I'm In Love with My Dad's Boss

I'm In Love with My Dad's Boss

By:  JK  Completed
Language: English
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A book lover, an innocent teenager, and an incoming college student named Bliss Dy welcomes the new chapter of her life as her father got promoted in his job. Upon meeting his dad's boss, the CEO of the company, fate seems to enjoy bumping them into each other unexpectedly. Can a funny coincidence turn into something romantic and magical? Is falling for her dad's boss will make her life blissful?

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42 Chapters
Chapter One: Elevator Guy
It’s summertime. I felt the sunlight scorching on my face. I checked the clock with my eyes half-closed and was shocked that it was 2:22 in the afternoon. Wow! That was a very good sleep. I closed the curtain since the brightness from the sun is blinding. I woke up this late because I just finished the most wonderful story I have ever read last night and I couldn’t even put my book down. That was worth it, though.    I wore my eyeglasses. My day is about to start.  My errand for today; I have to visit my dad from work. Dad just got promoted from his work. He’s now the Vice President of the Buena Ventura company he’s been working for ever since. From all I know, that company is an automobile company. They sell some cool cars and some car stuff. I won’t get deeper with that since I don’t have any clue when it comes to those things.  It’s me and my Dad’s tennis day. We love to play Tennis in our free time, well, in my dad’s free time. It
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Chapter Two: Stranger's car
It’s my mom’s birthday tomorrow! I’m strolling here at the mall to look and buy a gift for her. My dad gave me money for this and he also gave me an extra to buy something for myself. I guess this is also a shopping trip. I’m not really into shopping for clothes and shoes or something when I’m alone like this. I hate being alone when it comes to shopping since I’m always with my mom when I really need to buy something like that. She is in charge of it since I don’t have good fashion taste at all. She’s like my own stylist, minus the fact that I’m forced to wear some of it. She’s not forcing me to wear something revealing or what, I just hate some girly clothes sometimes but it really depends on my mood.  Anyway, back to where I am right now. I am here to buy a gift for my stylist, I mean, my mom. Kidding aside, I decided that after buying a gift for her, I’ll stop by at the bookstore. I have to buy a book for myself.  But I still wonder what I shoul
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Chapter Three: He's the CEO?
“Happy Birthday, Mom!” I greeted my mom while she was cooking for our breakfast. She’s in the kitchen. I just woke up and prepared myself some coffee. My mom smiled at me and thanked me. I hugged her very tightly, this is my first gift to her, she deserves to be hugged by me. While waiting for breakfast, I turned on the TV and watched my favorite cartoon, Adventure Time. “Hey, Bliss. Would you do me some favor?” My mom said, I looked at her from the couch while she’s still in the kitchen. I lowered the television’s volume to hear what she’s going to say next. “Can you go to the groceries for me? I have no time to go out. I have a lot of things to do.” She continued. “Anything for you, mom!” I exclaimed. I have nothing to do anyway. She insisted that I should go to the grocery store after eating my breakfast. I’m excited about this event. Aside from running into the groceries for her,
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Chapter Four: Dreams
Wednesday came and it’s tennis day again with my dad. I pressed the 29th button of the elevator at my dad’s company building. I am still in disbelief that Ace, the guy I encountered in this elevator, was my dad’s boss. Also known as the CEO. I can’t stop thinking if Ace was here in the building as well. I mean, I just want my books back. That’s it. We made a deal that he will bring those back to me.I shook my head and adjusted my tennis bag as soon as I stepped out of the elevator. I entered my dad’s office but to my dismay, I saw him napping on his desk. I don’t know if I’ll wake him up, he might get annoyed with me if I wake him up. Maybe he’s tired and needs some rest. What a hardworking old man.I put
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Chapter Five: New Friend
One week before my first ever semester in college start.  I am excited and nervous at the same time. Will I live the life I had when I was in high school or have my best life in this university?  I hope it’s the latter one.I’m at my University now since there is an orientation for fresh students. University wants us to be familiar with this place before the opening of this school year starts. I observed the surroundings.This place will be my new environment for the next few years.I’m still anxious about getting bullied.Our house is a two-hour drive away from here, and I need to rent an apartment near this university. At first, I was hesitant, but I have to be independent. I will miss my parents so much. I wonder how things will go through
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 Chapter Six: When it rains, it pours. 
Two months have passed and I can say that college is the best. Though I am still unable to grasp the idea of living alone. But I’m pretty sure that I can slay this independent life. I’m doing well with my class and also with my friends.  Since Lunan and I are classmates in every subject, we’re always together. I’m used to him being talkative. I am even grateful for it as there’s no dead air when we’re together. No boring moments. He’s responsible for the topic, I contribute the laughter.  I even got to know Anvien more, I knew almost all the things about her. I laughed at the spoiled brat part. I can never imagine her like that. Though, sometimes you can see it when she’s playing around with Lunan and when she gets little to no sleep.  My friends are the goofiest yet the nicest.  <
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Chapter Seven: Interview
One week has passed since Ace stayed in my apartment for a night. My fever only lasted for a day. I'm glad it did. I don't have anyone to take care of me. I bit my lip when I remember how Ace took care of me last time. It was not much but since it was him, my dad's boss, I think I went out of the limit. I just wish he didn't think of me as a burden.“Can I borrow a pen?” Lunan whispered, I almost jolted. I rolled my eyes at him but still lent him some. We’re in the middle of a lecture now on our subject that gets me bored sometimes. He mimicked the way I rolled my eyes. I got the eye-rolling from Anvien, she always does that and that thing is very contagious. At first, it started as a joke, but rolling eyes is very therapeutic. I get it now. Read more
Chapter Eight: Eavesdrop
Since my 18th birthday is coming, my mom and I were looking for a gown at a tailor shop here in the mall. She said that this tailoring shop is the best when it comes to gowns and dresses.  The theme for my party is Masquerade since my parents want people to be surprised with how I look when I don’t have these glasses on. It’s kinda cringing, though. I know. I was kinda nervous that my dress would be revealing. Well, sleeveless is revealing enough for me, what more if it shows my back? Or even my whole shoulder. I don't like the feeling of my skin being that exposed.  My mom is kinda conservative for me, but I know with this kind of event, she would be all out. I know her. My mom took out two papers that have the design of the dress on it and let me pick cho
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Chapter Nine: Judge
We have a class presentation now about a school project but it is not just an ordinary school project, but a cooking project. Well, more like a cooking contest. It’s like the cooking show, Master Chef. Since I am a culinary student, this is a part of it. We don’t necessarily need to make our own recipe, but we have to follow the ingredients that our professor instructed.  Lunan and I are partners, of course. We are very much excited for this event because the prize is absolutely spectacular. The winners of this event will have a scholarship in one of the best culinary school in France! Yes! France! Who wouldn't want to go there right?  I have to ace this contest.  Read more
Chapter Ten: Spaghetti and Crème Caramel Pudding 
  It is Friday night and I haven’t gone home yet to my parent’s house since I have a lot of school work to do. I was getting hungry so I decided to walk to the nearest restaurant in my apartment that I always see when going to school.  The place was just small but tidy.  A lady greeted me. She looks like she's the same age as my mom, but a little older. She seems nice. She smiled at me. I ordered spaghetti and creme caramel pudding for dessert. I have a sweet tooth, I always like to eat something sweet after eating a meal. Or even not.  The lady was alone so she also served my food. "Thank you." I said. I kinda miss my mom because of her. Now I am guilty of not coming home to my parents. I fe
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