Heartbreak Chronicles series: Billionaire Teens

Heartbreak Chronicles series: Billionaire Teens

By:  Empress Des  Ongoing
Language: English
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" I hate you but I want to kiss you." His husky voice whispered into my ears as he pinned me against the wall. It was getting hot in here and down there as well. "Go ahead, after all, we are frenemies." I bit my lips as we maintained eye contact. He groaned before locking his lips with mine and fondling my bosom. *** Riley Anderson is the son of a Billionaire, he's arrogant, proud and bipolar, he has severe anger issues, he's not your typical player because he's selective with the girls he wants, he's the definition of player who got played by his high school ex girlfriend when he became vulnerable, he detest love. Ivy Moore, she's the daughter of a Billionaire who deals on real estate, she's beautiful and antisocial, she hasn't been lucky in the relationship and friendship department either because of her past experiences, she doesn't want to be shot by Cupid. They meet in college and hatred becomes the order of the day, they can't stand each other, they are either bickering or lip locking or even worst, fucking their brains out. Will enemies ever become lovers?.

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24 Chapters
  ~ Riley ~ I laid on my bed, my ears blocked by the sound from my airpod, I sighed as I listened to Scared to love by Juice World , I wasn't aware that someone has been banging my door, the phone call interrupted everything. "Hey mum." I answered the call. "Open the door." She hung up. "I have been knocking for long time now, why didn't you open?." She asked me as I opened the door. "Airpods." She rolled her eyes and shook her head when she saw one of them in my ears. "Have you checked your college application status?." She asked me for umpteenth time. "No." "Come on, go ahead and check it." She told me. I grabbed my laptop to check, it showed updated. I clicked it and the first thing we read was C
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~Ivy~ "Have you packed all your stuffs, everything you need?." My mum asked me. "Yes." She sighed, "Please, try and socialize with people when you get there, I don't want you to be lonely." Her voice held sadness. "Mum, you don't need to worry about my social life, being alone is safe, trust me." I stated. "But try and have one or two friends." "I will try." I lied. Right from childhood, I always kept to myself, I was the direct opposite of my identical twin sister, she was bubbly, energetic and social while I always had the "don't talk to me" look on my face  ,although she was my bestfriend and we talked alot when it was just the two of us but everything changed when she died. I couldn't stand the shock, I automatically shut everybody out except the people who consoled me, I mistook them as friends a
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~Layla~ I scrolled through my I*******m feed as I liked and commented on different people's pictures, most people knew me as a social freak since I have always been among the popular teens, I do know few celebrity teens like Madiysn, the artist and model. We have hanged out few times and we became pretty close, some in my class tried to friends with me so they can get closer to Madisyn since we are in the same department but I didn't give them a chance. When I got to know about my roommate, I was excited because I needed just two girls that can be real not fake. I observed Ivy, she wasn't the one who talked much, she didn't even like talking, she was the pure definition of "antisocial" but I will make her to be social a bit, she's attractive and I'm sure seniors will try to get her. My phone rang and I checked the caller ID, it was Madisyn.
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~KIMORA~ Hanging out with Layla has really been quite good, I met different people, I got to know the famous model and I*******m influencer, Madisyn through Layla. I wanted love but I always got the opposite so I gave up trying until I saw him. He was my type of guy, even though it's not up to an hour but there's nothing wrong with love at first sight. Everything is. He was calm, he had the looks, gosh he screamed everything perfect!. His eyes were everything, girls wanted him and I felt insecure about that because I have always been overshadowed. Different types of girls liked him ranging from hour glass shape to model like bodied girls. Layla could get any guy she wanted, she's hot, she has nice fashion sense, she always complained of different guys hitting her up from I*******m even some Madisyn's frien
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~KIMORA~I woke up to see my.....permit me to say my prince charming sitting next to me on the bed,he was busy with his laptop again."Good morning,pretty,how was your night?."He asked as he looked at me.I couldn't believe that out of all the girls,he chose me,why me?!.He was too perfect to be with someone like me.It's too early to be insecure."It was fine because you made my night."I smiled at him when I had flashbacks of sex with him."How was yours?."I asked."It was good thanks to you,you were so good last night."He winked at me and I blushed.I hope he doesn't dump me after sex."Let's brush so we can go downstairs to have breakfast."He stated.I got off the bed and grabbed my toothbrush and headed for the bathroom.We m
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~RILEY~I stayed quiet as I watched her speak ill of me,she's really a poisoned Ivy.Why did I even kiss her?!,what the hell was wrong with me?!.I totally blame it on the alcohol,I had too much of it the previous night and got drunk and had sex with Kim,I didn't even plan to sleep with her because I knew it will make her attached,I didn't even like it,that was the major reason I left the room to go downstairs to watch a movie on my laptop,I never knew poisoned Ivy was awake.The alcohol effect was still on me,we started bickering and for a moment I got lost and lust by looking at her.Sexy and spicy and beautiful.Even though,we despise each other,I can't deny that she isn't pretty but I wasn't actually attracted to her,I couldn't stand her.She angrily got on me in the process,she straddled me and I liked it,she had sof
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LAYLA~Kim has been quite distant from everyone and I tried to get her to her normal self but to no avail,I was stressed out,Madison was out of town because of business deals and I missed him or maybe I was horny.I picked up my phone,I knew the right person to call."Hey babe,are you home?."I asked as soon as the caller picked."Yes, I'm,you want to come?.""Yes,I'm on my way.""Okay babe,I will get ready because I know exactly what you need.""Thanks baby."I quickly dressed up,I decided to go braless,I wore a strapless zipper tank top and a short skirt,I decided to wear g-string instead of normal panties.***"Hey,you."I greeted as I got in."That was fast."She smirked as I stood up to welcome me.She was in a sexy lingerie and her D cup breasts made my mouth water.Yeah,you have guessed it right,I'm bisexual, nobody knows except Madison.I went to an all girls boarding school,that's
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~IVY~"Just drop me off,I don't like being around you.""I see you like walking alot"He drove speedily."Slow down!."I commanded."Yeah right,so you will blame me later that I was the reason why people are gossiping about your stained shirt."He scoffed."As if you aren't the reason!."I folded my arms in anger."Look,just shut up,let me drive in peace,I don't want to bicker with you."He said."Yeah,whatever."I looked away.He drove out of campus to a boutique,he bought a new white long sleeve shirt and drove to the mall to get me icecream."Here you go."He handed me the nylon bag."Stop acting like a boyfriend who just bought his girlfriend, gifts.""Don't make this awkward and annoying,just take it so I can drop you off,I can't tolerate this anymore."

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~LAYLA~I opened the door to see Madisyn kissing another girl,how could he?."Madisyn!."I screamed at him.They stopped kissing and they looked at me,there wasn't fear or remorse in his eyes,his facial expression has changed to that of anger.He walked towards me."Why did you call my name like that?!."He yelled at me and I flinched."Because you were kissing another girl."I glared at him."You have a girlfriend?!."The girl spoke angrily,she grabbed her things and left,he didn't bother to stop her."Why are you acting like I cheated on you?.""Because you did.""We aren't in a relationship in case you have forgotten,we are friends with benefits."He pointed out.That's when I remembered,"So all you want from me is sex because I'm your whore,right?!."I cried.Read more
~RILEY~I was feeling homesick,I was getting tired of my new environment,I wanted to go back home,I missed my mum's cooking."How's my baby doing?."My mum asked across the phone with excitement in her voice."I'm fine,I'm just feeling homesick."I complained.She laughed,"College is supposed to be a new experience,learn to like it."I rolled my eyes in frustration as if she could see me,"I will try.""Have you made friends?."She questioned."Yeah,a few.""How many?,have you gotten a girlfriend yet?!."My mum fired many questions."Mum!.""What?,I just want to know.""I am not getting a girlfriend anytime soon."I told her."Okay then.""Bye.""Bye bye."She hung up.I checked the time,I had class in t
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