Arranged Marriage

Arranged Marriage

By:  Eunice Nwodu  Completed
Language: English
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What happens when Stella's father asked her to get married to the proud and wealthy son and heir of the Sanchez family - Jeremy?? She hates him because his friends bullied her when she was still at middle grade. She's bent on making his life a living hell in order to avenge his cruelty towards. Two crazy people - one house - and a baby to make. How's it gonna be for them?

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121 chapters
Enemy At The Wedding
 Jeremy storms out of his parent's mansion feeling very perturbed.. He knows time's running out for him. If he doesn't find a wife in one month, his inheritance will be passed to his younger cousin, Tristan. Tristan is just a week younger than him so there is a power struggle between the two cousins. His strict grandfather had made this rule. He thinks his grandson will be more responsible with a woman by his side. Jeremy can't loose his inheritance, he just can't so he's forced to marry the girl his parents chose for him, Stella. Coincidentally, They were once classmates during highschool. Jeremy's friends would bully Stella till she cried. Jeremy cared less cause he had girls flocking around him, it's just this one girl, 'Stella' that didn't care of his good looks. Stella has no choice but to agree remembering the way
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A Child
STELLAAfter an hour or two. I retired to my room. Am done with today's wedding. I don't understand why the guests are comfortable at someone's house by 10 in the night. I kicked my shoes off and the untied my hair which was braided and curled. I tried to reach for my zipper. What a huge wedding gown! I kept trying till I got tired. I went to the drawer in Jeremy's room and took the scissors I saw. I started from the chest area and cut the dress down. I climbed out from the humongous dress. I carried it to the closet and dumped it somewhere inside. I went to the bathroom to have my bath. I returned to the room with a towel around my chest. Hmph. Jeremy. He was on the bed shirtless with his shorts. I glanced a
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The Perfect Test
JEREMYI got up and walked to the bathroom. I opened the door and suddenly a bucket of water emptied on me! Stella!!!! STELLAI went back into the room confused with what Jeremy's mom said. Does Jeremy know?? I entered the room. Jeremy was already dressed up in a red suit. He didn't look angry like a bucket of water just emptied on his body. Weird. Didn't I set the bucket well? "Go get ready, we're going somewhere, Mom's orders" he said and I went numb. Mom's orders?? I didn't say a word but just leave for the bathroom. I opened the door, Whaaat!!! A bucket of water poured on me. I turned angrily at Jeremy. "You jerk!" I rapsed. He smirked. 
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Burning Benz
🙆STELLA🙆I felt like a total loser. Jeremy doesn't care about me. I see it now.But what do we do about this? The men I hired to act like rapists...What are they going to do now?Jeremy must not know I hired them.gosh!.He told them to rape me."You heartless man!" The one on top of me snickered getting up."Your d**k deserves to be chopped off!" The other one said letting go of Jeremy.I was carried up and the men left looking quite astonished and disappointed.I faced the jerk."Jeremy, I hate you!" I yelled rushing to him.He got up on the couch and jumped over it to the other side.I ran after him as he headed for the stairs laughing.Oh God!What an insolent human being!He ran into our bedroom and I joined him.I
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Make a baby
 STELLA💅I stood beside Jeremy watching the firemen put out the fire in Jeremy's car. I feel so satisfied after destroying his Benz but I know he's going to cook up his own plan. Am not safe😱 The firemen were done and a tow car towed the Benz out of the drive through. The firemen left as well. Jeremy grabbed me by my arm and pulled me roughly into the house. The look on his face is unexplainable. "Are you f-cking crazy??! Have you lost your damn mind??!!" He barked at me. What's wrong with this guy? He has six other cars parked at the Sanchez mansion. "That's what you get for asking a man with an oversized di*k to rape me" I jibed. He rubbed his temple. "I was just joking. I knew you hired them" he said rolling his eyes.
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Sick Wife
STELLA💜 I was bored since Jeremy wasn't home yet. I received a call from Kelvin. Hmph. "Are you free, I would like us to meet up" he said. "Oh...I can't, not today. Maybe another time" I replied. "Alright" he said and hung up. Oh, I hope he's not mad. I wonder why he wants ro see me anyway. I heard a car drive into the compound. Oh, hubby is back. I laid on the bed and covered myself up. I made my face look sick. The door opened and he walked in. He glanced at me and scoffed. "What the heck is wrong with you?" He asked and I shivered. "I think am sick" I said faking my voice. He rolled his eyes. He didn't say anything as he went to the closet and returned in his casua
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Strike One
 STELLA"I said I'm not sick!" I yelled my lungs out as he kept drawing the syringe close. "Stop lying" he said and rolled his eyes. I bit him on his arm he was using to pin me back on the bed..He winced. I jumped up from the bed and ran into the closet. I shut the door and locked myself inside. gosh!That was close. "Come out Stella. Am not going to inject you, I promise" he said. "Liar!!" I yelled still scared. I heard him laugh. "I fuc*ing promise not to inject you" he said. Hmm. I don't trust this guy. "I want to spend the night here" I persisted and I heard him sigh. "Didn't mom tell you about the ghost in this house? There's a ghost going around this house at night and it possesses people with strong he
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Night Out
STELLA💜I stared blankly at Tristan's wife who was wearing sunshades.What is she doing here? I searched around with my eyes but there's no sign of Jeremy. the jerk has gone to work Perharps."Good morning Stella... Remember me?" She asked and I nodded slightly.I don't even remember her name."Can I come in?" She asked and I shifted so she could come in.She walked past me into the house while I closed the door. I wonder why she's here😕💜JEREMY💜I drove to work and all I could think about was Stella. Our crazy drama last night. It's unforgettable.How can she change so much? She was a complete definition of an introvert back then with zero friends...gosh! If only I knew I would one day be married to her, I would have told my friends to stop bullying her.<
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Trouble Makers
STELLA💜 It was getting towards evening and the make up artists arrived. They had with them colorful dresses and I had my eyes on the red one.They set their equipments upstairs while I bid Yvonne goodbye. She suddenly said Tristan texted her to come home.Am relieved that she left, she's always talking nonstop and makes me feel uncomfortable in my own house.I sat on a chair as they began fixing my hair. A lady stood infront of me with lip gloss and mascara.I chuckled."Please, I don't want much make up. Let it be light and almost invisible" I said and she nodded."Sure thing ma'am" she replied and took a brush.💜JEREMY💜I parked the car at the drive through and headed inside. I met one of the make up artists downstairs."where's Stella?" I asked keenly. She smiled. 
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Meeting Grandpa Sanchez
STELLAI watched them bring in Jeremy's grandfather. He was on a wheelchair but he had that mean look on his face. He didn't even come for my wedding with Jeremy. He stayed at the far end of the dinning ignoring all the greetings that came from everyone. He acts so arrogant... Who does that remind me of? Of course, Jeremy. "Stella" Jeremy called and i turned. He fed me a spoon of beef stew. I was suprised but I still kept a happy look. He used his thumb to remove something close my lip. "Thanks love" I said trying to make the others jealous. I took my eyes from Jeremy and realized everyone was staring. Even the mean old grandpa. I quickly stared at my food. My heart was beating like a party drum. 'Stella, what were you thinking?' It's not my fault. Jeremy didn't tell me we wo
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