Mad Love 1: Gresso (English Version)

Mad Love 1: Gresso (English Version)

By:  Celestine_Lemoir  Ongoing
Language: English
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BLURB Curiosity kills the cat, or that just might be the ending for Dr. Jobaira “Yrah” Orendain. The first time she encountered the barbarous older sibling of her brother-in-law, something inside her was triggered. Her dangerous fascination for the allegedly sadistic Gresso leads her to apply to be the medic in a maximum-security prison in Italy. Will her innocence and purity be enough to tame him? Or will she just fall victim to the man notoriously known as The Destroyer?

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25 chapters
 Storyline by: Celestine_LemoirEnglish Translation by: Eva_Harlowe  PROLOGUE He was a tidal wave.A dangerous tidal wave she should have avoided from the very beginning, but like a surfer seeking that final barrel in a fifty-year storm, she pushed through. She swallowed her fear and met his eyes.Those eyes that seemed to be calling for help, those eyes that spoke for his heart. “Love freely now, wild heart…” His voice was rough, gravelly, and as dark as a moonless night. Yrah found herself gaping at Trojan's brother as he said those words. She didn't know how long she stared at him like that, watching the mixture of sadness and joy in his gaze that seemed to have so much more to say.She watched a vein in his jaw jump, observed how the dimpled scar in his left cheek appeared with the slightest movement of his face, studied the rise and fall o
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Chapter 1
 Danger. Warning bells resounded in her ears and when she closed her eyes, she saw flashing red lights, but try as she might, she could not forget Gresso. It was as though his name had been engraved in her memory. Her body was on strike against her. Her heart and mind were in constant battle, even when she had to really focus. From the day her sister’s husband Trojan was released from prison, she’d never been able to forget her encounter with Gresso. She knew deep in her soul that it was wrong. Gresso was a menace, a dangerous man—she was the front row witness to him sneaking in and taking away her first kiss like a thief in the night.Her first kiss. She couldn’t believe that an important milestone in her life that she thought she might share with a true love was stolen by a convicted felon!She bolted up from bed and pulled her own hair in frustration before remembering to exhale. Her pulse thudded like a woodpecker i
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Chapter 2
 “You’ve lost your mind, Jobaira.” Yrah stared at the application letter in her hand. She knew it was illogical, but when she heard Trojan, Agent Tejano, and Agent Ysiah talking about Interpol’s plans to send temporary doctors to the supermax in Italy, she didn’t hesitate to sign up.In truth, the scope of her brother-in-law’s work amazed her. He saved the world every day.Over the years, she’d befriended his colleagues, Agents Tejano and Ysiah, who also treated her like a younger sister. Ysiah was a member of the Interpol medical staff, so when Yrah found out he would be the Attending physician on duty at the supermax prison, she got super excited. Ysiah had always
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Chapter 3
“Not enough to level a city block, surely?”  Dr. Jaz queried. “I’ll answer this one,” said Agent Ysiah, who was sitting across from Yrah. “I’m sure you’ve heard of the poison Sarin, which kills in seconds. If you inhale even a bit, you’ll foam at the mouth, fall to the ground, and die. This chip is surrounded by a tiny silicone bag filled with Sarin. The silicone protects the host until it’s game time. After the chip is detonated, the Sarin spreads through the air. Anyone within an eight-foot radius of the victim will get a whiff of it and immediately die.” Yrah swallowed hard and wiped her sweaty palms on her skirt. This was for real. She’d already been trained, and mission briefed. She couldn’t back out now if she wanted. Tomorrow, they’d be flying to Sicily,
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Chapter 4
 “THE LITTLE LADY IS MINE.”Yrah froze in her spot, her hand on Ysiah’s arm, and gaped at Gresso, who seemed to have stunned everyone. Even Ysiah, a veteran Interpol agent, reacted. He became absolutely still as though Yrah’s touch had turned him into stone. Not long after Gresso’s declaration, a guard came up behind him and tased him. His beautiful green eyes widened in surprise as his body convulsed from the electric shock, though it remained focused on her. Just before he dropped, an expression of helplessness entered his gaze, but Yrah couldn’t do anything. She’d been rendered immobile by the horror of everything she’d seen unfold in the last few minutes.When the guard stepped back as Gresso was prostrate on the ground, the inmate startled them
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Chapter 5
“Wiped out.” Ysiah tossed his pen on the table. He blew out his cheeks and rubbed his palms over his face before turning to look at his three colleagues. “We’d suspected this. Every single medical history we have on each inmate was erased and replaced with a fake. The Mossad intel was right. We’ve got nothing, so we must be careful. Just as we have people here, so would the cult. They have to protect their assets, after all.” “Mossad?” Zinc squeaked. “No one said anything about the Mossad being involved.”Ysiah glowered at the young red-haired American who was a junior analyst from the CIA and a fresh recruit. He graduated top of his class in med school from Johns Hopkins, but the kid was as raw as a green tomato. “The Mossad is just anoth
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Chapter 6
“Hey, Doc.” He took one last drag on his cigarette before flicking it to the floor. Yrah was outraged. She looked at the guard who said nothing when Gresso blatantly challenged his authority by littering. She charged him with her hands propped up on her waist. “Well? Why didn’t you tell him smoking is not allowed on the premises?” She pointed to the placard on the wall that said: “Vietato Fumare” underneath a cigarette with the universal prohibition logo stamped on it. The brown-eyed guard looked up at Yrah as if he just realized she was there, blinked at her, then stood only to pick up the cigarette, stub it against the side of the rubbish bin before tossing it inside. He returned wordlessly to his seat.Gresso tossed his head back and laughed like a loon. He dr
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Chapter 7
Yrah greeted Gresso with a scowl as he strolled into the clinic as if he owned the place with no handcuffs, the top three buttons of his coveralls unbuttoned, and sporting a smirk that said he’s got her number and there ain’t a thing she could do about it. She’s starting to regret her decision about putting her life on hold just so she could come here to get closure on Gresso. That’s what’s supposed to happen. She shouldn’t have entertained her feverish, teenage-girl-crush thoughts. And now, where was she? Every day, she had to contend with him and battle with what she felt for him. Sometimes he looked like he’d at least combed if not showered, but sometimes, he showed up like this: bleary-eyed, new bruises, a cut on his right cheek. Today he had a laceration on his forehead. Read more
Chapter 8
This was wrong, wasn’t it? She was a Filipina maiden. She should be defending her purity to preserve for her husband as a gift on their wedding night, not laying it out like a buffet for this green-eyed European conquistador in a prison bathroom. But those rational voices are getting softer and softer, fading into oblivion as the tentacles of lust and temptation tightened their grip on her and drew her even closer.She no longer had the strength to fight him. Why should she? He was the devil himself, and she was a slave to her flesh. He made her this way. On the day they met a few years ago, he must have cast a spell on her that was now just bearing fruit. She’d been too young then. He’d waited till she was ripe and ready.  “G—Gress—ohh.”She could hear the pleadi
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Chapter 9
Yrah was sure she looked like a bedraggled madwoman all day as she’d gone around pulling her hair in frustration. Jaz and Z had asked what was wrong with her, and she only snapped at them. When she apologized, they confessed that the confined surroundings were starting to get to them, too.She’d been tossing and turning on her bed for hours, but sleep eluded her even with the aid of Melatonin, which she always had on hand because sometimes she had trouble sleeping. Gresso. Her body still shivered from the aftershock of this morning’s events, and she wasn’t sure how to feel about it. How could one man affect her like this? That scene in the restroom repeated in her brain in a loop, and she felt nothing but shame over the way she fully surrendered to Gresso, a violent convict with no remorse.She was like a dog who’d been starved for
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