Broken Luna-Rejected And Reclaimed

Broken Luna-Rejected And Reclaimed

By:  Mrs.Fernandez  Completed
Language: English
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BOOK TWO OF FATED TO MY LYCAN BROTHER The goddess's disdain for me reached its peak at this moment. Slade had slipped away, his breath fading in my arms. But how did he transform into Rafael, the leader of the rogues in the Eclipse Moon Pack? "You reek of blood, I spill," Rafael sneered, his Italian accent oozing with disdain. "Then end me," I murmured, swallowing hard as anxiety coursed through my veins. It wasn't mere proximity or desire that quickened my pulse. No, it was the dangerous gleam in his eyes—a promise of peril and sinful pleasure. "I have other methods," he replied, placing a paper on the table. "I'm rejecting you." "Why?" I stuttered, my eyes widening as I stared at the paper. "I used you, my dear. Your mission is complete. Return to your pack..." ______________ Winter, cast aside once more, fell into the clutches of the Rogue King. Divorced and rejected within a single day, she believed nothing could be worse—until she discovered him with another woman in their shared bed! Seeking answers about the uncanny resemblance between Slade and Rafael and questioning if he genuinely was her destined mate, Winter embarked on a quest for truth. He was Rafael—the deranged King of Rogues— both feared and revered; a forgotten past haunted him. The woman who had plagued his dreams had materialised before him, holding the key to his enigma. Yet, an unexplainable urge to push her away filled him whenever she drew near. Their fragile connection faced turmoil when a jealous ex-lover interfered, leaving Winter suffocating in anguish as she cursed the goddess responsible for her repetitive agony. Rafael, realising too late their destined bond, clung desperately to their fragile union. Would Winter forgive him? And would they uncover the answers they yearned for?

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Hello, everyone; it's the author here. Due to my tight schedule, my updates on this book have been irregular and I know most might be frustrated with reading it. I am sorry. I am approaching the end already, and I hope everyone will stick by. I'll try my best to keep up with updates. Thank you.
2023-09-21 00:10:22
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Christine Owings
27 chapters 7/5/23
2023-07-06 09:47:46
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Beautiful..... I love this.
2023-07-05 19:28:52
109 Chapters
The beginning of the end
WINTER POV"My lady!" Jude exclaimed, rushing towards me. I shook my head, signalling him to halt."I've got this!" I yelled."Whoever stands in my way shall die!" Gloria roared, her voice brimming with fury."Likewise for me," I declared, gripping my dagger tightly.I aimed my dagger at her, noting that she, too, wielded a weapon. Its origin mattered little to me; I focused on disarming her without causing harm. Yet, it was evident that Gloria desired to kill me.The battle continued, and fatigue weighed heavily on my muscles, making my limbs feel sluggish, but I didn't yield. In a moment of determination, I managed to disarm Gloria, knocking her weapon aside and pinning her down. She thrashed beneath me, her eyes blazing with wrath, her voice an animalistic growl."You think you can stop me?! You foolish child!" she spat, venom dripping from her words.I held her gaze unwaveringly. "I don't care how powerful you may be right now; I can and will stop you!"Gloria's laughter cut throug
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Why me?
WINTER'S POVFOUR MONTHS LATERThe door to my room creaked open and closed, signalling the arrival of familiar scents. My mother and Lisa had entered. Without even looking or opening my eyes, I recognised them."Has she even left this spot?" My mother's voice filled the room with concern. "And the stench in here...goodness, it's overwhelming!""I've tried everything to get her up, but all she does is snap at me," Lisa murmured. "That's why I called you. I don't know how else to reach her, and she hasn't been eating properly either.""She hasn't?" My mother's voice echoed, drawing closer to me.The bed sank as my mother sat down, her warm hands tenderly touching my face. Clutching my robe tightly, I bit my lip to suppress my trembling."You can't bring him back," my mother whispered. "He's been gone for four months. You need to find a way to let go."Shaking my head, I groaned as she attempted to pry open my eyes. "No, Mother, you know better than to say that to me.""I do know better,
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That voice
WINTER'S POVI had lost track of time, crying on the floor until the sound of knocking and Linda's voice snapped me back to reality. Wincing, I stood up and rubbed my numb backside.Dragging myself towards the bathtub, I tested the water's temperature with my leg before easing in. The lukewarm water embraced my body, providing a fleeting sense of solace amidst the storm raging within me. I closed my eyes, allowing the water to soothe my weary muscles and wash away the exhaustion that consumed me, both physically and emotionally.For a brief moment, my eyes fluttered shut, and Slade's image invaded my mind. Memories of our first encounter flooded back—the moment he had rescued me from Kendall and Summer. His captivating smile, the way his eyes gazed at me, and the subtle flirts he would send my way, claiming me as his, even when no one else was watching.I missed it all. The more I reminisced about him, the more impossible it seemed to let go. I couldn't. Slade would forever remain a p
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You smell like mate
WINTER POV"S-Slade?" I stuttered once again, my heart pounding as I desperately hoped I was not imagining things. The last time I had vivid hallucinations like this was only a month after his death. He walked into the room, looking worn out, and my happiness swelled as I prepared to run into his arms, but then reality hit me—he was just a figment of my imagination.Throughout that month, I had been plagued by this illusion, each feeling so real, only to dissipate into thin air. But this time, it felt different. It felt more tangible, more substantial than the first time.Compelled by my emotions, I approached him; my gaze fixed unwaveringly on his form. My hand instinctively reached out to touch the scruff on his cheek, but Kendall abruptly pulled me back.My back collided with Kendall's chest, jolting me back to my senses."What the hell are you doing?!" he growled, his voice laced with concern."Slade," I murmured, my voice barely above a whisper. "He's Slade!"Kendall's eyes narro
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Be my bride
RAFAEL'S POVI had seen her before. It wasn't the first time she appeared before me. Her waist-length white hair, paired with big blue eyes that widened with each word she spoke, along with the captivating scent that surrounded her, all added to her irresistible allure. There was an air of authority about her that drew me in. She was undeniably gorgeous, surpassing even the images I had seen of her in my dreams.Yet, what puzzled me was why she stood before me now. Could she be the Bride mentioned in the prophecy? The one who would aid me in reclaiming all that I had lost? However, she wasn't the type of she-wolf I had anticipated. She belonged to a pack—a fucking pack. I didn't know her personally, but mentioning Rachel made me realise who she was."I'm Winter Hall," she said, her big blue eyes gazing at me, her chin tilted defiantly. Even her stubbornness made her incredibly sexy. "I am the Luna Queen of the Moonstone Pack." Her eyes briefly glanced down before meeting my gaze again.
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Cursed King
WINTER'S POVPacing around the room for the hundredth time, I let out a frustrated breath before walking over to the window. The rogue king—I still didn't know his name—had ordered a room to be prepared for me. Initially, I wanted to object and return to the pack to seek answers from the seer about what was happening. However, he stopped me from leaving.He had dared to halt me and threatened to arrest Kendall if I disobeyed. Manipulating me by using Kendall, he convinced me to stay, only to send Kendall away afterward, claiming he had no use for him. It was becoming absurd, the way everything was unfolding. It felt as though my autonomy had been stripped away. Once again, I found myself confined and unable to act independently.I was the fucking Luna queen, the one who gave orders and had them carried out. After Slade's death, everyone had pledged allegiance to me and obeyed my every command. Yet, I couldn't assert my authority over the rogue king. Even though I sensed something extr
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It's my wedding dress
WINTER'S POVJess's words kept echoing in my head. I had always known that Rafael was a tyrannical ruler; his reputation preceded him. But I never imagined that he had killed his mate. I had also never known about the curse that plagued him until now. In contrast, Slade was nothing like that. While one could argue that he was cursed, he wasn't mad, nor was he a murderer of his spouse. Slade was loving—the kind of mate anyone would wish for, and..."You still need to get dressed," a voice interrupted my thoughts.Startled, I turned around to see who had entered. My eyes widened as I recognised my mother standing by the room door. When did she arrive? I must have been so lost in my thoughts that I didn't notice her presence."Winter," she said, walking further into the room."Mother," I replied, stepping into her embrace. I took a deep breath, closing my eyes for a moment before opening them again."I'm sorry...""Why?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. Leading me to the bed, she gently sa
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The goddess is taunting me
WINTER'S POVThe room shimmered with the soft glow of flickering candles, casting dancing shadows upon the walls. Their gentle light seemed to mirror the conflicting emotions swirling within me - a blend of sorrow and perseverance.This room, unlike a grand cathedral, had a mystical aura, appearing more like a ritual chamber. It was the largest ritual room I had ever seen, filled with solemnity and significance. At its centre stood a mini altar adorned with an array of flowers in vibrant hues. I spotted Rafael standing beside a figure who seemed to be the pack's seer.Rafael looked impeccable in a sleek, black three-piece tuxedo that hugged his form with precision. The stark white shirt underneath created an elegant contrast against the darkness, and a black bowtie graced his collar. However, it wasn't just his dashing appearance that caught my attention; it was the genuine, wide grin that illuminated his face. He seemed genuinely thrilled to be marrying me.Meanwhile, my demeanour st
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Divorcing you
WINTER'S POVThe following day, the sound of footsteps jerked me awake from my slumber. Groaning, I sat up in bed and ran a hand through my hair, which I was sure must look like a bird's nest by now.I closed my eyes, feeling a throbbing in my head, before glancing around the room. It was the first time I took in my surroundings since entering yesterday. I found myself in a master suite with minimal furnishings. While it may have appeared plain, it still exuded an air of grandeur and elegance. The walls were painted in a subdued shade of brown, adding to the overall ambience.There was only one large window in the room, providing the only source of light at the moment, as only one chandelier illuminated the space. I must have overlooked it last night due to my eagerness to escape Rafael, even though my attempt had been futile.My ears perked up as I heard footsteps approaching, followed by Rafael's voice drawing nearer to the room. I patted the spot where he had slept last night, real
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Rejection Accepted
WINTER'S POVI stared at Rafael and the woman, observing their interactions. It took them a few seconds to break apart as if they had just noticed my presence in the room. Rafael looked at me, feigning surprise, and ran a hand through his dishevelled hair. The woman glanced in my direction, her lips turning down in disgust. "Who the hell is this?!" she exclaimed.I looked at Rafael, expecting him to introduce me, but he remained silent. The woman repeated her question, "Are you into this now? Is she here to watch us fuck? I never thought you were into a woman like this." She wrinkled her nose and appraised me from head to toe before wrapping her arms around Rafael's neck.Who was she? I pondered. Before I could come up with any answers, Rafael responded to me almost immediately. "She's my answer," he said."What do you mean she's your answer?""I thought who'd take my place would be perfect; she's even more dumber than I imagined," scoffed the woman.Anger surged through me, and I cl
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