Chasing My Husband (English)

Chasing My Husband (English)

By:  ShineAvery  Completed
Language: English
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Abby Leonor Zegura is engrossed to the thought of being a wife to his Childhood bestfriend--Cloud Miguel Salazar that she conduct a plan for his supposedly wedding will be failed. She've done a stupid mistake that made Cloud hate and loathe her. Does their marriage work if disgust is what her husband feel towards her? She was entangled to be with him but not to be his queen, but to make her life a living hell.

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55 Chapters
"Tell me how can I love you when you were the reason why the girl I love the most left me?!! You bitch!" I can’t help but to cry when he pulled my arm."No one will going to love you because you’re desperate crazy bitch!" He then let go of my arm that made me slam on the floor."Please Cloud, listen to me, I only did that because I love you!!" I shouted on his face as tears keep on streaming in my face."When you really love me, you will never do that!"  He spatted."But because you are a selfish brat, ofcourse you will do anything to get what you want, but take this in your stupid fucking mind," he paused and looked at me with disgust. "You were wrong when you messed up with me, I will make your life a misery." His voice was filled with anger and I cannot able to look at his eyes.

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Abby POV:"S-Stop it cloud p-pleasee s-stop !!!" I weakly uttered while slowly walk towards him.I was scared the way he looked at me, his eyes are like daggers and he keeps on breaking  all our things in the kitchen---glass, plates and everything he grab. I can’t help but to sobbed while looking at his deadly glare.He looked at me like as if I am some piece of a trash infront of him. The way he looked at me  tells me how sinful my existence to him. It was like he questioned the world why there is someone like me living and ruining his life. Disgust is not enough to describe on how the way he looked at me.I was shocked when I was about to get the glass he was holding when he suddenly grab my wrist and harshly shake me."I SAID I WAS STARVING BUT FUCK! YOU WERE LIKE A WORM WHO WERE VERY SLOW!!!!" He shouted in my face and I can't help but
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Abby POV:EVERYONE KEEPS on eyeing me since then I am at the elevator heading to Cloud's office. I got conscious to how I look so I scan myself---I'm wearing yellow puff dress that reach up to my knees and I paired it with white sandals.When I'm done checking myself and found nothing I just only shrugged my shoulders. The hell I care!"Good morning can I talk to Mr. Cloud Salazar?"I asked the girl who were sitting infront of the door that the receptionist directed me."Good morning mam, do you have any appointment?""Ah no, I don't have but, Can I atleast talk to him even just for a minute? I brought lunch for him" I told her and showed her the paper bag I was holding."I’m sorry mam, Mr. Salazar is busy as of now and you need to schedule an appointment in order t
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Someone’s POV:"Sir these are the reports of someone you asked me to investigate."My secretary put the envelope that contains the files of the persons I told them to investigate on my table.I nod at her before she went out.I pick the black envelope and open it. These are records of Cloud Miguel Salazar and his wife Abby Leonor Zegura-Salazar.My jaw hardened while reading the files that contains the information about this two people. But eventually, I grinned when I remember the things I'm planning to do.I grab my phone and call someone that I know will surely help me in all what I am planning."Hello?",My smile widen when he answered the phone.“It’s been so long David Alcantara”The other line became silent but after a minute the p
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Cloud's POV:It's been one week after I found a note in my terrace and thankfully it never followed. I went inside of the house and I instantly smell the food that was been cooked by my wife---damn, how I hate that word."Let's eat, dinner is ready." She excitedly put on the table the bowl of Chicken Tinola. I  blankly looked at her before I turned my back. I don't want to see her face, it makes me irritated."I'm full, I'll just sleep."I left her there which is why I never saw the pain that crossed her eyes. She should be happy atleast, I didn't shout at her again."Ahmm C-Cloud about yesterday, I'm very sorry that I shouted on you."I stilled and slightly turn my head to look at her. She was looking at the floor as if she was tremulous. Shit! what a damn actress."Now you’re sorry?" I chuckled. "But yesterday when you w
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 Abby's POV:Even I'm not feeling well, I tried get up and went to Cloud's room. It's been a week since we last talked and after that he never went home. I keep on hoping that little by little he will find some peace in his heart and forgive me. I wish that he will go home because I am so goddamn worried about him and that is also the reason I'm not feeling well.It takes me almost midnight and sometimes even dawn before I can able to sleep because I keep on thinking and waiting for him. I don't have also the appetite to eat and I feel so empty without him beside me. I opened his door hoping that when I enter I will saw him lying on his bed, but I was wrong. There was no trace of someone sleeping on there--the sheets are neat and the pillowals are untouched. Disappointed and sad I went back to ny room.My nanny once told me when I was a kid that love conquers all, that even how har
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"E-ERIKA"It’s been so long the last time I saw her. She got mad at me when she discovered what I did to Cloud and after that she never come to see me anymore. "Yes hello bitch!" She grinned at me and I that's the time I let myself hugged her. "I’m sorry I’m sorry riks, I don't want you to get mad at me. Please forgive me for what have I done." I sobbed on her shoulders. "You know I don’t tolerate what I think is bad right? That is why I got mad at you." she heave a sigh before continue.  "But I can attain to stay mad at my bestfriend now that I know she was suffering." she gently wipe the tears in my face that was like a river that never stop from falling. I was indeed lucky to have a bestfriend like her. She is my bestfriend since highschool. She was my human diary who's always willing to listen to my rants in times that I can't take the pain. From the time that Cloud and I became apart
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SHOCK IS not enough to describe how I feel right now. I don't know if I will be happy, I will jump, or I will shout. There's no exact term I can use on what I feel right now seeing Cloud entering the house after almost a month is such a great feeling. At last, he came back home. He doesn't have any idea how I missed him. I was hesitant if I will talk to him and I dont have any idea how should I approach him knowing that our last encounter a week ago is such a an awful. "I a-ahmm C-cloud" I walk towards him but I stopped when he just walk passed to me and went inside of his room.He doesn’t even throw a glance at me.The small smile in ny face slowly fade and replace by sorrow. I heated the food that I cooked and later on Cloud got out from his room.He look at the table where I prepared the food—toasted chicken and fried porkchop. I hurriedly grab the bowl of rice and was about to put some on his plate but he just a
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Cloud’s POV:I sigh while looking at the door where Abby goes out a while ago. I frustratedly palm my face.  I don’t know but a part of me is telling that I should treat her right earlier---I should not become harsh on her. Annoyed, I looked at the ceiling. She deserve everything I do to her. She ruined my life for Christ sake! But everytime I remember the fear that is visible to her face earlier, I can’t help but to feel guilty. The tears that keeps on falling from her eyes. The way she tremble while I touched her. I don’t know why she acted that way when we both know she’s more than a crazy whore who done such stupidity. She won't do the things that she does that ruined my relationship with Andrea if she was that pure and innocent.I am a goddamn liar if I say that her body doesn’t affect me. She has a perfect body every man will droll over. The perfect shape of her breast and how hot she is with that sexy lingeri
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Abby POV:I feel envious while looking at Cloud’s parents. Even once in my life I never saw my parents teasing each other in front of me. When they are talking it was all about business and money matters. Although I never heared them fighting but still I got insecure whenever I look at mommy cassie and daddy Marcus—Cloud’s parents. Oh how I love calling them mom and dad.I never expect that they will welcome me to their family and treat me as their own child. I never thought that they will like me for their child especially what I did to their son.For a short period of time they let me experience how to have a parents, The one who will ask you if how are you? The one that could talk to you without judging you. The person who willingly listens and understand you. Mommy cassie made me feel what is it like to have a mother. I don't know if she sense that I am longing for a mother the way I talk to her. It w
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