My Sexy Neighbor's Wife is A Demon

My Sexy Neighbor's Wife is A Demon

By:  Delly Rain Fello  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alif, a handsome young man who has just returned from wandering back to Jakarta. There he was fought over by two beautiful women, Lisa, and Ning, his childhood friends. However, many strange things happened in the village of Menyan. The loss of a baby and the disappearance of a woman's pregnancy there are some of these strange occurrences. Alif is also faced with the charm and mystery of Kumara, his new neighbor's wife who is rumored to be the incarnation of kuntilanak (a famous female ghost in Indonesia who is believed to have wandered because she was raped, abused, or died while pregnant) because she doesn't want to leave the house during the day and often acts out of bounds. On the other hand, Kumara who is very beautiful and sexy, admits that she and Alif once knew each other and were close, but Alif forgot. Can Alif face all the strange situations?

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18 Chapters
Sexy Beauty Neighbor's Wife
While clutching a suitcase, the contents of which are not much and certainly not much, Alif walks the challenger to his house. From a distance of ten meters, the handsome, somewhat sloppy-style boy can already smell the delicious aroma of Mpok Indun's fried chicken, deliciously. His mother. (A nickname for Betawi's older sister, in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia).It's fun to go home and eat right away, Alif thought. It was tiring during the hours-long journey from Batam island to Jakarta, he passed by spreading charm to and fro with the harems, including the beautiful flight attendant like plus sexy voluptuous. Tempting people requires energy, right? That's why the bachelor was already starving.​​"Assalamu 'alaikum. Nyak! I'm home!" (Nyak means mother) Alif shouted cheerfully from the front door of his house, right on the terrace. Alif looked at the terrace, still the same shape as two years ago before he left to wander. There is a couch to sit
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Between Durian and Mango
Alif is still engrossed in the bathroom. Babe Rojali banged on the bathroom door."Hurry up! Hurry out!" shouted Babe Rojali from behind the door."Elah, Be! My hair is still shampoo and it's been banged on. What's going on?""You have to hurry up and take a shower. Last night I ordered Doni, the new neighbor in front of our house. You have to go for an interview this morning at his office. Who knows your fortune will be accepted there."Alif narrowed his eyes at Babe Rojali's explanation. What's wrong? When do you apply for a job? How come all of a sudden it's just an interview, Alif thought."What kind of work, Be? Then you'll be asked to date mature women again. It's boring. Looking for a fresh graduate once in a while," said Alif as he finished his bath."You have a terrible brain! What kind of work is important, it's halal (Shari'a or rules in Islam that regulate what can be done or eaten according to Allah's orders), Tong! After all, D
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Ghost Sightings in New Neighbor's House
Alif has not felt nervous during an interview session in a long time. You know. Recently he has been getting odd odd jobs. Babe even often grumbles because his engineering degree is not used properly. Get a stray job that has nothing to do with technique.But this time Alif's luck was good. The HRM (Human Resources Manager) who interviewed him seemed interested. The man read Alif's application in his hand with a broad smile. On that day Alif thanked Babe Rojali for caring so much about him that he secretly took care of Alif's application letter. Babe wants Alif to work quickly, not because of money, because Babe Rojali has a bamboo garden which results in a bamboo craft business. The turnover is decent and it is enough to help Mang Dayat, Kang Ibik, and several blind youths who are less fortunate to work there. Babe Rojali is just worried to see his single son become unemployed. Even though Alif is often beaten, abused, and taken in all sorts of ways, it's like a sensei sword
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Weird Thing
This morning is so fresh. Also special for Alif because today is a day off after his first week of working at an elite property office. Time to relax while drinking coffee on the terrace, Alif thought. Just a step out, Alif's smell caught the smell of uduk rice from across the street. Precisely at Mbok Cenul's house. "Just wait in front of it. It's been a long time since I've eaten Mbok Cenul's curdled rice." Alif immediately went to Mbok Cenul's yard. It has been a long time since Mbok Cenul has been in the breakfast trading business with cooking skills, a home page, and a small setting filled with perfunctory food ingredients. "Anyeong, Hyung!" (Korean Language, means: Hello, Brother) said Rizky approaching Alif friendly. Alif took a seat on a bench in front of a long table that could be occupied by several people. Sabrani was already there, a resident of the village of Menyan, drinking coffee while playing with his cellphone, scrolling thro
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Terror in Menyan Village Begins
Lisa's make-up this afternoon is not usual. Her hair is messy and pulled up, just wearing a free T-shirt with a drink brand and hot pants. She slings a small bag at his waist. The steps were in a hurry towards Mbak Sarmi's shop in front of the alley. Once in front of the alley, Lisa's eyes lit up like an eagle finding prey. The target is already at the scene. Lisa came over to Mbak Hamidah, Teh Kokom, and Mpok Yetti who were still hanging out at the stall accompanying Mbak Sarmi while grinding pecel (kind of Indonesian food made from vegetable) spices for her customers. "Assalamualaikum, Charlie's Angel!" cried Lisa to the three women. All of a sudden, the three women had perfect appearances, bright straight lines that almost reached their ears, bright red lipstick, and thick powder set aground. "Waalaikumsalam!" Everyone answered Lisa. However, Mbak Hamidah scowled and looked away. "Surely you already know what I'm here for, right? Wh
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Mystery of the Lost Baby
"Lullaby... oh, Lullaby... if you don't sleep, you're bitten by a mosquito...."Alif listened to the soft singing voice. A woman's voice came from in front of her house.The singing voice sounded again. This time it was followed by the cry of a baby. Alif is curious and leaves the house. From the terrace of his house, he saw a woman wearing a long white dress dragged on the floor and very long hair standing in the street. In her arms is Sabrani's baby. The woman's back to him.Alif's heart was racing. He still remembers the events that happened yesterday in his village.Slowly the figure walked closer to Alif."Lullaby... Lullaby...."Alif trembled with fear. I want to run, but I can't. His legs felt like they were being weighed by a ton.Slowly the figure turned to face Alif showing a sinister pale face and bloody canines. Kumara smirked at Alif."Whoa!"Alif woke up from his sleep. His breath hitched."Astaghfir
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Kuntilanak Proof
All this day, Alif is restless in the office. His mind kept spinning thinking about what had happened earlier. The commotion about Sabrani's baby disappearance, the angry residents accusing Kumara of being a kuntilanak, then the soft voice of a woman he heard. Everything is like a mystery.For some reason, the image of Kumara's beautiful face keeps haunting Alif wherever he goes. The woman was so beautiful, glowing, and elegant. Her profile is exactly that of a supermodel, plus the cold expression she always shows. However, why does Kumara's beauty match the slanted notion of her?Alif checks his cellphone in his spare time. Lisa still blocked his number. Immediately clapping. Alif still feels bad. His business with Lisa isn't over yet. Now, Kumara and Doni's problems are added.Finally, something refreshed Alif. Like a mountain fountain watering his arid heart. WhatsApp message from Ningtya Arum Bestari, the idol of the heart.[Assalamualaikum. Mas Alif
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Big Nails
As long as it is not proven that Kumara is an invented kuntilanak as alleged by the residents, no one is allowed to hurt and intimidate them. That's Mr. RT's strong message. Residents are quite conducive. Despite the uncomfortable situation, Doni still went to work as usual and Kumara did her daily activities at home such as taking care of the flowers in her garden, shopping for her favorite fried chicken at Bang Ahmad's fried chicken outlet, and occasionally joking with the neighbors' children. However, for the last time, parents became angry and reacted in various ways, from fear of their children being kidnapped or preyed upon, angry, or subtly asking their children not to play around Kumara's house. Not a single citizen was willing to return Kumara's smile when the woman rebuked him. All accepted by Kumara in a long silence. The beauty who likes to wear white or black dresses will always return to her flagship expression. Empty. Even so, there was one per
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The Lost Memories
The restaurant where the Adam Property company gala dinner was held in one of the lists of luxury restaurants in Jakarta.As soon as he entered the restaurant, Alif enjoyed the restaurant's European vintage-style architecture. Indeed the restaurant is typical French food. However, the company leadership has requested a local menu for guests who prefer local food.Alvin approached Alif while the others were busy chatting or enjoying delicious food at large tables or standing chatting."Lif, how come Lisa's reply is so mean? It's just yes, no." Alvin shows his WA chat with Lisa to Alif."Yes, you have to be patient. She's a tough type of girl. She's not feeling well, maybe." Alif gulped down his non-alcoholic cocktail. Slightly loosened the shirt collar behind the suit he was wearing."But I'm getting more and more curious, Lif. It's not usually a girl who refuses me." Alvin styled self-assured while brushing his hair.Alif laughed mockingly.
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Old Lover vs New Lover
Alif hastily entered the room after the event. Immediately opened the parcel from Kumara with his body still shaking. Alif struggles to get rid of the scary images of demonic figures he sees because of Kumara.The long box opened. Inside was a scroll of love letters from Kumara to Alif that she didn't have time to give to him first. There was also an arrow with a little bloodstain. Alif remembers that it was an arrow that had been stuck in Kumara's hand when the children of the hermitage were hunting and misfired.After holding the arrow for a while and reading the contents of Kumara's love letter for a long time, Alif finally took another object that was in the box. A gold ring that Alif had borrowed from Encang's wife, for the dowry of his failed marriage to Kumara. There is a sadness that fills Alif's heart, even though his love for Kumara is not as deep as it used to be."Why have you been silent all this time? You're not usually like that. Could it be that
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