Mercenary W.O.L.F (Never Die Alone)

Mercenary W.O.L.F (Never Die Alone)

By:  Extra Mighty  Ongoing
Language: English
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In a world where the gods of legend have become actual fact, a few misnomers from another planet seek to simply live their lives in peace. If you could choose one word from the dictionary, one that simply defines you to the core of your soul, what would you say your definition is?

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    11 chapters
    #1 There's a first time for everything!
    (Roughly 6:30am - The sun has just begun to rise. In the distance are small boats going out sailing and fishing around what seems to be a very large ocean connecting to a nearby beach. As well as a lighthouse. It's beacon turning every so often; as if counting time. -Kimora counts the beacon's rotations out loud.- A cool breeze begins sweeping through land. A caramel-skinned young woman with curvy features; and hair the color of the evening sun dipping into the horizon, sits upon the cliff edge of what appears to be a lighthouse a few meters away. She looks incredibly beat up; with ripped clothing and missing a shoe. This girl had clearly been through a very rough past.) Kimora: (With her hands quivering, she looks down the edge of the cliff.) "I can't go back home. I can't trust my Mom, and I can't trust my Dad. If that even is my Dad...I'm all alone and it's all because of these "powers" I barely have any control over! Hell I'm not even 100% sure what I have is considered
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    #2 Time works in the strangest ways
    (6:31am - A tall, roughly 5'11" bronze-skinned young man appearing to be roughly 19 years of age. With brown/black hair the color of pepper and sand. His Iris' glowing an iridescent pink and pupils of a purple hue; climbs out of a window as quietly as possible as if he is sneaking away.)On an island surrounded by water with a lighthouse off in the distance, this planet was known as Deidra. A planet completely separate from Earth yet identical in mass on the opposite side of the Sun, with its rotation perfectly set in parallel orbit to Earth as the planet would never come into contact with it until the Great expedition in the year of 2025 AD. in the present year of 3040 AD. this planet is now home to many different beings known as "Deidics" a race of people whom have developed instead of technology commonly known on Earth in our present day, powers or abilities known as "definitions" to compensate their daily lives.Dantzler: "Okay, if everything goes as planned...Mom
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    #3 The thing we don't talk about..
    -Kimora is now shown as an adult of 21 years old, waking up in bed wearing a loose fitting t-shirt that says "Thou Shall Not test me. Mood 24:7" and mens boxers that hugged her frame a little too well for someone just waking up in the morning with blankets tossed about in a queen sized bed. The room looks borderline uninhabitable as there are CD's, clothing, underwear and random electronic gaming systems tossed around the room as a single old fashioned 80s alarm clock blaring above her head goes off-(Kimora rolls around a few times as the alarm begins waking up in her bed, dragging her away from her comfortable nap and relapsing dream.)Kimora: (Yawning and stretching sounds. She's just waking up.) "mmmm.....mmmhhpf... I'm up!! Aye dios Mio (Context: This means, "Oh My God!" in Spanish.)..that sucked! So... that dream again huh?...It's been 6 long ass years since I even had that dream. I wonder if I can see even further back now? Alright…. I'll give it one try
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    #4 The Landing Strat and New beginnings
    [Scenery](The town in the now remaining portion of Mt. Fuji and Tokyo turned into a settlement. Spanning roughly 100-miles across, with a single man-made river running through the mountainside; allowing for easy access to the town. Most of the entertainment section of trading came from this very junction and it oftentimes sat very peacefully within the town are hundreds of shops, stores and cafe's.) Kimora: (Sliding on the mask that resembles a sleeping dragon face and adjusting her cloak as the wind blows gently.) "So I'm assuming we're going to be passing out these flyers until they're pretty much gone right?" (She says; moreso to herself.) "I doubt he even heard me." (She sighs.) "Ya..totally Xanne. This stupid little mask is going to help not allow my powers to go bananas at the drop of a hat cause I got a little annoyed.." (She rolls her eyes.)Dantzler: Huh? The flyers...oh yeah! (He chuckles to himself realizing he almost forgot the point o
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    #5 The First Mission
    [2:00 PM][Scenery] (Coming to the center of the town, the gigantic Tokyo Tower is still standing intact. The land is ravaged by damage done at one point in time by what appears to be explosions. Surrounding the tower are mountains. It almost looks as if the land itself imploded at one point causing several of the higher mountains to come closer to the ground with the other mountains creating a perfect bowl.)[2:11 PM]Kimora: (She's seen walking amongst the crowd. Simply quietly enjoying herself noting that here and there a child or two may stop to notice her.) "Gotta say, kids are definitely the sweet ones. They're so innocent before they grow up and realize what the word responsibility really means." (She smiles brightly as she quietly walks around a little farther. After a couple of seconds, she finds herself in front of a gigantic shop that looks like it has sevey assortments of cakes on the front of it.) "Hand out flyers, or snacks. Flyers...o
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    # 6 The Gods And The Grotesque
    (Sitting in a lake, with its landing gear out parked in the water, is the W.O.L.F                 ship. The sun slightly sparkling off of it.) Xanne: (Xanne is seen still in bed hiding under his blankets with what looks like a walkie-talkie. He's barely peeking out from underneath the covers. He groans a little bit, then sits up from underneath the blankets. He speaks into the walkie-talkie as if talking to a child) "You two behave yourself out there. I'm going to go and actually see if I can get some more recruits. Also, look into procuring some supplies. There should be a military base around here somewhere."Read more
    #7 Welcome To The Grocery Store!
    (The hallway now opens into a gigantic mausoleum that seems to have multiple army soldiers walking around, as if guarding this place. Towards the back is an altar that seems to be worshipping the goddess...Izanami. Juno is seen walking Dantzler towards this altar, as a single man is seen standing at the top of it. His arms are spread wide and with his head leaning back. His eyes are closed; he's semmingly in a trance, chanting as if in the middle of a prayer. Every so often a faint hum is heard ringing from the statue of Izanami.) Praying Preist: (He proclaims this loud and almost charismatically.) "Oh lady Izanami! May your glory be held! May your spirit wash over me as I cleanse this world of sinners. Your blessing my lady, has given me such vigor and motivation to cleanse this Earth in an "Empty...Void." May your love be internal, and may your blessing be infinite. As I offer you the sacrificial lambs." (A deep black Aura emanates around his body, and the altar seems to v
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    #8 Deidics, Humans and Majekadors
    (Dantzler is seen having a power struggle with the Praying Priest's Kunai, as Juno is behind Dantzler looking into the hallway. Seeing nothing after being certain Syren and Kimora were out there moments ago.) Dantzler: "HAHHHH!!!!" (He yells out loud as his fist and the Kunai both cause small explosions of power with a force rivaling that of a grenade. Dantzler is seen sliding forward through the explosion. He recovers his stance quickly, unharmed by the Kunai.) SOLD! (He jumps into the air from about 5ft away, before attempting to come down with a Superman Punch putting all of his weight into the attack. His body surges with translucent white energy spirals as he yells aloud. The energy condenses, and surges into his fist.) IMPACT!!! Praying Priest: (Catching Dantzler's fist as the energy from impact seems to "empty" and redistribute behind him. Destroying the altar the Priest was orginally praying at in a single blow, leaving a large indention in the wall.) "Monste
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    #9 All Sales Are Final
    (Xanne is seen walking through the military base after his run in with the guard from the front gate. His hands in his pockets as he is humming to the music still blaring from the headphones around his neck. There are a number of officers that come running out from every direction firing guns at him, he roughly counted to there being about 18 total. At one point, one of the officers grabs an RPG realizing the bullets are not having an effect on him. Due to what appears to be an invisible shield made of flames surrounding Xanne's body, burning them away before they can hit him.)     Officer with RPG: (The Officer fires the RPG at Xanne with deadly accuracy thinking to himself this will be the end. The RPG hurtles towards Xanne, but as it reaches within 15 ft. of him it bursts into an iridescent purplish-pink flame and simply fades into nothingness. The Officer is stunned. He slowly places the RPG down in front of him and holds his hands up in defeat.
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    #10 So the next day right?
    (Kimora is seen falling from a great height as if something has knocked her off of the top of the ship. In the distance you can see the W.O.L.F Cry flying away. As the distance becomes greater and greater,  the ship is now almost barely seen. Kimora continues to descend further and further down plummeting quicker with an incredibly frantic expression on her face.) Kimora: "Craaaaaaaaaaaaaap!!!!!" (The world pauses entirely around her for a moment as she seems to be gathering energy and attempting to focus on her powers despite screaming frantically.) Narrator: "So I can only imagine you're wondering how we got to this point, because this seems like a pretty tumultuous situation. So let's back it up a bit and explain a few things. First off: Hi! I'm your narrator, K
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