This Is MY Story

This Is MY Story

By:  robinramirz18  Ongoing
Language: English
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How do you turn your life interesting overnight? No idea, but it probably doesn't involve falling through a mirror into another world after popping a pimple... Maisie was your average introvert, looking for a bit of spice in her life. That's probably why she ignored the warning signs that the mirror was more than it seemed. The $5 price tag on a full-length mirror probably should have been a hint, too.

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“Did you know… We aren’t really humans. We are the aliens on this planet.”I heard my little brother groan as he knew that this is another “the earth is flat” like the discussion we’re about to have. I love teasing my brother this way.“NOOOOO!! We’re not aliens! We do not have big heads! If we really are aliens, then we should have spaceships and we’re able to travel in space!” he huffed, defending the existence of the typical alien with big heads and googly eyes that movies usually describe as.“That’s the thing. We also can shape-shift.” I said, while trying to fight off my smile. He looked so done with my antics. For sure, he’s already weirded out and embarrassed to have a sister like me. He told me I was weird and I’m not offended. “Normal is boring” is always my defense.“Don’t you e
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Oh shit, I’m not dead! Or am I? I tried moving but everything feels heavy, and every move causes pain to travel all over my body. Fuck. Just fucking great. After a while, everything felt numb. I tried to open my eyes, but my eyelids also feel heavy. I wanted to scream, but no voice is coming out and my throat feels dry. I panicked when I can’t feel my body moving. I tried thrashing around, but I can’t feel anything!!“Calm down, woman!” Huh?? Where did that voice come from? I can’t stop panicking and continued to try and feel anything because I really hate the feeling of sleep paralysis. I don’t like the feeling of being restricted and not being able to do anything.“Oh, for Pete’s sake!” After that, I felt something wet splashed on my face. I jolted awake and abruptly sat up, only to fall back again, causing my head to spin. I groaned as I can feel all the pain coming back again, only for it to worsen. Slowly
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I woke up with the sound of chickens. I can even sense one near me. What? My stuffed toys came to life? Toy Story??? I blindly reached out to the clucking chicken. However, the chicken’s a bitch and bit me. I jolted awake when I felt pain and got back to my senses. I’m still here… It was not a dream… I’m still… alive? I’M STILL ALIVE, FUCK. I looked down just to check if they left me untouched last night. Thankfully, I am. I forced myself to stand up even if the ground is unstable and moving. Gosh, why is everything swirling?I massaged my temple and tried to walk as quietly as possible outside. I peeked from the curtains with only my head outside as I scanned the surroundings. All I can see is a backyard of some sort with chickens and an… alpaca’s close-up face? There are trees nearby and probably a river too, as I can hear the flow of water.“Good morning, darling. Have you slept well?” I screamed
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We walked to the horse, and he helped me to sit on top before sitting behind me. I only rode a horse twice in my life with someone navigating the horse for me while I just sat there. This is my third time, but now the “navigator” is behind me while he wrapped his arms around me to control the reigns. *cue romantic music*I hummed a tune that is used to this kind of scene after the horse started moving at a calm pace.“What are you singing about?” I felt his breath on my nape when he asked his question. I just shrugged and continued to take in the surroundings. I noticed that there’s no path or any signs of road to where we are currently ‘strolling’ on. Trees and greeny things surrounded us. I don’t know, I suck at describing things. Anyway, Jayce just speaks his mind and does not stop telling tales about his adventures with Aziel.“Really? Are you sure it’s a bear you managed to tame, and not a rabbit?&
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It’s been three days since the market incident. I’ve been ignoring ­­­Jayce and I try to avoid him at all costs. Other than that, I try to help Aziel out with whatever I can help with. May it be tending the chickens or their mini farm, with which I have zero knowledge and experience with. Today, I volunteered to harvest the eggs from the chickens because how bad can it be?First, this coop smells like shit. Second, it turns out that in order to get ONE egg, those damn chickens must peck you aggressively first. Aziel took note to never let me near the chicken coop again, because I was ready to burn their coop and make a feast out of them. I swear, I felt like they laughed at me after only harvesting 2 eggs before giving up. Fine. It’s not like it’s pleasant to be there. Before leaving their coop, I flipped them my middle finger, and the chicken had the audacity to fake attack me. Not that I flinched and jumped a few feet away, causing me to
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I stood there in wonder for a good minute. The snow reached my ankles, and it was cold. Freezing. I looked down at my feet and realized I forgot to wear my shoes. I can feel my feet turning purple from the cold.“I apologize for this,” he said before pulling me off the ground and carried me back to the room where I was staying at. It's only now that I noticed how dark the room was. Only a sliver of light from the small gaps and cracks of the made-up wall could illuminate the room. I watched him while he tried to warm up a cloth. Once he felt it was ok, he turned to me but froze when he realized I was watching him. He cleared his throat before walking towards me. He placed the warm cloth on my once cold feet. I sighed in relief, with the extra warmth enveloping my feet. We sat there in awkward silence while avoiding gazes.I already forgave him because I just want to mend things immediately, especially that he’s been nothing but a nice friend. It&rsquo
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I woke up with an arm resting above my stomach and a head snuggled at the crook of my neck.Just kidding.I woke up to the two bickering in the kitchen.“I told you to peel half of the potatoes!” Aziel said, exasperated, looking like he’s done with Jayce.“I just did! I see nothing wrong with that!” He said while gesturing at the pot, offended by the way Aziel’s treating him.“I meant half of the number of potatoes that we have. Not literally half of each potato!” Aziel exclaimed while he pulled out a half-skinned potato. I let out a small chuckle at the scene I woke up to. They both turned their heads to me. I lowered my head immediately to hide my face. Sometimes I look good after waking up, and most of the time not. I’m not sure how I look today, but I ain’t risking it. This face is not really something you’d want to see first thing in the morning.“Now you woke Maisi
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“Have you seen a girl—” I didn’t need to hear the rest. Out of panic, I looked for a place where I could hide. The bathroom would be too obvious. The treasure chest is too shallow. I looked at the big ass jar in the room's corner. I opened the lid and saw that it was half filled with hay. This would do! I tried my best to reach the opening as the height of the jar is the same as mine. I closed the lid and dug through the hay until I buried myself at the bottom. Just then, I heard the door open. I tried to hold and even out my breath.“I told you officer; it would be impossible for a girl to live with us. That would be indecent,” I heard Aziel’s voice, along with multiple footsteps, entering the house. I heard the officer that tried to kill me scoff.“As if. It’s not like you low-life pigs would care for some decency. For all I know, you might hide her for yourselves to enjoy later. You do know that if we found out t
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“Train me.”“No.”“Why not.”“Because you’re a girl.” I glared at him because of that. He seemed frightened for a second before composing himself and continued to feed the chickens they managed to keep.“Why,” I narrowed my eyes at him while he tried to busy himself with tending the animals.“You’re supposed to be protected.”“Why.”“You’re a lady. A lady must not lift a finger.”“Why.”“Because it’s the right thing!” Jayce exclaimed, growing exasperated.“Why,” He huffed and tried to escape. For my personality of the day, I was a needy b*tch that won’t stop until she gets what she wants. Usually, I would’ve stopped when he said his reason (probably because I’ll be too frustrated with the misogynistic thinking to continue pestering him). But f
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<TW: Mild mention of death>I sat there for a while, rethinking my decisions. Regret, hurt, confusion, sadness, hate, deceived, cold. The coldness hurt. My whole body feels numb. It feels like I’ve been sitting here for hours. Maybe I am. The sun is no longer visible, and everything else is dark. The only light comes from their house.They must be comfortable there.Suddenly, all of my hurt and sadness were pushed back in the farthest corner of mine. Anger and hate replaced them. Even if they can’t see me, as if they’ll bother to check on me, I still glared at the house. Hoping that my glare would penetrate the door just to make them aware of how angry I am.I really hope they run out of water in the middle of taking a bath and soap got into their eyes. Oh wait, that would be impossible. They bathe in the rivers, damn it. I can't wish for rivers to run out!I just hope that... that a bed bug would b
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