Billionaire's Substitute Bride and Her Secret Child

Billionaire's Substitute Bride and Her Secret Child

By:  Lana West  Completed
Language: English
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Blackmailed into substituting her step sister on her wedding night, Christine Carter sacrifices her first time to protect her father. Hunter Gray, the groom, is unaware that the one he is ravishing is not his real bride, and he's oblivious that his exquisite wedding night resulted in a pregnancy. Five years later, Hunter is a divorced man who's been in a dark place for two years, he happens to fall in love at first sight with Christine during a flight. Christine on the other hand is annoyed that he has the audacity to flirt with her, she only cares for her child. But what will Christine do when she'd find out that she needs to work closely with Hunter? And how will she hide the truth from her genius son? ~~~~~~~~~~ ‘His musky mint flavor intoxicates her senses and soothes her mind. Her body feels like it was fed with something she craved for a long time. “Mommy, daddy, not in front of the kids, go inside!” Ethan protests, pulling at their clothes and that's the instant she comes to her senses and tries to break the kiss.’ ~~~~~~~~~~ ‘"He is my daddy. How can I not insist? I want my daddy and my mommy together.” “He is not you daddy, sweetie.” She lies, waves of guilt washing over her. “I don't know why you are lying, mommy, but I can only assume you have your reasons. He is my daddy, I can tell."’ ~~~~~~~~~~ ‘"I want a big family, mommy!” Her angel cries out, interrupting her train of thought. “Did you and daddy make me a sister on your trip?"’

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95 Chapters
Chapter 1
The rain is pouring heavily against Christine’s bedroom windows, tears are pricking her eyes as she stares into the nothingness. Flashbacks from the night she lost her virginity still torment her mind, it was rainy that time too. She clearly remembers that the only time she saw the man’s face was when the lightning briefly illuminated the hotel chamber. Though it was only for a split second, she imprinted his image in her memory forever. Rich dark hair, thick brows, plump lips and a perfectly shaped jawline, he was exuding masculinity through every single pore. If only she could have seen his eyes too to get the full picture, but they were closed as he was lost in the frenzy of the moment, it was his wedding night after all. Yet she was not his bride. What happened almost nine months ago was not what she dreamed for her first time, no. It was cruel, merciless, horrible. His skilled hands were hovering all over her body, leaving no place unkno
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Chapter 2
Her beloved father, Ethan, was attending a business conference when he found out about her surgery, he took off in a flash to be by her side. A cloud of worry was spread all over his face when he lunged into the hospital. His mind was racing with dreadful scenarios concerning Christine and his unborn grandson, only to find his wife scrolling through social media, her face wiped of any kind of concern or even empathy. “What are you doing?” He yells snatching the phone from her hands, irritated by his wife’s lack of care. “Nothing. Wasting time.” She replies bored. “Do you even know if she is all right, if the baby is fine?” His eyes pierce into her skin and that is the second she realizes that she left her guard down and committed a big mistake. “No. I was so worried that I tried to distract myself by watching some videos on social media. This waiting is slowly killing me on the inside.” She flashes her best puppy eyes at him and it works.
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Chapter 3
Even the mighty sky seems to be crying alongside Christine, the rain is splashing over her sensitive skin, becoming one with her tears.She does her best to shield the innocent baby boy, the vulnerable tiny human is weeping, every one of his cries is breaking her heart. The stabbing pain of being discarded by her own father would have been unbearable if not for the little miracle she is holding in her arms, she is a mother now and she needs to protect him.Her mind is racing with questions and concerns, she had never before been in the position to be responsible for another being.Truth be told, life failed to prepare her for this situation. As a businessman, her father took good care of their finances, so she never had to lift a finger, moreover to provide for someone. It’s understandable, she is only 19 years old, after all. If not for her pregnancy, she would have attended her first year in college at this age.Raw fear coursing through her veins
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Chapter 4
It was already dark outside, she lost sense of time and space while crying her soul out.Loukas left her alone after breaking that dreadful news on her. He looked like he wanted to offer comfort, but he was unable to find anything to say to relieve some of her pain.There is literally nothing one can say to mend death.‘Your father died.’ His words keep resonating in her mind, not making any sense. And on top of it, her father’s broken face from the hospital is haunting her, tugging at my heartstrings.How could that have been the last time she’s seen him, heard his voice? How could that have been her last chance to settle things with him?She cannot accept it, this is an abominable nightmare, this cannot be happening.‘Wake up, Christine, you are having a bad dream!’ She keeps telling to herself, but this is not a dream, this is the cruel reality. Even so, why would her father die so suddenly?Unle
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Chapter 5
“Miss, are you scared of flying?” He asks, his tone filled with concern.His soul sucking silver eyes stare deep into Christine’s soul, she is scared that he will find there some of the things she had worked hard to hide.She shakes her head as ‘yes’, though flying is something she usually enjoys. But today is certainly not a usual day, the man that haunted her dreams all these years is here, in flesh and blood, staring at her. The one that took her virginity and left her with child, without even being aware of it.Can she blame him? She can’t. If there is someone to blame, that person is none other than herself.He is even more insanely gorgeous than her memory illustrated him, now that she can see his bewitching eyes, the missing part of his image. Though she should have suspected that Ethan inherited the grey shade from him, her eyes are of hazel color.“Have we ever met before?” He voices, her hea
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Chapter 6
Her knees grow instantly weak, she uses all the willpower in the world to keep her emotions in place. She didn’t plan to avoid this man for the rest of her life, no. Truth be told, she carefully masterminded her revenge against her step family for five long years, and of course she took into account that he might as well get entangled in it. Yet this was so unexpected that her ability to breathe normally almost vanished.“And this is Christine, my daughter.” Loukas’s words make her snap out of her chain of thoughts, though he is her life savior, she will never get used to be called someone else’s daughter.After Christine lost her family and her inheritance, Loukas insisted to give her his name and make her his legal successor. It took him about two years until she accepted, so now she and Ethan wear the name Blaine.If not for the change in the last name, it would have been game over now. If Hunter would have caught up to the idea
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Chapter 7
One would be completely out of his mind and definitively wrong to think that Christine wants to impress someone in particular by applying more make-up than usual today. And she cannot be blamed that everything she wears flatters her perfectly fit figure, worthy of a fashion model. The only reason she chose to wear a mid-thigh black dress that hugs her body in all the right places and it’s still classy is because it’s her first day in the office, nothing else.It was the sound of laughter that drew her out of the room earlier than expected, what she saw in Ethan’s room stunned her to immobility, the muscles on her stomach clenching in pain.Hunter was helping Ethan dress for school, the boy kept giggling while expressing his desire to wear clothes matching his father’s style, she doesn’t remember when she’s last seen him this happy.Without even realizing, she starts scrutinizing Hunter with more interest than intended, he is s
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Chapter 8
The little boy is on the ground, his eyes are swarming with tears, he cannot believe how mean his new classmates are, picking on him for not having a father.Is Ethan’s fault not having one? No, it isn’t. There is no one in this world that would love to have a daddy more than him.“What is so great about him that the teacher praised him so much, making us look like fools?”“Yeah, there is nothing special about him!”“My mother told me that he doesn’t even have a father!”“That’s true, my mother told me that his mother had him when she was 19.”These are gruesome words that he cannot bear to hear, his heart is aching, though he knows that his mother loves him, he always coveted fatherly love as well.Hating his moment of vulnerability, he lifts himself from the ground and yells. “I have a father, he is the richest CEO in the town!”“We don&
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Chapter 9
One can come to an agreement that the scene unfolding before everyone’s eyes is undeniably inconvenient, and Ethan is surely bound to have his share of suffering from it, so that is why Christine’s heart twists in pain and her stomach muscles clench, not because of some sort of jealousy.The man holds no such power over her, so why would she be jealous due to a cheating bastard? The only thing he deserves from her is hate. It’s not even her the one he cheats on, it’s Martha. For what is worth, she should feel rather grateful if her step sister gets to taste the pain of betrayal.Even if a tint of jealousy might curse through her veins, she is quick to brush it off, her demeanor all dignified.The same cannot be said about Hunter, his absurdly handsome features are crossed by different emotions, one can spot embarrassment, confusion, anger, and distress, not particularly in that order.He breaths a curse, while Christine lets out an
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Chapter 10
Time slows down, his words are resonating in her head, her mind is racing in attempt to grasp the meaning behind them, yet her brain could not have chosen a worse moment to deny her its cooperation.The instant he leans his head on her shoulder is the same instant she snaps out of the trance she has gotten into, she blames her acting hormones for her lack of basic self-respect. All her analytical thoughts must have vanished into the heavy air due to the tense set of circumstances and her practically nonexistent sexual life, there were no other reasons.The tight space and the memory of the night Ethan was conceived surely had something to do in stirring up her feelings. Mixing them, making her confused.What could he possibly need from her to take off his clothes in the elevator? Certainly, he wouldn’t dare to believe that she would strip naked and jump into his arms just because he unbuttoned his shirt and sported his amazingly fit body. There are lots of
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