Let Me In

Let Me In

By:  M.D. LaBelle  Completed
Language: English
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Barely waking up, Lauryn hears someone pounding on her front door and finds herself face to face with a handsome man who looks like he just walked off of the cover of GQ. Agreeing to help him, she hands him the phone and a strange electricity pulses through both of them. Not thinking she would ever see him again, she is haunted by that night and tries her hardest to forget that once in a lifetime fling. However, destiny has it's way and she finds herself working under him. When Lauryn finds out that her mystery man is Darren, the CEO of Remedy Enterprises, she almost runs out the door and never looks back. Unfortunately, her house is in foreclosure and if she doesn't keep this job, she will be out of house and home. Now she has to make a decision. Either literally submit to him and give herself totally to his every whim, or quit the job she so desperately needs. Find out if Jake, the owner of Remedy Enterprises, causes more problems for Lauryn than it's worth. Or if Darren's domineering, possessive side turns her away. In any case, she may not be able to decide which man she can ever be with completely. Read Let Me In to see which one if any, fate's hand deals her.

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58 Chapters
Chapter 1: Lauryn
I wake up in the early hours of the morning to hear a knock at the door.  Actually, it's more like someone pounding on my door.  The first thing I think of is that I'm about to be killed.  Isn't this exactly like all those horror films start out? Getting out of bed, I notice the chill in the air and when I glance out the window, I see that the mist is still clinging to the backyard.  "Brrr."  I shiver and struggle to find my slippers, before making my way to the front door.After retrieving them, I throw on my bathrobe and double check in the mirror to make sure that I'm respectable looking.  When I look at myself, I almost wish that I hadn't.  My blonde hair is all tangled and my usually blue eyes, are now tinged with red.  The robe hides my curvy figure that so many men lust over here in Cold Springs.  I do it intentionally, I'm very self-conscious about my breasts and hips that are too big.Shaking my he
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Chapter 2: Darren
Now that I'm back in the city, I realize that I should have got her name.  Oh well, she is just a number in the scheme of things and I probably will never see her again anyways.  There is just one thing bothering me about that woman.  When we touched, I felt electricity course through my veins.  Honestly, that is something I have never felt before with anyone. Matter of fact, I need to get her out of my system and one of the secretaries downstairs wants to meet me for a drink tonight.  I intend to make her bow down to me and pray.  After I get done with her, she won't remember ever being with another man.  Who knows, maybe she will worship me.  I let out a hearty laugh at that thought.   The tow truck driver lets me off at the door and I give him a smile, "Hey, thanks man.  Hope you have a good rest of your day."  I turn around and I'm met by Celeste, who seems to be in a not so good mood.   <
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Chapter 3: Lauryn
I wake up refreshed and can't help but wonder if it was all a dream.  Getting out of bed, I slip on my slippers and let Fluffy in.  I noticed this morning that she wasn't in bed with me and figured that she must have gone out when the stranger was here.  She doesn't like strangers, especially strange men.  The Humane Society had informed me that she had been abused by her previous owners and the man was particularly cruel to her.  Often hitting and kicking her whenever she got in the way.  Fluffy my 8 year old Samoyed, is my best friend in the world.  Sure, I have human friends, but she could never be replaced.  Getting me through the roughest time in my life when my parents died two years ago, she was always there right by my side.  My friend Samantha tried to help, but there is something to say for an animal who has empathy.  When she passes away, I don't know how I will be able to deal with it.  Hope
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Chapter 4: Darren
I wake up and realize that I didn't hear the alarm go off.  "Fuck!"  It's 7:15 and I have to be to work in 45 minutes.  Usually I wake up at 6 and go to the gym first, take a shower and eat breakfast before going in.  This morning though will screw up everything.  No gym and no breakfast.  Not having a choice, I have to skip the gym.  Taking a shower is the number one priority, considering I smell like sex after last night.  I guess I didn't realize just how tired I was.  That is a mistake I can't afford this morning.  My meeting with the owner is of the utmost importance.  He is trying to decide if we downsize or expand the company.  Depending on the numbers in my report, it could mean a big payout for me.  Hoping that he decides on expansion, I prepare for the day with a shower and a donut from last night.  When I grab the donut out of the brown paper bag, I notice the note discarded on
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Chapter 5: Lauryn
After taking a brief shower, I throw on a pair of jeans and a comfortable sweater before rejoining Samantha.  Walking out, I over hear her on the phone, "Yes, that is perfect.  We will be there in about two hours." I waltz out and sit down on the couch next to her, "What was that all about?"  "I just set up our weekend getaway.  Today and tomorrow we are going to party hardy in New York City, so go pack a bag and I will meet you back here in about a half an hour.  Make sure you bring a swim suit and the hottest outfit you have for the night clubs.  Speaking of that, I need to run and grab a couple things from my place.  Love ya."  She gets up and lets herself out.What did I just get into?  I find myself wondering before I rush to pack some things for the trip. Samantha has always been the type who goes off and just does whatever the hell she wants, when she wants.  Her parents are well t
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Chapter 6: Darren
Hearing a siren from down at the street level, I wake up and get dressed.  Looking out the bedroom window, I notice an accident just outside of my apartment building.  It looks like a taxi hit a pedestrian.  "Oh well, I guess they will look where they are going next time." After slipping on my gym shoes, I go down stairs to workout.  Usually there are quite a few people here, but this morning no one is around.  I work out in the eerie quiet and remember how busy it usually is.  Matter of fact, at one point in time I had thought about getting a home gym put in my penthouse, but I don't like the clutter.   When I'm done with my workout, I come back upstairs to take a shower and after I get dressed I find a yogurt in the fridge for breakfast.  That reminds me, I need to get some groceries today.  On that, I remember my mental note from yesterday about running by GNC and picking up some protein powder.   Read more
Chapter 7: Lauryn
We find a nice place to eat and then for the rest of the afternoon we go shopping.  When it gets dinner time, we grab a bite to eat at a sub shop down the street from the hotel.  Afterwards, we go back to our suites and deposit our treasures from the day.  Samantha bought me a whole new wardrobe today, I will owe her for a long time.  At least, till I figure out a way of repaying her somehow.  Although, at this rate, it will be awhile.  Putting my things away and freshening up, I splash a little perfume on and make sure that my mascara hasn't smudged.  While I apply a thin pink gloss on my lips, I daydream about Mr. Perfect.  The stranger. After a few minutes, I hear Samantha knocking at the door and we leave for the night club.  The minute we step out the doors of the hotel, we hear a whistle from the road and turn to see who it is.  A couple men oggle us from a passing taxi and wave.  We wave back and t
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Chapter 8: Darren
I yawn and stretch as I get off the couch and go to the fridge for something to make for dinner.  That was a good movie, but I'm usually more of a horror type of guy.  I love my slasher films, especially the older 80's ones.  They just don't make movies like that anymore. Picking out all the stuff I need to make lasagna, I whip it all together and stick it in the oven.  After setting the temperature, I take note of the time and remind myself that in an hour I have to take it out to cool.  My stomach starts growling, so I take a bag of baked chips out of the pantry and a cup of coffee over to the couch.   Turning on the news, I watch as the reporter talks about a shooting in China Town.  The weather comes on next and I turn it off after finding out the weather for Sunday.  I look at the time and realize that the lasagna should be about done.  Getting up, I go to the kitchen and the aroma instantly hits me. Yep,
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Chapter 9: Lauryn
When we are finished eating, we make our way back to the hotel, looking through all the different stores and Samantha buys a handful of things.  Just before we arrive at the entrance, I look up to see that it's about to storm."I guess we will either have to stay in the rest of the afternoon or find somewhere that has everything inside.  I don't want to get stuck out in a storm."  Hurrying in the door, I almost run into a tall man in his fifties, who looks remarkably like a famous actor I admire.  Double taking, I glance at him again just before he disappears outside.  "Hmm. That looked just like Rock Middleton.  Did you see him?"  I ask Samantha, but she is too busy staring at the hotty in front of us.  He looks to be in his forties and has that domineering look about him, black hair and dark brown eyes.  I elbow her in the side and finally draw her attention away from him.  "What?"  She says so
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Chapter 10: Darren
I spend the rest of the weekend preparing for work and contacting several associates regarding the impending expansion.  Before relaxing and taking a load off for a few minutes, I thank Ms. DiAngelo for cleaning up my mess from the weekend and I give her monday off.  She thanks me in return graciously and then leaves me to my own devices.Searching on the laptop for information regarding work, I happen to see an article about the night life of the city.  Clicking on it, I zoom in."It can't be."  I scratch my head and zoom in further to see the face. I let out a sigh, "Holy shit, it is." With closer inspection, I almost fall out of my chair.  Next to the woman that lent me her phone is the little Asian thing I played with last night.  In the photo adjacent to it, it's obvious that they are together.  How did I miss her?  I know damn well that she wasn't anywhere near her.  I would have noticed or ra
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