exiting our home. I place one of my hands across my face blocking out the bright light from my eyes. Not being able to take it anymore I went over to sat on another side of the bed where the sun was not too m
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Chapter 4: The unexpected visitor
**Alpha Anton P.O.V"Aaaaaaa..., Anton....," my Luna moans my name as she rides me enjoying my large cock between her legs.I squeezed her ass allowing her to feel my hard cock even more. She rides me faster and moans my name louder. I pulled her head to mine and whisper within her ear, with my rough powerful voice."It's full time for your tight pussy to get used to my cock," I told her.Her entire body trembled just by the sound of my voice within her ear. I pulled her lip to mine kissing her passionately.Suddenly I heard a knock on the door."Go away!" I shouted; while I pushed my mate onto her back ready to punish her."Alpha Anton your father needs you badly," I heard one of my men from outside said worriedly."Tell him I'm making love to my Luna," I answered him while I remove my lips from her pink hard nipples.I brought my mouth back to her breast sucking on them."Babe, please go and see
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Chapter 5: We have to leave now!
**Nala P.O.V"I'm sorry mamma," I apologized as I chuckled. Seeing she was now drenched in water all because of me.My mamma sat to watch me on a rock nearby the river while she scales the fish with a sharp piece of board, she would always bring with her to the river and took out the guts in slicing their bellies with her claw. I swim within the river enjoying the water hitting against my skin. I looked within the sky hearing the thunder rolls and then at my mamma knowing what she was about to say to me now."It's going to rain again soon, let's quickly roast the fish before we are unable to," she told me.I quickly got out of the river, putting on my clothes, and search for some sticks for her, she will need in starting the fire and then we both went home."We won't be staying at our house tonight after I have finish prepare these fishes," I heard my mamma said.I was surprised at what she said for we have never stayed anyw
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Chapter 6: The Cave
**Nala P.O.V"We have to leave before the rain begins or we won't be able to reach the cave before the moon rises," my mom urged me to follow her quickly.I could hear sadness and tears within her voice as she hurries me to move fast. Not looking where I was going, I fell onto my knees. My mom turned around quickly."Get up Nala!" she shouted at me. I got up immediately frighten by her harsh shout."I'm sorry my child," my mom apologize while she held her head and break down into tears."I don't want to lose you just like I lost your father," she said while she cried hard.Not knowing the best way in comforting her. I quickly got to her and hugged her; trying to solace her. She returned my hug. I moved my body away from her as I felt her hands moved slowly away from my body. She quickly places her right hand below her eyes, wiping away her tears."Let's go," she instructed me and turned her back walking straight.
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Chapter 7: Trapped under the full moon
Hot tears found their way through my closed eyes, creeping slowly down to my cheeks. My eyes tighten and my face grimaces in pain as I felt the thick, cold, rusty chain against the skin of my right hand giving me an uncomfortable burning itchy feeling. I felt it even more against my other hand wrapped tightly around my wrist."Ha...," I growl in pain as I open my eyes widely allowing more tears to elude, flooding my face."I know it hurt, Nala, but I have to tie you down tightly," my mamma said while she sobs.I lower my head seeing her on her knees, staring within my eyes while tears too pooled from her eyes like a waterfall. Her hands shake like a leaf frighteningly; afraid to complete placing the chains against my ankles."It's okay, mamma, you have to do this to save me," I told her; trying hard to be strong while the chains hurt badly around my wrist.My mamma nodded while she sobbed and wiped away her runny nose. Soon she started to place the
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Chapter 8: A night filled with pain and sadness (Alpha Anton P.O.V)
**Alpha Anton P.O.V"Ahhhh" I growled in pain as I held on to the hard iron bars of the cell.A place I was safe from hurting my Luna, Talia.I growled even more squeezing the bars until my hands became numb and my teeth hurt for clenching them tightly."Everything will be back to normal," my father alpha Eric kept on reminding me.I suddenly felt a strong pain around my wrists and ankles as if my first mate were tied down by chains tightly. The feeling burns badly."I can't take this anymore, father," I growled to him.The pain was too strong and unbearable. I fell to the hard ground onto my stomach; turning and twisting my body trying to fight away this horrible pain. My wolf now wanted to seek our mate. I gently pulled myself off the ground bending onto my knees and the palms of my hand; uncontrollably."Ahhh!" I growled fighting away the feeling of wanting to save my mate."She's dead, our first Luna is dead," I grow
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Chapter 9: Mamma, no!....
**Nala P.O.VI felt my head on a large piece of wood. I open my eyes feeling uncomfortable. I made a soft moan remembering the beautiful feeling rushing all over my body last night. It was the most wonderful feeling I had felt. I bit my bottom lip wanting more of it. I wanted to feel it once again. Suddenly I remembered my mamma. Quickly I sat up seeing I was no longer on top of the hill tied down within the center of the cave. I pushed myself up spinning around in circles clueless of where in the forest I was."Mamma," I called; seeing she was not here.I ran my right hand across my face scared and clueless about what to do. My eyes widen suddenly, and my heart started to race within my chest feeling something wet and sticky on my forehead. I slowly moved my hand to my face and there I saw it was blood. I continue to observe my bloody hand as it shivers and there, I saw a white piece of substance beneath my nails that looked like pieces of fles
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Chapter 10: A new home for sometime
It was terrifying being outside of the forest and very scary. All my life I was eager to see what was outside of the forest, but now I was scared and wanted to return home.It was no longer my mamma and me. It was now us and Doctor Charles. My mom best friend back in the days, that is all I knew for now. He was kind enough to allow us to stay at his large home until mamma was safe to leave. At first, my mamma did not want to stay but when she heard that Dr. Charles lived here alone and that his mate died. Sadly, she agreed to stay.I thought being in the forest with my mamma she was very firm and strict at all times. She was not until now. Within the forest, I could go away from our little house but being within a strange new land. I was not allowed to leave the room we were in, period. The room my mom and I both shared had an inside bathroom. It was lovely. The toilet could flush, and it had running water, so we never had to go to the river. I liked seeing the unusual
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