Alpha's Stubborn Mate

Alpha's Stubborn Mate

By:  Blessing D writes  Completed
Language: English
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He slammed me hard against the brick wall and instead of feeling pain, I felt excited, in between my legs started misbehaving as he stared at me closely.His body so close, his golden brown eyes peering into mine, I could literally feel his hot breathe fanning over my neck.His gruff voice called out my name."Karen, how long will you keep being stubborn? How long will you keep on disobeying your Alpha?" Instead of fear engulfing me,I could only smirk at his pissed self."Have I been disobeying you, Andrew?" I couldn't help but smirk again.He groaned and pressed me harder into the brick wall, his body close to mine. I could now feel something hard press hard into my thigh.No matter what, I sure enjoy the feeling of that, the feeling to know that he is always turned on by me - by my so called stubbornness. It made me smirk at him again.Oh you'll get us killed, Karen, stop smirking at him, will you? My inner wolf warned but I didn't listen to her.I suddenly felt one of his hands on my pants. My eyes widened immediately."You've pushed me too hard, Karen, I'll surely punish you today" his gruff voice blew hot breathe over my neck."To my office, now!" He ordered finally moving away from me.

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55 Chapters
Chapter 1
 **His birthday party**     Karen's POV I followed him closely until he got into his office, he entered, then turned back and glared at me, gesturing me to also get in.I smirked at him, then walked in elegantly like someone who is about to be rewarded, maybe I felt like that because I know he can't do shit to me.He is the Alpha of the pack and he is very strict with his dealings, he doesn't hesitate to deal with anyone who goes against him, he is the most feared Alpha as long crescent pack is concerned.But when it comes to me, although he doesn't show signs of weakness but I know he always loosen up around me.The other pack members couldn't dare disobey him the way I disobey him countless times. The sweetest thing is that he lets me go after punishing me in a very dirty way which my body yarns for constantly.He closed the d
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Chapter 2
 **Alpha Andrew's Claims**   Alpha Andrew's POV  My eyes opened slowly at the sound of my alarm.Time for an early morning run. I jumped down the bed, out of my room to meet my Beta waiting for me in front of my door."I knew it was high time you woke up" says Mika jogging as he looked at me.I started running pass him without a reply, he ran after me. We ran out of the pack house and into the woods.  "You are finally 18, Andrew, how do you feel?" Mika asked staring at me from the corner of his eyes."How do you expect me to feel, Mika?" I questioned running past the trees. "Well, maybe connected to your mate. More stronger, more happy, more fulfilled" Mika says.I puffed out hot breathe from my mouth before replying him."That's nonsense" my voice sounded rough."Um
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Chapter 3
**Karen's disobedience**       Karen's POV Lily and I prepared for Alpha Andrew's birthday party. I was so excited, I sprayed enough perfume on my body."Come on, Karan, that's enough. You have sprayed soo much already" Lily nags before snatching the perfume bottle from me to spray on her own body.After that, we enter Lily's car, which she got as a present from her father when she turned 18 few months ago. Lily starts the car and soon we arrived crescent moon club. We got down and immediately entered, the bouncer standing there didn't bother stopping us or saying a thing. He already knew the reason why we are here anyways.We got into the lively club."Seems like Alpha Andrew hasn't arrived yet?" Lily says, a bit loudly into my ear for me to hear her. The crazy beat of song the DJ is playing is soo high."I'll have some drink firstly bef
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Chapter 4
 **His Punishment**Alpha's Stubborn Mate        Alpha Andrew's P O V I stood at a corner outside trying to calm myself down. I was still thinking on the fact that moon goddess gave me a stubborn ass like Karen as a mate.Mika walks up to me, he stretched his hand to me, offering me a cigarette stick.I received the already lit cigarette and fixed it in between my lips, I puffed in the smoke, before puffing it out again. It didn't take time before I started calming down."You know you shouldn't judge the moon goddess, she knows best and right now, Karen is the best option for you, you are attracted to her before now, it will only make things easier for you" Mika says."How?" I scoffed at his words."Well, if she wasn't your mate. Let's say your mate turned out to be someone else, of course you'll love your mate rig
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Chapter 5
Alpha's Stubborn Mate **Moving into the pack house**       Karen's P O V My eyes slowly parted open when I felt someone's presence in my room.I feel nauseated."Karen" a cold firm voice kept calling me until I recognized the owner of the voice. I sat up slowly to see his shadow.It's still very dark."Mika" I yearned."What are you doing inside my room?" I asked as I scratched my back."You'll be joining the patrol team this morning, prepare yourself immediately. After that, you come over to the pack house, the Alpha requests your presence. Do not waste his time" Mika instructs."Huh, but I have to also prepare for school. What time will I arrive school then?" I asks staring at his shadow."That should be your business, Karenina. Do not disobey the Alpha" Mika wa
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Chapter 6
Stubborn Alpha's Mate - **Horny night**          Alpha Andrew's P O V When I learnt that Karen disobeyed my orders again. I became furious. Must she always do this all the time? Can't she be a good girl for once?I waited until it was 9 in the morning before going to her house to get her. When her mother opened the door to speak to me, I started hearing Karen's increased heartbeat.Oh great! She is still at home and yet doesn't bother to come to me at the pack house.The next, I heard her increased foot steps. I figured out she was escaping.Immediately I rushed into her room without another word to her mother, her mom followed me to her room and we saw her running into the woods.Without wasting of time, I followed after her. I got her before she could run to the roadside.My anger towards her di
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Chapter 7
Stubborn Alpha's Mate **Almost in bed**          Karen's P O VHe kept raining kisses on my body. My body became so tensed up, so hot for him. I want him, I want him so badly.I held unto him tightly as I felt his tongue lick my upper breast, the side my bra isn't covering well.Moans kept flying out of my mouth repeatedly. I felt embarrassed and tried shutting my mouth, tried preventing my moans from flying out. I felt embarrassed at the sound of my voice.His mouth left my breast, it came to my lips.Immediately our lips met, he demanded entrance into my mouth and I let him.He nibbled on my lower lips as his hands unhook my bra from behind.His mouth taste so good, he is also a very good long...I have waited for this to happen. I can't deny the fact that I wished
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Chapter 8
Alpha's Stubborn Mate - **His Ignorance**   Writer's  P O V Karen got to school sucking. Lily noticed this instantly. She ran up to meet with Karen along the hallway."Hey babe, what's up? Shouldn't you be in the happiest mood since you are finally living in the same house with the Alpha? What a dream come true" Lily asks and says dreamily. Karen scoffed at her words. "What stupid dream is that?" She couldn't help but kick the floor again."Ok? Someone is in a pretty bad mood. Gist me babe, I wanna hear the full details of everything" Lily asks giggling all over. She is so happy for her friend, ignoring the fact that Karen looks moody.Karen stops to face her."Like I told you yesterday, Lily, the Alpha asked me to move to the pack house. He claims me to be his mate" she whispered the last part to her. "Oh geez!!" Lily shook with great excitement and great shock."Babe!
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Chapter 9
Alpha's Stubborn Mate **Her Anger**           Alpha Andrew's P O V **Hours earlier**Immediately she entered the room and I set my eyes on her, I felt excitement within me. My inner wolf kept jumping and growling in my head with joy. He wanted her, needed her. I also wanted and needed her as badly.I was ready to grab her ass and fück her till exhaustion. I was ready to do a lot more to her more than love making. Mika left the room with the maid who was dressing up her room, I couldn't resist her body much, my affection for her has multiple in multiple folds. I didn't just really start feeling this way recently for her tho. I think this feeling of wanting her has been there way before I turned 18 and now I really need her to moan out my name with her perfect shaped round lips. I want to see her cum, above all I needed to mark
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Chapter 10
Alpha's Stubborn Mate **Running away**              Karen's P O V I got to the woods, close to the border of the pack. I leaned my back against a tree to rest, I am feeling so tired from running for hours.I haven't even really thought on where to go to, but I'm sure getting away from our pack before Alpha Andrew reaches me.He has been trying to talk to me through the mind-link but I keep blocking him off. Its hard tho, part of the reason why I'm damn tired, my head feels so hot and needs some cooling. I sat on the grassy ground after some minutes to really plan out myself. Who do I know that stays outside our pack? I thought.*Karen, why don't you visit your brother? He is staying outside the pack, isn't he?* Kira suggested.*No Kira, I can't risk that. You know the relationship between my brother and I, he will even tell on me once he sights me* I blew off her thou
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