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" Teach me how to be yours, professor. 'Cause no matter how wrong this is, I still want you." *** It was supposed to be just one night. One night of pleasure. To forget the pain and the heartbreak from her ex. Lauren Gray, an undercover agent, finds herself in bed in the arms of a gorgeous and breathtaking stranger. And he was out of her bed before she even woke up. But there was something about his blue eyes, his touch, and his blond hair that she can't get out of her head no matter how hard she tried. Six months later, Lauren is assigned to protect the Senator's son, Chase Newton, who's in college and to go undercover as his physics professor. But what happens when Chase Newton turns out to be the man from her one night stand six months ago? And to complicate matters, Chase is just getting started with her. He still wanted her even though she's four years older than him. And it's over when he says so.

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  " Mic check, Gray." Tanner says from my earpiece. " I'm in." I reply, walking into the infamous Miami club.     It's popular for different reasons and the MPD is yet to discover why. Few months ago, there was news that the club was a sex club. Not just a sex club, but a ring for transporting illegal drugs, trafficking, and sales of illegal weapons.       So here I am, in the middle of a case I'm not supposed to be involved with because I just graduated from the academy. But out of luck and trial, Chief Bradford decides to give me a chance not to screw this up or— He really didn't get to tell me the 'or' so I'll just skip that part.  " Mic check, Gray." I hear the bitter voice of Regina Foxx. My arch nemesis. I fucking hate this bitch. You may ask me why, but you'll find out soon enough.  " Don't you fucking call me by my last name, Regina." I grit out as I look around the clu
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  " Any eyes on the target yet?" I ask Roxie as we walk out of the restroom. " Reynold Boyce is a ghost. He deals in secret and likes to keep everything in secret. That piece of shit." And that's the worst part of this case.     It's hard to keep an eye or hands on Reynold Boyce. He's smart and cunning as shit.  " We'll get him this time." Walking past the hallway, Roxie and I curve into another hallway and there are rooms on either side of it.    The doors are nearly open as different kinds of atrocities take place here. Women in handcuffs and every other bondage object satisfy the horny men that are seated like Kings. According to my little report, Reynold Boyce works hand in hand with the owner of this BDSM sex club.  " This is driving me crazy. I've seen so many arousing things in just one night." Roxie says.  " Are you okay?" " Yeah. I don't wanna talk about my personal
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  " You know I have this great talent for smelling foul play from afar." Reynold says as he slowly approaches me.  " Lauren, are you okay?" Roxie asks.  " Call for backup. Now." I whisper, moving backwards with every step he takes.  " Shit." They mutter through the earpiece. " I knew she could never Ace this. Always bad at everything." Regina says.     God, remind me to stab her left breast once I get out of here alive. That bitch needs to be put in her place.    He smirks and clicks his tongue, shaking his head sideways. Why are good looking and extremely attractive men the devil? Even the devil was once an angel. I'm pretty sure he was a sexy one too.  " You're trying to put these girls' lives in danger Lauren Gray. Or let's call you Tasha, yeah?" He smirks at me and my heart leaps to my chest.     He knows me. " What makes you think you
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        It's Saturday. About 19 hours since I aced that Reynold Boyce Case and another 19 hours since I beat the shit out of Regina Foxx. She was given urgent medical attention. I was driven home, with a warning from chief Bradford that we'll see Monday morning. I think that will determine if I lose my job or if I'm keeping it. It definitely can't be the latter.    With my phone wedged between my ear and my shoulder, I unlock my door to enter my apartment. I may not live in a penthouse, but I live in a comfortable apartment since Caleb milked me dry.     I shut my door and hold my phone against my ear with my hand. I drop my keys on the coffee table as I go to my room. " Mom, are you putting on makeup right now?" I ask, imagining my mom in front of her bedroom mirror applying make up ready to party and maybe hook up as usual every Friday and Saturday night.  " Well yeah. Mommy gott
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      I look away at once, gripping tightly onto my glass of cocktail. My heartbeat is beating hard against my chest and I don't know why. How can one man look so beautiful and gorgeous? I feel his eyes burn into my skin from behind me and I know he's looking at me.  " Oh my God, Lauren. He's so fucking gorgeous." Roxie mutters.     I bite my lip. " Yeah. And it's crazy we locked eyes." " You should buy him a drink, honey, and watch him walk over this club to talk to you." " I'm not desperate Roxie." " Buying a man a drink doesn't make you desperate. It's just speeding things. You're a beautiful woman and I'm not blind, I think he wants you."  " You're not a prophet, Rox. He doesn't want me. We just locked eyes and I'm embarrassed he saw me eye raping him."  Roxie snorts out a laugh. I roll my eyes and take out my straw to gulp my drink.  " Fuck." Roxie giggles.<
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       I open my eyes as I scratch my eyelids. God I feel so weak. My legs feel weak and it's strange. What did I do to myself? Oh shit, now I remember. I had sex with a breath taking blue eyed, blond haired man last night. And it was awesome. Amazing and the best sex of my boring life. He gave me something Caleb couldn't give me for four years. An orgasm. Not just an orgasm, multiple orgasms and a wonderful night that I'm never ever going to forget.     I touch his side of the bed and it's empty. I sit up with the duvet covering my naked self as I look around the room. He's truly gone. No evidence that he was ever here. Like it never happened. I peek at my naked self under the duvet and I'm really naked. I can still feel his hands all over my body. Groping every part of me last night. I fall back on my bed and groan. I reach for my phone, hoping to find a missed call or maybe a strange text from a strange number like these girls wh
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Stepping out of Roxie's car, I look up at this familiar strip club. Tanner decided to sit the party out since he's having a date with his partner. I blow out my breath, different thoughts running through my mind.     What's gonna be his reaction if he sees me. What if I'm being clingy? It's called a one night stand for a reason. You don't go back to fuck your one night stand for the second time. I guess that's why he left my bed. Maybe I wasn't all that good in bed. " Lauren Gray, what the fuck are you thinking about?" Roxie asks me as we walk past the bouncer out front. I think she knows me more than I thought.     Roxie tends to know when I'm thinking too much.  " Nothing." " You're a bad liar."     I chuckle nervously as we go to the bar. " I'm just thinking about my blonde haired one nightstand. What if he sees me as a creepy clingy woman." " Why would you think that
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  " You're so beautiful, Lauren." Anderson says as he smiles.      This is fucked up. It's been six months since that one nightstand. And it's been six months and I still can't get him out of my head no matter how hard I try. I started hooking up, maybe to spite Caleb and forget that stranger. But it's not working. The men are always too annoying.     Roxie talked me into signing up for a match me website. And I didn't. She went behind my back and created the account and forced me to hook up with these strangers. And at the end of each blind date, it always turned out exhausting. The men are rather too annoying or not pleasing to me at all. They're always rich. Wall Street businessmen.     And Anderson is one of them. He's pretty sweet. Handsome, hot, rich, but he's nothing compared to that stranger. Just his bright blue eyes stole my breath away and I can't seem to get him out of my mind.  <
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" Chase Newton." Chief Bradford answers. " He's pretty hot himself."  " What exactly am I going to do? Follow him in order to protect him from his father's enemies." " Well no. We've got you a job in his University. You'll be his physics professor."   No shit. " What? Why don't I get to do the job?" Regina asks.  " Why's she even here?" I ask, glaring at Regina. " We'll come to that later. Let's focus on your big case, Lauren. Your job is already secured. You're his new physics professor so you can easily keep an eye on him. We've also got you an apartment close to college in case you'd love to live close to college." " How is Chase's professor going to protect him?" " You can easily keep an eye on him by creating a relationship with him." " A relationship?" " Yes. Not a sexual relationship if you may know. A Professor and student kind of relationship. For a kid like that he's brillian
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      Roxie and I throw our heads back as we down our shots. We're at our favorite bar. We usually come here sometime just to get wasted when one of us is going through shit. The tatted green eyed bartender already knows us and he's been giving me the green light these past months. I told him straight that I'm not interested. I've never been interested in anyone ever since Chase fucking Newton fucked my senses out and got out of my bed leaving my sex life scarred for good.     How can he be so perfect? And now I just discovered he's in college and 23 years old. Roxie coughs as she turns on her barstool to look at me. She's been pretty lucky these past months. After her encounter with her one night stand, Ren, they have been seeing each other since then. Ren is hot, Irish and pretty rich himself. He kinda liked her, but Roxie doesn't seem to like him that much and that's because of Stevie. He's still calling her and I'm sure they've
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