Billionaire's Driver

Billionaire's Driver

By:  Aish❣️  Completed
Language: English
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He looks transparent and plain as a water of river but deep down under the shadows of his darkness he is that stealth ocean hiding the darkest secrets in it's depth. He is like a black colour who can absorb any colour into it and remain same in appearance until the colour is not white. She is just like that white colour , her heart is pure without any dark patch on it . She is strong , ambitious yet soft and cranky . Morals and ethics runs through her veins yet she is open minded in every manner . She can fight with big problems but small thing can hurt her similarly she don't need something big to be happy. Love and darkness ,both the things are totally opposite yet similar . One can never felt depth of it's own before been through other one .

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53 Chapters
About Story
    READING APP IS HAVING SPACING PROBLEM BECAUSE IN MY WRITTEN FORMAT EVERYTHING IS FINE SO I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO ?. SO PLEASE DON'T BLAME ME FOR SPACING BETWEEN TWO LETTERS. AND THE COVERPIC IS NOT MY EDIT CREDIT GOES TO REAL EDITOR I TOOK THE PICTURE FROM I*******M BECAUSE THESE TWO (PARTH SAMTHAAN AND NITI TAYLOR) PEOPLE IN PIC ARE IN MY MIND AS PROTAGONISTS WHILE WRITING.       This story is going to be a dark love story but male protagonist won't be rapist or abuser. He has his own dark and grey shades which makes him dominant male. He is pfowerful yet he is weak in front of his inner demons and fears.      Female protagonist is a innocent, fragile girl yet she can be strongest when it comes to fight against her fears or wrong in world. She has her set of morals and lives in her world.      As the story is going to be
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Chapter 1
    A girl with very very long hair nd age of probably seventeen or eighteen years old just jumped down on the ground through the end of tunnel. She traveled through that tunnel which she found out mistakenly for the first time in her life because of her friends.                     With the little candle holder she kept walking through the darkness with the small light of candle leading towards freedom which she never knew. She welcomed the daylight in her life, in all senses with the open sky over her head for the first time, before this she had seen the sunlight from the window of her castle where
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Chapter 2
    Manik took the turn towards his house, he left that area, he couldn't meet such kind of people again in same day so he changed his plan. He was totally disturbed by both horrible scenes happened with him and he desperately need something which can block his senses or else he will die with recklessness.                <
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Chapter 3
    "I am telling you na,  he was arrogant, rich ass, judgemental jerk and ha he also assumed us to be gf bf" on their way to cafe, swaroop was elaborating the conversation he had with Manik.                         "Haha ..... Tell me something new" they laughed on usual comment they have been listening since many years. They easily found one nice table to grab but weird thing happened that waiter insisted them way too much  for other table in same row nd they agreed to him.    <
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Chapter 4
  In the early morning Nandini returned to her home from hospital all alone, tired and devastated yet strong enough to handle her family.  Swaroop was with her till the parking, actually he drove car for her as she was terrible in the hospital, last night he went to hospital with Rishabh and stayed there with her family. He was great help to them he handled Rishabh, medicines nd other stuff but he couldn't be with Nandini. She pretended to be strong whole time for her mother but from inside she was most terrified and guilty.                         And just ha
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Chapter 5
    Nandini woke up at the first ring of alarm on 6am may be because she wasn't in deep sleep or couldn't sleep properly due to nervousness otherwise she won't wake up before 10times snoozing. She is not nervous about driving as she knew she is best at it but then also as it comes to professionalism she don't have any experience, it is going to be her first job. Then biggest part of her nervousness, her boss Manik Malhotra, it's not that she don't know about him off course she have all the knowledge about him which is there on G****e still she knows some unknown part of him which she has no idea that they r true or she just misinterpreted his image in her mind. But she is definitely sure he is dangerous man though outer world considers him to be a perfect chairman of Half Note who is cordial person to work with but she has seen monster in him which had scared her.    
Chapter 6
    Manik greeted younger son of Kapoor's after coming out of the car in front of Kapoor Villa. After the greetings of two minutes they thought about discussing further things in the near cafe.                  He knocked little loudly on her window from the outside of car as Nandini was waiting for him inside the car. She understood reason behind this nd got out of the car.                  "Ge
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Chapter 7
      "R u fucking serious? ....... He literally called u at 4 am?" Diya freaked out while riding her Jupiter and Nandini was sitting behind her, leaning on her back and partially sleeping on her back.                                  Manik disturbed Abhimanyu at 3.55 am to get Nandini's number then he called her to get rewarded by two, three curses which made him change his decision. He was just in mood to break
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Chapter 8
      "Zzzzzzzz...... Zzzzzz" today also at 5am in the morning his bell buzzed and he groaned in annoyance. He got up from bed.                         'All he wanted to do is come here again then why the fuck he left last night' in between his route he cursed Karan for his childish behaviour.               
Chapter 9
      He just stopped before his swimming pool area, it's clean, hygienic and untouched part of his house. He knows swimming but he is scared of deep water, though pool's water is not that much deep but still his fear never let him put his feet inside the swimming pool. But today this pool can be useful.                "What do you mean by okay ?" She came from behind and asked him, he turned back.               "Okay means okay" he again turned an
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