His To Play With

His To Play With

By:  Sweetcappachino  Completed
Language: English
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Fernanda is an A plus college student looking for means to fund her tuition due to her recent loss making her an orphan, she takes up a job as a waitress landing her in the arms of CEO and playboy Gavin Velazquez because he decided no other man but himself should have the pleasure of touching her. Gavin's thirst for Fernanda grows and they end up with an unexpected surprise. Torn by the news, Fernanda is left to choose whether she should roll with it or focus on her studies.

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31 chapters
Disclaimer and Prologue
Disclaimer.Just a disclaimer, I'm not too good with grammar, I've had tons of complaint about it and I correct where I can. But the story is good, I hope it captures you as much as it captured me. EnjoyPrologueGavin pulled Fernanda back in response to her stubborn answer, wrapped his arms around her thin waist.“Why did you come all the way up with me?”, he looked her straight in the eyes and lowered his lips on hers like his life depended on it.Fernanda, taken by surprise, could not resist the heat his arms and lips emitted on her already captured body. Her eyes remained wide open as he feasted on her lips for a good ten seconds, her body finally gave in to the tower of pleasure of a man and returned his kisses. She run her hands through his silk dark hair and pulled him in closer as they begun to sink in deep pleasure.Clothes begun to fly and drop as their lips connected like opposite magnets, Gavin pulled
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Chapter One
Fernanda Montenegro was a senior student at High heights college, going through her last year as an anthropologist. She had the funds to pay her college fees for four years straight when her parents were alive, but with their sudden death in a tragic road accident, Fernanda had no means to do so. Her scholarship was valid for two years only and working to pay off her tuition fees was not enough to cover even half of it, she needed another way, she thought of something that could work; a condemned way by society, but if her parents were alive they would dishonor her the minute they knew.Fernanda grew up in a highly respectable house hold, being the only child meant both her parents had enough time to train her. Her father was a world famous doctor, known for his perfect record of successful surgeries, not one went wrong. Her mother was the owner of a chain of pharmacies all around the country, medicine was not foreign in their home.Fernanda was always told how to
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Chapter Two
“Excuse me miss, are you alright?” the man asked again.Fernanda thought she’d been rescued by a macho man, little did she know that she came face to face with hunky CEO and playboy; Gavin Velazquez. A gift to any woman he sets his eyes on, a heart throb as well as a heart breaker.This amazingly handsome man had dark brown hair that fell gracefully on his shoulders with half of it tied up in a bun to clearly show his perfectly aligned moustache and beard, his arms, from where Fernanda was standing, were so juicy his suit needed a breather. All these features were pretty impressive, but all Fernanda could see was the structure of his lusciously tempting Floral Jardin lips. He even had the audacity to lick them while she stood there speechless, macho indeed.“I cannot run to this Casanova for help, what will people think of me if I get in his car, or better still, if he was to grab me in public with the intentions of rescuing me from the horny freak behind m
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Chapter Three
Gavin and Fernanda approach the pent house which was at the very top of The Velazquez Hotel, a five-star hotel right in front of an exotic beach. It felt like she was in a movie, on sweet honey moon with her handsome husband. The butterflies in her stomach were aggressive.Fernanda started having second thoughts when the car came to a stop and Gavin got out of his seat belt not hesitating a single bit in his movements.Gavin noticed that she had gone quiet and paused for a second to find out what was going on in her beautiful mind, "You’re having second thoughts hermosa?" he asked her.Before Fernanda could answer, Gavin placed his hand on her inner thighs and slowly caressed her in an upward direction. He was just above her opening when she let out a loud moan and stopped him by grabbing his hand and putting it around her waist to hold her close and kissed him with everything in her, forgetting she was having cold feet just second ago. Gavin was taken
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Chapter Four
After almost an hour of completion and bliss Gavin and Fernanda reach their peak at the same time, both of them feeling each other’s warm juices drip from their bodies.The warmth made it hard for them to separate and take a breather after a whole hour of intimate and  intense pleasure. Their breathing was still fast and short in each other’s neck, Fernanda’s private felt extremely sore but the caresses and kisses performed by the expert himself were enough to cloud her mind till they were done with the devil’s tango, she hoped that he wouldn’t notice so she could walk away without the ‘why me?’ question popping up. Gavin exhaled loudly and threw himself on the bed right next to her, laying a hand on her thigh remembering how exciting it was being held between them.“That was amazing, don’t you think?”, he asked her in deep breathes. “You’re a phenomenal lover, I guess you enjoy making love all the time” he added resisting the
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Chapter Five
Fernanda paced in the bathroom wondering how she’s going to escape without more interrogation from Gavin, she sat for a second on the toilet seat to rest her very sore private. She closed her eyes and bit her lip thinking about how they reached climax at the same time, she only read that in books and never thought it was possible.For a first experience, she sure was glad it was with him because he sure knew how to please a woman the right way, from the many experiences he already had.The only thing she did close to physical contact with any man was a hand shake, that alone was enough to make her feel. Growing up Fernanda was not the prettiest, having strict parents also meant not having time to get all dolled up. She use to wear sweat pants and hoodies all the time, her hair was always tied up she had no idea how to put make-up on. After joining college, meeting her two best friends Stacey and Brianna, she finally had people to help her with her appearance thou
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Chapter Six
Gavin and Fernanda exited the elevator, Fernanda full of shame bowed her head while Gavin walked by full of pride knowing full well he had the right to kiss any woman as he pleased, plus he was the owner of the hotel so o one could say anything.They reached the receptionist for Gavin to leave some instructions to register his other car for release from the parking lot, Fernanda didn't want to wait another second so when Gavin wasn't looking she headed straight for the doors like the devil was after her.Gavin realized she was no longer by his side and ran out to look for her, he looked left and right, he even looked up just to be sure. He asked a man passing if he saw her."Excuse me, have you seen a very attractive young lady in a tight dress pass through here just a second ago?" he asked panting."Sorry man, I haven't" the man responded raising his shoulders."What's the point, she really wants to get away from me anyway, I guess she'll find her
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Chapter Seven
Gavin stood right in front of them and waited for Fernanda to respond, he smirked as he stepped closer to look over Fernanda's head and greeted her friends."Ladies, mucho gusto.... nice to meet you", he nodded as his voice sank all the down their spines."Si.... Yes" Stacey not knowing a single thing about Spanish, responded quickly and couldn't keep her knees frm shaking."That's not the answer", Brianna grunted in a low voice to Stacey.Fernanda closed her eyes and exhaled in frustration, she took a deep breath and unfortunately for her she inhaled his seductively tempting perfume. A scent such as lomani sends you to heaven and back in a second. It was shocking why he followed her to her school of all places. Fernanda turned back to Stacey and Brianna and forced a smile on her face, "Okay um, I'll just see you guys back in our room. I have lots to do, plenty... plenty things to do" she gritted her teeth and walked off as swift as a feather bein
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Chapter Eight
Gavin pressed Fernanda against him, practically making her step on his shoes. He was too tall for her but they made it work, his arm tightened around her waist as he supported most of her weight for her to reach a hand up to touch him.Her soft fingers threaded through the hair resting on the nape of his neck down to his shoulders, his lips lowered and rested on hers softly, the energy they shared was electric. Glyphs rushed to the surface and spread across Fernanda’s skin.“Will you have me mi amor?....... My love” he whispered in her ear.Fernanda was officially swept off her feet,"I thought you’d never ask”, she said out of breath after the life demanding kiss he just gave her.She reached for the bottom of his slim fitting t-shirt to feel the warmth of his skin as he kissed her once more, Gavin raised his arms up forming his perfectly toned body through that already revealing t-shirt to allow Fernanda to take it o
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Chapter Nine
Fernanda stood in the middle of the room motionless, holding the first pregnancy test as Brianna and Stacey sat on their beds with their fingers crossed. The test was done reading and Fernanda exhaled at the result as it read ‘not pregnant’.Fernanda placed a hand on her forehead and closed her eyes, “Gracias a dios... Thank goodness” she said with so much relief.“Okay we don’t understand any of that but the calmness in your tone says it all, it’s negative right?” Brianna askedFernanda nodded and put a hand over her mouth about to cry, but Stacey interrupted.“Hold your fire girls... You still have three more babe, we don’t know of it could be an error”.“Thanks, kill joy”, Brianna grunted at Stacey.Stacey raised her shoulders denying guilt and Fernanda dropped her hands and ignored them as she walked back into the bathroom to take the rest, this time she didn&r
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