The Sheikh's submissive: Forever Yours

The Sheikh's submissive: Forever Yours

By:  Carla Cadete  Updated just now
Language: English
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Morgana Aguiar is a sight for all men's eyes. Daughter of a very important businessman, she is kidnapped while walking the catwalks as a model. Zayn, a millionaire and much feared Sheik, is outraged as a human being when he discovers that a "supposed" teenager has been kidnapped and is being sold. Fearful for the young woman's life, he accepts her as payment for the debt of a human trafficker. Upon seeing the "supposed" young woman, he found that she was a beautiful and beautiful woman, a woman who shook her structure. Now he needs to find out why she was kidnapped and they still want to hurt her.

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48 Chapters
The Sheikh's Submissive Prologue A Week before: São Paulo, Brazil.Morgana paraded down the catwalk, her slender body undulating gently with the sway of her hips. She wore a long dress in lurex fabric with sequin details The slit in the legs exposed her long, shapely thighs and the tight-fitting garment marked her slender waist and perfectly outlined her backside. At the front, a deep neckline shows off the valley of her breasts.The model has a penetrating gaze and her curly hair is part of her outfit. Her small, firm breasts sway gently as she walks. She feels the nipples rub against the fabric, giving her a slightly pleasurable sensation."Divine! She's simply divine!", Régis, the world-renowned stylist, spoke while clapping for himself and for the beauty who was parading with his latest work.Men, even accompanied men, cannot remain indifferent to the beauty of this stunning redhead.Morgana smiled, knowing the effect she had on most of them. Accustomed to being seductive, she
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Chapter 1
Chapter One Saudi ArabiaZayn Al-Abadi is the owner of countless resorts and islands, a powerful man, but he was betrayed by the only woman he ever loved and to whom he was engaged for three years.Even though that story is in the past, he still feels the pain of betrayal and since then, he just has fun. For him, the more women the better, giving and receiving pleasure, nothing more.Sex with someone you don't love is different for Zayn. His ex-fiancée drove him crazy in bed, no other woman has managed that feat and he believes he will never feel such pleasure with a woman again.Zayn sighed sadly and kept walking until he entered one of his buildings.An employee slipped right in front of him, knocking over the tray he was carrying. A bowl of soup fell on the sheik's white shirt, and he looked at him angrily, as well as feeling a slight burning in his stomach."Sir, forgive me! The floor is wet and I slipped," The official said as he tried to get up, but fell again, hitting his head
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Chapter 2
Chapter TwoZayn takes a warm shower. The water removes the foam from his body, tanned by the Eastern sun. The sheik has a physique that makes women sigh and his member is very large, something he can boast about, just the way the greedy ones like it.If he hadn't been waiting for that good-for-nothing to bring the young redhead, he would have been at the club burying himself between the legs of a beautiful lady or several.But the desire to protect the girl spoke louder. He could have left his security guard waiting for them and gone to satisfy himself, but something inside him told him he had to wait.Having finished his shower, he put on a robe and went to his bedroom, putting on some fresh clothes and walking barefoot through the apartment to the kitchen, where he had a glass of iced tea. Zayn even considered having a hot cup of coffee, but he needed to cool his body down, as he didn't want the young woman to be frightened by his boiling anger at the damn drug dealer.In the living
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Chapter 3
Chapter Three Alexandre has smashed everything in his path. His little princess has been missing for a week. He's panicked, completely desperate, he doesn't know what else to do.Angry, full of hatred and resentment, he screams to release the tension that is embedded in his heart. His daughter is everything in his life.He sits on the floor with his hands on his head and cries like he couldn't cry at his beloved wife's funeral.Morgana was born when Alexander was eighteen. He hadn't intended to be a father so soon, but if God wanted it that way, who was he to say anything?So, as soon as his little princess was born, Alexandre asked his girlfriend to marry him. His father, a very serious but fair man, was enchanted by his newborn granddaughter and helped his son with all the wedding preparations and let them live in the Aguiar Mansion, where Alexandre still lives today.Ten happy years passed until his wife discovered terminal cancer, which took her four months.During this period, Al
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Chapter 4
Chapter FourNana filled a basin with warm water and a clean cloth, sitting beside the bed and carefully removing the young woman's shoes so as not to startle her. Zayn watched attentively, taking note of the delicate, very injured feet.Nana moistened the cloth and began gently wiping the damp fabric across the young woman's body, paying attention to her face, arms, legs, and feet. With the removal of all the dirt from days of walking through the desert and sleeping, only Allah knows where the true beauty of the fiery-haired woman became visible."Now I'm truly lost," Zayn thought. Even with his back turned as he cleaned the young woman, Nana felt the intensity of her dear Zayn's gaze and laughed, causing him to furrow his brow."What's the matter, Nana?" Zayn inquired."You look at her as if she were a pot of succulent honey.""Honey? Yes, honey... Sweet, succulent, addictive," he clears his throat, interrupting his thoughts. "Looking at her is like looking at sunshine.""From that p
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Chapter 5
Chapter Five Zayn was exhausted and fell asleep in the armchair with his cell phone in his hand. On the bed, Morgana moved her head from side to side. Frowning, she let out a slight moan of pain. “Oh…” Turning her head a little more, a sharp pain seized her. “Ouch!” Morgana put her hands on the top of her head, the unbearable pain hitting her. She also felt her mouth drying out and a strong discomfort in her throat. She managed to open her eyes slightly. For several days, she had woken up in the dark and felt very cold, but now everything was different. She was lying on a soft bed, with a huge window next to her, through which the soft light of the moonlit night came in. Once again, a sharp pain in her head made her groan loudly: “Aaah!” Zayn wakes up as quickly as he fell asleep. He gets up abruptly, causing his cell phone to crash to the floor. But he takes no notice of this fact. She's awake, he thought, before approaching slowly so as not to startle her. Morgana watched th
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Chapter 6
Chapter six Barefoot, Morgana surveyed the room and made her way to the closet. She was searching for something she could conceal within the robe to protect herself. Recalling an old piece of advice from her father: "Looks can be deceiving." This Arab might seem good, but it's better not to try anything or he'll regret it, she thought while picking up a tie pin, hiding it within the robe's pocket. Morgana didn't find anything else she could use to defend herself, or the unfamiliar man might immediately sense her intentions. Summoning her courage, she released a long sigh and slowly left the room. As she opened the door, she carefully walked through the room. Morgana found no one. The space was vast, and she had no idea where the Arab might be. Suddenly, everything seemed to slow down. Morgana looked around. In the hall, observing the entrance door. Her eyes sparkled. She quickly sneaked toward the door. With increasing adrenaline, her heart began to beat faster, her hands becomin
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Chapter 7
Chapter Seven Certainly! Here's the translation of the text into English: "Alexandre Aguiar hadn't slept for days, he was extremely nervous. His new approach was to scream endlessly at his security guards and anyone who appeared in front of him. The head of security, Carlos, chose to call a doctor for his boss before taking off. Alexandre was only contained when four of his security guards held him down to receive a hefty dose of a powerful sedative. Upon being immobilized, Alexandre threatened everyone, even the pilot, and then passed out. "Is he okay, doctor?" Carlos asked, concerned. "Yes, he'll just sleep for a good while. When they reach their destination, if he has another anxiety attack, seek help," the doctor responded. Carlos thanked him and began the preparations for takeoff, securing the boss in bed. Looking at him now with a serene demeanor, he doesn't seem as arrogant, especially since his daughter was kidnapped. "Morgana," Carlos whispered softly, remembering the
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Chapter 8
Chapter eight Zayn went to a nearby store, conversed with the saleswoman, and requested women's clothing that wasn't too flashy but also didn't cover the body too much. The woman showed him a pair of leggings and a slightly sheer, black, loose-fitting, long floral shirt. With a discreet smile, Zayn approved of the saleswoman's choice. Having checked Morgana's shoe size, he easily selected comfortable footwear for her, considering her injuries. Satisfied with his purchases, he returned to the hotel and handed the bags to the young woman, who somewhat awkwardly thanked him and went to change. When Morgana returned to the living room, Zayn looked at her from bottom to top, speechless. His eyes clouded with the sensations she evoked within him. "I didn't think you could become even more beautiful than you already are," he commented, admiring her. Slightly embarrassed, Morgana thanked him for the compliment. She had never felt shy around a man; she was usually very uninhibited. "Com
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Chapter 9
Chapter Nine She removed her leg from his lap, stood up, and walked to the window, silently admiring the landscape, lost in her thoughts. Thinking about her father and everything she had been through in these past days. The luck she had in Zayn finding her. Luck? Yes, she believes it was luck, it’s the only answer she has to her own question. He approached, lightly touching her shoulders, interrupting her thoughts and causing her to shiver, even through the fabric. “Are your shoulders still hurting?” he asked, near her ear, turning her to gaze into his ocean-colored eyes. She swallowed hard; being this close to his face made her heart beat erratically. Zayn is like a soothing balm. “Are you okay?” she held onto his arms after feeling a little unsteady. How to tell him that simply being near her makes her legs weak? “I... I'm okay, thank you.” Still unable to control her legs, she leaned on his shoulders, feeling Zayn shudder at her touch. Or was it herself? She was so disorien
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