Sorry, I’m An Anti-Romantic

Sorry, I’m An Anti-Romantic

By:  Authoress Kamara  Completed
Language: English
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Aiden is good at everything...except communicating with others. He distances himself from his classmates and focuses too much on his studies to have a social life. .Until, he’s paired up with boisterous Miles to share a room in an upcoming school trip.

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37 Chapters
Sorry, I’m An Anti-Romantic . By Authoress Kamara .Chapter 1: Partners . Aiden Morales was known to be a top student in more ways than one. He had straight As, was great at sports, could do just about anything and had good looks to top it off.  He was just about perfect.  But even with all of these great achievements, he had a flaw—though he would never admit it as one.  Aiden Morales had no friends, not a single one.  How was
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Sorry, I’m An Anti-Romantic . By Authoress Kamara .Chapter 2: Heartthrob . Aiden started off his day more displeased than usual. He walked out of the house with furrowed eyebrows and a pout as he held his permission slip for the school trip in one hand and his mother’s check in the other.  He held back the urge to toss it down a sewer or into a trash can on the way to school.  Maybe he could just fake it and go somewhere for 3 days.  He thought but it was quickly dismissed as the downside came
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The Challenge
Sorry, I’m An Anti-Romantic . By Authoress Kamara .Chapter 3: The Challenge. All of a sudden, Miles burst out laughing collapsing all over his desk.  “You are supposed to play with two people “. He exclaimed, totally amused by Aiden’s wholehearted attempt.  Aiden tilted his head to the side in confusion. “Two people ? How are you supposed to play with two people ?”. Miles smirked and pulled another pepero stick. “I’ll show you”.

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Sorry, I’m An Anti-Romantic . By Authoress Kamara .Chapter 4: Friends ? .“We will be having a group project today." The teacher says as soon as class began.  The students all groaned.  “Lighten up, it'll be the last assignment before the trip so you have a whole week to complete it. I suggest you use the weekend to do the majority of it. Anyway, I'm handing out the rubric so please read it thoroughly." She said. The p
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Pushing Forward
Sorry, I’m An Anti-Romantic . By Authoress Kamara .Chapter 5: Pushing Forward.Aiden woke up, shivering. He felt cold, as if all heat in his body had left him. Goosebumps rose from his skin, giving him a prickling chill from all over.  He knew that a body's temperature usually drops during sleep so that might explain it.  His tired eyes trailed over to the clock.  

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(6). Sorry, I’m An Anti-Romantic . By Authoress Kamara .Chapter 6: Run .It was an average Monday. Aiden was doing his usual thing, studying as he ate even though there was no reason to be studying.  No tests coming up, no more assignments to do.  The lack of work was all because of the upcoming field trip but even so, Aiden always felt the urge to look over things, just to make
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Sorry, I’m An Anti-Romantic . By Authoress Kamara .Chapter 7: Lies .As Aiden had crossed the finish line, he halted himself to a stop, panting and out of breath for once. He had made it to the end and had out all of his effort into it.  But his period of relaxation didn’t last long. Before he could even take in a good breath, he felt himself being slammed into from behind.  Aiden hit the ground hard. He didn't realize
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(8). Sorry, I’m An Anti-Romantic . By Authoress Kamara .Chapter 8: Surprises ."What happened!". Aiden had been walking to his homeroom when he was stopped by none other than Miles Parker.  The older boy rushed over and almost looked horrified by the sight of Aiden’s crutches, as if they were some kind of monstrosity.  He rolled his eyes. He kind of sensed that this would happen-- ju
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Sorry, I’m An Anti-Romantic . By Authoress Kamara .Chapter 9: Sorry   . Tomorrow was the school trip and Aiden barely gave it a second thought.  Currently, it was morning and he was getting ready for school, putting on his uniform and packing up his textbooks which were sprawled over his desk-- he still studied after school everyday, even though it was completely unnecessary.  Once he was all packed up, he walked down stairs and into
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Sorry, I’m An Anti-Romantic . By Authoress Kamara .Chapter 10: Decisions . Aiden picked up a shirt and stared blankly.  He turned and looked over at the clock.  11:09 PM.  There was just 7 hours until his class would be leaving without him.--~~He sta
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