Silent Scars

Silent Scars

By:  Shimmer  Completed
Language: English
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When Lauren Woods realized that her family's lost glory was dependent on her marriage to some wealthy old skunk, she agrees to her stepmother's plan to impersonate her stepsister, who had turned down the marriage, and get married in her place. after all, love was something she lost years ago when her stepsister, Michelle, set her up and made her lose the one guy who loved her deeply. Willing to sacrifice even herself so her father would love her, she is secretly married to the old skunk but on arriving at her new 'husband's' house with a mask, poised as Michelle Byrne, she discovers the 'old skunk' with a disgusting pot belly was only a fragment of her imaginations and that she was actually married to Malcolm Knight, the most powerful billionaire in the entire country. Just when she thought she had seen it all, she discovers Malcolm was actually the father of her secret little friend, Bunny. Michelle is enraged when she realizes her no-good stepsister is married to the world most eligible bachelor and not to some old skunk in her name and decides to take her rightful place... And just in the midst of all the chaos, the past comes calling.

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    Bryan Knight.
    Bryan is missing.Bryan Knight is missing!Malcolm raked his fingers through his styled hair as his icy cerulean eyes shot daggers at the six men standing in front of him. A dangerous murderous intent filled the air.  “How the hell did this happen?” his voice was low but it carried a tinge of anger. “You mean six hefty men could not handle a six-year-old? Are you showing me how incompetent you all are?”They all fell on their knees without a word.Scoffing, he dipped his palms into his pant pockets. “Scar!”A man dressed in complete black stepped forward from behind, “Yes Boss.”  “Lock them up. Make sure none get even a drop of water until my son is found.”  “Yes Boss.” Scar turned his gaze to the six kneeling men and immediately, they got on their feet and followed him without a struggle. Lauren carefully parked the b
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    A new friend
    Lauren thought hard of how to cheer the little boy up when he awoke and finally, she settled on making paper boats. It had been one of her hobbies as a kid since she didn’t own fancy toys like the other rich kids. She was making the third one when he awoke with a frown plastered on his face. His expression had gone from sad to icy.Did he not really remember what had happened?  “Awake already?”Just as she expected, she got no response but it didn’t kill her resolve to make him smile. Moving closer to the lake, she set the paper boats afloat.She cleared her throat, “Ho. Ho. Ho. Come on aboard. The ship is about to leave.” She said imitating the voice of a ship captain.She watched as the frown on his face struggled for a brief moment before finally dissolving into a childish grin that almost melted her. Smiling back, she stretched her arms towards him and in no time, he was beside her, watching the boat fl
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    Malcolm lazily reclined on his seat, playing with a pen as he listened to the men in the meeting make reports upon reports. The meeting had been going on for hours without a single word from him. No one dared force him or complain. They dared not for the fear of being ruined by him. Suddenly the door opened quietly and Alex walked in and inched closer to him.Alex bent and whispered, “The young master has been found.”His gaze turned extremely chilly. Pushing his chair backwards, he stood up and looked at the men whose gazes were now all centred on him and then without a word, he turned and left the room, his aura as terrifying as ever. They could only watch him leave without a word.That was the kind of power Malcolm Knight wielded.   “Hello Dwane.” Lauren greeted the bartender as she walked into the hotel lobby.  “You came back?” he sounded half surprised.Lauren rolled her eyes,
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    More Trouble.
    BILLIONAIRE CEO’S SECRET LOVER: THE MYSTERY BEHIND MALCOLM KNIGHT’S DIVORCE.Malcolm stared at the newspaper headline his blue eyes almost turning white in anger. The picture attached was when the stupid waitress at the five-star hotel where he had attended the investors meeting, had bumped into him, spilling drinks on his favourite shirt. He scoffed. The photographer must be an A-list. He made it look like they were cuddling each other with her face hidden.  “Which Press company started this?” he asked, his boiling anger was enough to bring down an entire building.  “We tried to investigate it but they seem very meticulous and hid very well.” Alex replied.Malcolm scoffed. The last time he made the headline was after his wife absconded without a proper divorce but he had taken care of the news back then and made the press company that started the news go extinct in two days. Whoever started this ru
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    Your daughter or your family
    Warren sat gobsmacked starring straight at the man in front of him like a ghost had just appeared in front of him.  “Hello, Mr. Byrne.” Malcolm had a dirty smile playing on his lips as his assistant pushed the seat opposite Warren and he sat down gracefully. The fearsome aura from the man now sitting opposite him, jerked Warren to his feet. His legs suddenly went jelly.He wasn’t dreaming, was he?  “Mr. Knight…” He lacked words to say. Here he was standing in the same space with the most powerful man in the whole of US. A man whose words alone was enough to bring a man down from whatever height he was.  “You look surprised, Mr. Byrne. I thought this was supposed to be a kidnap according to you.” The dirty smirk never left his lips. His blue eyes as cold and terrifying as ever.  “Forgive me for being so reckless. I—“  “Sit.”War
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    I Want A New Mom.
    Lauren stirred the contents of the pot on fire, hoping her bad mood would not affect her cooking else she’ll be in deep trouble. She had always been the one preparing meals ever since she was fifteen and right now, she was preparing lunch. Yes, she did not go to work that day; not after losing her favourite employer that payed her more than any other employer. Her phone had been buzzing nonstop all day with calls from her different employers but she had all turned them down with some flimsy excuse of being sick. In truth, she was scared of stepping a foot outside. Mrs. Patricks had clearly warned her not to let her set eyes on her and being a woman of her words, she knew she might end up behind bars if she was really seen by Mrs. Patricks. She was scared she might run into her on the way.She was also mourning the loss of her job.Mrs. Patricks owned up to six of the places where she worked part-time and it was definitely a big loss for her.The doorbell r
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    This Version Of His Son.
    I want a new mom.Malcolm couldn’t hide his shock. His son had never made such a request. Never.  “Did Granny talk you into this?” This must definitely be the handiwork of his matchmaker of a mother who wouldn’t stop nagging him to get married again—an experience he doesn’t ever want to go through.Right now, all he cared about was making money. And more money.He was literarily married to his money.The small boy shook his head in a negative answer, his cute puppy eyes very irresistible. He couldn’t sleep the entire night. even when he slept, it was his new friend that occupied his dream. He had grown to like her. There was something about her he just couldn’t resist. He only wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. He wanted to look at her as his family.  “I want a mom.” He had this determination in his eyes that kinda scared his father.Malcolm
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    Your Daughter.
      “Sir, there is a man wanting to see you…” Warren’s secretary announced, entering his office.  “I thought I made it clear to you, Mark. I don’t want to see anybody for the rest of the day. Send him out. He can return tomorrow if he wants.” Warren growled, his voice sounding both impatient and angry. It was the second day. Tomorrow, Malcolm Knight’s car will arrive and he was yet to make a decision. He needed to think carefully. He wasn’t about to give his daughter up for the mistake of someone else. Telling the Billionaire the whole truth would be like making up excuses for what had happened.He needed to thread carefully.After all, he still valued tittles and positions.  “Sir…”  “Get lost!” He didn’t even bother to spare the poor secretary a look.  “So grumpy on a lovely afternoon, aren’t we?”W
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    The Contract
           "I want Michelle Byrne."  Warren peered at the man sitting opposite him looking for an evidence to convince himself that it had been a joke but his face remained dark and unsmiling reminding him that Malcolm Knight never minced words.  “You are kidding, right?” He asked, unable to convince himself that he had heard well.Malcolm Knight didn’t reply, instead, he perked up his brow.  “Preposterous! There is absolutely no way I am handing my daughter over to you for money.” Warren was angry. His insides burned. He had thought Malcolm would ask for a share of his company or even try to push his company under Knight Conglomerates but his daughter?God! Did this man even know the value of family?Did he think people could be bought with money?Malcolm puffed out a ring of smoke like nothing had happened. “If I were you, Mr. Byrne. I’d put a lid o
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    Part Of Your Dowry.
    Michelle fell with her back on the bed limply, her nude chest rising and falling in quick successions. Christian still gave the best sex ever.She turned and looked at the man beside her, “You sure are going to be the end of me.”  “Then I’m glad it’s me, Milady.” A baritone voice growled just beside her.Michelle beamed with smiles as she surveyed the sexy man beside her, basked in beads of sweat and reminding her so much of a nude male model in the front page of a sex magazine. He was just what she needed. A combination of class and beauty. Unconsciously, she reached out for his face, leaning on an elbow and began to play with his luxuriously styled hair.  “Seems you’ve hadn’t had enough of me just yet.” He sang.She yawned, “No, but I’ll pass. We barely closed our eyes last night.”He shrugged and without warning, he reached out for her soft mounds, e
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